The History of Weathertop – Lord of the Rings Lore

The History of Weathertop – Lord of the Rings Lore

The ruin of Weathertop, was long past its
days of glory, a shadow of what it once was, for it used to be a proud watchtower of Arnor
known as Amon Sul. Who built it, what was its purpose, and what
series of events led to its destruction. Hello friends it’s Karl here and in today’s
episode we’ll be exploring this ancient ruin, its purpose and history, from the days
of its glory to the start of the Fourth Age. When Elendil and his sons first arrived to
the shores of Middle-Earth in the year 3320 of the Second Age, they established two great
Kingdoms of Men, that of Arnor in the North and Gondor in the South. As they slowly settled in these new lands,
they built many great fortifications and cities, and these included the watchtower of Amon
Sul, which would later be known as Weathertop. Its height was immense; being around 1000
feet high for it was built on the tallest peak of the Weather Hills. It also happened to be located in the center
of the Kingdom of Arnor, and this along with its height gave it an incredible strategic
advantage, for it allowed its garrison to keep watch over the surrounding lands, and
so it comes as no surprise that the Tower of Amon Sul had a war beacon built upon it. Now the greatest and chief of the Northern
Palantiri was kept within this tower and it was so large that it couldn’t be lifted
by one man alone. This Palantir was primarily used to communicate
with the southern Kingdom of Gondor for it was the most powerful Palantir in the Northern
Kingdom. It is said that in the days of the Last Alliance,
Elendil had stood atop the tower of Amon Sul as he watched the western horizon for the
coming of Gil-Galad and his armies. Now the Kingdom of Arnor would remain united
for almost a thousand years, though this would end with the death of their 19h king, King
Earendur, in the year 861 of the Third Age, for after his death, all of his three sons
tried to claim the throne, and they fought against one another and so the kingdom of
Arnor was divided into three different factions, Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur. All of these three kingdoms desired the Tower
of Amon Sul and the Palantir that was kept within it, for even though it was located
in the lands of Arthedain, it also happened to be close to the borders of Cardolan and
Rhudaur, and many wars were fought between these kingdoms for control over this tower. Despite all these battles, the Tower of Amon
Sul and the Weather Hills remained under Arthedain’s control, and the Kings of Arthedain kept a
special warden stationed at this tower to look after the Palantir. This civil war weakened these kingdoms, and
the Witch-King noticed this weakness and he saw it as an opportunity to eradicate what
remained of the kingdom Arnor. And so the Witch-King travelled to the Grey
Mountains where he established the realm of Angmar and he started to summon many evil
creatures, Orcs and Men to this land as he prepared for war. Now the line of Isildur would slowly die out
in the lands of Cardolan and Rhudaur, till none of his descendants were left in these
lands, and so the King of Arthedain named Argeleb tried to claim lordship over all the
lands of Arnor. The province of Cardolan respected and accepted
these claims, though the lands of Rhudaur resisted them, for they were very few Dunedain
left in this land and its rule had been seized by an evil lord of the Hill-Men. To make matters worse, Rhudaur entered a secret
alliance with the Witch-King of Angmar and together they planned to launch a sudden attack
upon Arthedain. Their attack would fail however, for Arthedain’s
King, King Argeleb had fortified the Weather Hills, and with these defenses he managed
to prevent Angmar’s forces from conquering the tower of Amon Sul, though Argeleb would
fall in one of these battles. After his death, his son named Arveleg, would
pick up the mantle of command, and with the help of Cardolan and the Elves of Lindon,
he led a counterattack and drove out Angmar’s forces from the Weather Hills. Though they were victorious, Argeleb foresaw
that that the attacks and threat of Angmar would persist, and so he set up a defensive
front near the Tower of Amon Sul and the borders of the Weather Hills, which managed to hold
off Angmar’s forces for around 50 years. Now the Witch-King still desired to conquer
Amon Sul and claim its Palantir, and in the year 1409 of the Third Age, he unleashed a
great force out of Angmar, surrounding Amon Sul and he breached its defenses. His armies defeated the Dunedain and slew
their king, and they destroyed the Tower of Amon Sul and burnt it to the ground. Yet their victory was not complete, for some
of the Dunedain had managed to retreat and escape with the Palantir before it could fall
into the Witch King’s hands and it was now safely kept in their capital of Fornost. If you’re interesting in learning more about
the fate of this Palantir, I covered it in great detail in my video on the Palantiri,
which I’ll be linking above. Now in the years to come, Weathertop would
remain abandoned and destroyed, a ghost of its former glory, and it was only occasionally
used by the rangers of the North as a temporary campsite. It still had a part to play in the War of
the Ring however, for after Gandalf escaped his imprisonment in Isengard, he travelled
to Bree to meet Frodo, though he would learn that Frodo had already set off towards Rivendell
accompanied by Aragorn. And so Gandalf travelled to Weathertop upon
Shadowfax, for he hoped to meet Frodo there, yet due to Shadowfax’ speed and Aragorn’s
detour, Gandalf outran the hobbits and he reached Weathertop before them, only to find
that the Nazgul were waiting upon its peak. For a while the Nazgul fled before him for
it was still day time and they were weakened by sunlight, yet as darkness fell, the Nazgul
surrounded Weathertop, and they had a fearsome battle with Gandalf atop its peak, that lit
up the nightsky with lightning and fire, and left the Summit of Amon Sul burnt and blackened
from this battle. Though this battle was hard fought, Gandalf
managed to hold off the Nazgul, and he set up a small cairn in the center of Weathertop
and marked it with a rune. He then fled Northwards hoping to draw some
of the Nazgul away, and his plan were successful, as four of the Nazgul chased after him, while
the other five remained close to Weathertop, watching and waiting. After Aragorn and the Hobbits reached Weathertop,
they found Gandalf’s message and learnt that he had been there 3 days before. There wasn’t much shelter for them in these
ruins, though there was a spring of clear water in its hillside, and its height provided
them with a vantage point to view the surrounding lands for any sign of danger. In fact while standing upon it they saw that
the Nazgul were slowly assembling at the bottom of the hill, and they hoped to use some firewood
that had been left behind by Dunedain Rangers, to set up a fire in case the Nazgul attacked,
for it was one of the few things they were afraid of. Once again the Nazgul waited until darkness
fell before they climbed the hill and slowly advanced upon Aragorn and the hobbits, and
their presence drove Frodo to long for the ring, and though he struggled, he was unable
to resist its call. As he slipped the Ring upon his finger, the
world around him grew dark, and he could see the Nazgul’s true forms beneath their robes
as tall white figures wearing crowns. Yet by wearing the ring, his presence became
known to the Nazgul, and their eyes fell upon him. The Witch King then approached Frodo and stabbed
him with a Morgul blade, and as Frodo started to pass out, he saw Aragorn leap out from
the darkness with a flaming brand of wood in each of his hands, which he used to scare
off the Nazgul. Now we’re never told if Weathetop was ever
restored to its former glory after Aragorn became King, and I’m not really sure if
that’s something I wish happened. Part of me likes to see as a symbolism of
the struggles of Arnor and the many sacrifices and wars of Men that had been fought for these
lands, and so perhaps leaving it in its ruined state, would serve as a better reminder of
all the sacrifices of the past, and of all those people that gave their lives for the
realm of Arnor. Before ending this video I’d like to discuss
two more points. So first of all I’d like to go over its
location in greater detail to give you a better understanding of the surrounding landmarks. So the Hill of Amon Sul was found on the southernmost
tip of the Weather Hills and its top was quite flat which made it easier to be built upon. It was located approximately halfway between
Bree and Rivendell with the old Road passing close to its Southern borders, and a large
marshland lay to the West known as the Midgewater Marshes. During the Fellowship of the Ring Aragorn
and the Hobbits travel through this marshland to avoid the Old Road which slows them down
significantly, and it’s one of the reasons why Gandalf had reached Weathertop before
them. The other point I’d like to mention is that
Amon Sul was Sindarin and its name meant the Hill of Wind. It was probably named so because its height
and geography would result in very strong winds atop its peak, though this is just my
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