The Hoppers – I’m Longing For Jesus To Come Back (Live)

The Hoppers – I’m Longing For Jesus To Come Back (Live)

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  1. Lyrics

    1. I'm longing for that Glorious Day When Jesus Christ shall come;
    I long to see his blessed face;
    When all the Saints thro'out the ages Shall be gathered home,
    The ones who've trusted in his grace.

    Oh, I'm longing for Jesus to come back;
    I long for Jesus Christ my King;
    To come and take me to my home beyond the sky;
    Up there where Angels shout and sing.

    2. Sometimes the road seems rough and hard, The pathway seems so long,
    But He Is ever by my side.
    He whispers loving words to me And tells me to be strong,
    That He will always lead and guide.

    3. Oh, what a glorious time 'twill be When through the air I go,
    To meet the one who died for me.
    My sorrows, cares, my trials, fears Will all be left below,
    For then my way will be complete!

  2. Dumnezeu să vă binecuvânteze familie Hoppers. Îndrăgesc mult căutările voastre și mult har și pace pe mai departe!

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    I’m Longing For Jesus To Come Back
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    Some Glad Day
    Gentle Shepherd

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  4. I love Kim Hopper's singing. I LOVED her on "It's Shoutin Time in Heaven." But every time I've seen this video (and I've seen it lots of times), I keep wanting to tell her to go easy on the makeup.

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