The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (7/9) Movie CLIP – Helm’s Deep (2002) HD

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (7/9) Movie CLIP – Helm’s Deep (2002) HD

Send them to me! Come on! Good! Swords! Swords! Legolas! Two already! I’m on 17! Huh?! I’ll have no pointy-ear
outscoring me! Nineteen!

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  1. Yes they were the elves of Lorien,Mirkwood,Lindon,Rivendell and all the elf lands fought in that battle and Gil-galad led the elves as the high king of all elves in middle earth Elrond was second in command

  2. No you stupid. Get your facts right. The last alliance were the High Elves. They are call Eldarwinwe warriors. These are called Galadhrim Warriors. Sindar, Lothlorien, Mirkwood. You know nothing. Oh the Galadhrim are the best elves in the Middle earth.

  3. And somehow magicaly Theoden, Aragorn and the rest of the warriors summons their horses inside the throne room and rides out into at least 6 thousand uruks without getting killed. I can imagine how precious must be the horses to the king for him to keep them inside the castle, I wonder if every horse had their own room also. this is just too silly.

  4. We need Thranduil ( sexy elvenking) I wonder what would be his reaction to legolas nd gimli's game

  5. Do you mean the 3rd movie? "Lord of the rings return of the king"
    Or the next hobbit movie is "the hobbit the desolation of smaug"

  6. Gimli: legolas! 2 already! Legolas: I'm on 17! Gimli: I'm not letting a pointy ear out-score me! (2 seconds later) legolas; 19!

  7. He didn't chip a tooth he had half of it smashed out with a sword which he then responded by picking up his half tooth piece and shouting does anybody have any wood glue

  8. I want to see the video of just Legolas and Gimli taking on the entire army and then comparing scores " Legolas: Final count 5000. Gimli: That's not bad for a pointy eared elvish princeling I myself am sitting on 5,001. *loud crashing noise* Aragorn: uggh what happened, how much did I have to drink

  9. When you see how Gimli just attacks one of the Uruk-hai Berserkers…and he just takes the attack and looks immediaetly back. Man. If the were more berserkers, the defenders of Helms deep would be screwed 😀

  10. Hard to believe it has been 11 years since I seen this film in theaters. I still remember seeing the trailer for it and waiting in eager anticipation.

  11. Standard bottle-neck tactic, meant to stem the tide of Uruks, so the entire Deeping Wall isn't over-run by sheer numbers.

  12. You see, the thing I dont understand. You could be watching this with your girlfriend and all of a sudden, at 1:00 you hear a very Loud queer soundin WILHELM SCREAM. And somehow the girl doesn't Notice that? And im over here like wtf… do I laugh out loud?, clap? Say god damnit Wilhelm scream…. lolol but I always laugh at it. What do you do when you hear a super loud obvious Wilhelm scream with your loved one?

  13. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of elven arrows flying and like 10-20 Uruk-Hai die. I swear that single line of Uruk Crossbowmen did more damage than the entire elf army.

  14. Gimli: Legolas! Two already!
    Legolas: I'm on seventeen.
    Gimli: (surprised) Wha? I'll have no pointy ear outscoring me! (Growls and kills a ladder climbing Uruk-Hai in the groin)

    Like if that was your favorite part of the movie.

  15. This is over 10 years old and this whole battle scene looks better than any battle scene's now a day. They all look fake but this one looks legit. 

  16. Is it just me who thought the special effects in this film ruined it? It's so blatantly fake it looks like PS2 graphics or some shit

  17. I just dont understand yes legolas im looking at you, you elfs can go to war without getting your hair tangled, and im here like, going to school, my hairs a birds nest in 2 seconds! How do you do it?

  18. it seems like LEgolas somehow has infinite arrows, i swear in this battle ive seen him at least shoot 30 arrows, most quivers dont hold that many arrows

  19. I always loved Gimli and Legolas and their kill competition… I always felt it'd be funny on the 42-43 scene if aragorn casually walks by and says some shit like "I lost count after 80"

  20. 1:20 Reminds me of my life sometimes.
    It's like getting top high on your dreams and then you come down crashing when the reality strikes:

    Random Uruk-Hai: Yeeaaah finally got up. Here I go killing me some hum- OH FUCK MY BALLZ!!!!

  21. Ahh, ladders, what shall we do? Well obviously not punch them over I mean that would be just stupid.

  22. Man, if only all of these fighters had backstories so plot prevents them from dying, like if they wanted to win they should have given a heartfelt speech about why they are important

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