The Lord of the Skies 3 | Episode 64 | Telemundo English

The Lord of the Skies 3 | Episode 64 | Telemundo English

K THE LORD OF THE SKIES III Are you okay, sweetie? Yes, Dad, but he wants
to kill my friends. Put the damn gun down!
Listen to me! >>¡BAJA LA P— FUSCA!
¡YO SÉ LO QUE TE DIGO, BATO! I can’t, boss. Marcado is on his way. I made sure he’d come. I told him I had your daughter. You told him what? That I had your daughter…
so he’d come. Put your guns down. Don’t make me do
something stupid. NO ME OBLIGUEN A COMETER
UNA ESTUPIDEZ. MEXICO CITY Take whatever you want. My watch.
Let’s go to an ATM. Whatever you want.
Please! Okay. Put your guns down.
Put them down… now! Easy.
We’re all friends here, right? Don’t get nervous.
Look… There you go. That’s better. I’m doing things the right way. ESTOY HACIENDO LAS COSAS BIEN. Yes, you are, but let me hug
my daughter at least. PERO DÉJAME ABRAZAR A MI HIJA
POR LO MENOS, ¿NO? Fine. But be careful. -Dad.
-Honey. Easy… Don’t worry, honey.
Everything will be fine. See?
That’s it. You see, baby?
Good thing you called me. Don’t worry… Let’s go.
I’ll take care of you. Come on. Let’s go. Wait right there, baby. What’s up, dude? Will you accept my rose now? Let’s go. Come on… There, there, honey.
Don’t worry. Your dad came to save you. Easy… We must hurry.
We can’t stay. What happened?
Everything okay? Yeah, everything’s fine. Take the kids.
I’ll tell you where. And take Luzma to
our safe house. -Are you okay?
-Yes. What are you going to do? The rest stay with me! We’re going to wait for Marcado. Let’s give him a warm welcome. I’m going to kill the bastard. Alright. PRESIDENTIAL RESIDENCE
LOS PINOS, MEXICO CITY I think we should’ve
acted when I told you, sir. Things are much
tougher to fix now. Let’s not waste
our time arguing. Let’s switch up our strategy. You’ll deliver Los Ms
to us on a silver platter. You’ll set up an
appointment to negotiate. That’s what they want. And that’s when we’ll detain
them… or get rid of them. Rivero will lead that operation. Are you in? Hurry up. There’s no time, boss.
Those bastards are here. What’s wrong?
Who’s here? >>¿QUÉ PASA? ¿QUIÉNES LLEGARON? It must be that f—– Marcado. The bastard that
messed with Rutila. Let’s go inside.
Now. -Let’s go…
-Come on. -They’re here.
-Yeah. Alright. I’m going to clear
a path for you. I’ll stay with the kids. -Okay.
-Alright. Stay alert, gentlemen. Careful, Reynoso.
We’re going in. What’s going on, Marcado? F—— one of my daughters
wasn’t enough? Now you want the other? Un-f—ing-believable! Damn you, Casillas. You son of a bitch. I’ve been dying to
see you, Marcado. Run! What’s going on? We’re f—–!
What’s going on out there? Tone it down, damn it! If it were up to me,
I’d throw you out there. Stop screaming, you
annoying little brat. Who is this guy?
One of your guards? He’s my cousin.
Shut up! This is the f—— family you
couldn’t shut up about? Luzma, tell these a—— that they may have
escaped the kidnappers, but keep nagging and they’ll
have me to deal with. -What are you going to do to us?
-Are you kidnappers too? That’s enough! That’s how you treat the
person that saved your life? Why didn’t you say that when
you had a gun to your head? Now shut the hell up! I understand why you’re upset about what happened
with the governor. But it wouldn’t be
prudent to be so rash. The state must take action
when a governor is murdered. And that’s what
we’re going to do. Understood, sir, but
I must warn you. Los Ms is a fully-armed,
well-trained group. And they’re capable of anything. And what are we, Miravalle? The Barefoot Carmelites? Rivero and his men
will be carrying this out. The same men that deserted them. Either they turn themselves
in or they’re dead. It’s that simple. That’ll be a smoke screen
to cover up the kidnapping. And stop thinking about it! I’ve made up my mind. Come on, you bitch! Show your face so
I can blow it off! You’re hurt, sir! Let go of me, damn it!
I’m fine! You need to treat that. I said let go! Start shooting and be a man! That one’s for my daughter! But you won’t make it out alive! Come on! Want more, you bastard? Do you? Zopi, go get
Victor and the kids. Have them leave
through the back. I’ll cover you. -Alright?
-Yes, sir. I’m sorry. I feel better. I’m so embarrassed
you saw me like that. No, don’t worry. I’ll give you my
doctor’s number. Dr. Magallanes. You should get treatment. I will. Tell me what
happened with Rivero. Did he get the
security camera footage? Rivero is really busy right now. They killed the governor of
Michoacan and kidnapped some of the president’s
daughter’s friends. I’m guessing Andrews’ case
isn’t as important right now. I’m already putting
my defense together. Did you find a lawyer? Yes… I’m taking care of that. I’m sure I know who you picked. Why won’t you let
me handle it, Leo? Why does it have
to be Miravalle? Because Ignacio knows
my serviced record. He got me out once. Please trust me, okay? I know exactly what I’m doing. If so many things
are happening, Rivero, let me help. My men are ready to
get in on the action. Hold on a second. What’s going on, Garcia? What? Go there right now. And keep me posted. A shooting has been
reported in Tequexquitengo. Your uncle said to get
the kids out the back. And do what?
Walk through the woods? No way, Zopi! Are the trucks out front? I’ll go get one. It’s really dangerous, son. >>ES MUY PELIGROSO, JOVEN. Your uncle is
letting them have it, but there are
still some guys left. Well, someone needs
to go get it, Zopi. Take care of Luzma
and these a—-. -Victor!
-Here I go. Don’t! Victor! Are you okay, Uncle Aurelio? What are you doing here? I told you to
stay with the kids. That’s what I’m
doing, damn it! Help me get to the truck. I can’t risk
taking them on foot. [DISPAROS] Alright. Let’s go. Alright. Come on. Those sons of bitches
are trying to get away. You can’t make decisions
in your state, Rutila. Seriously. What state? >>¿EN QUÉ ESTADO? Cristina is right.
You’re in shock. What kind of morals are those? Is it junk food’s
fault that people are fat? I don’t think Luzma
is taking Molly.. I couldn’t care less
what you think. You don’t get it. If they catch someone
and they spill the beans, we’re f—–! Why doesn’t anyone answer me? Not even f—ing Monica! What the f— is
happening to me? Chill, Mona. Chill.
Relax! Chill, it could
happen to anyone. If you hadn’t been there,
I’d be f—–. No… listen… Don’t say that. Don’t say something like that. It’s not like that. It happened, but no big deal. Hey… I have a
friend in Colombia. If he doesn’t bless
his bullets… and have a quickie with
his wife… he’s screwed. He can’t get it done. How about that? Is that supposed to
make me feel better? No, but I’m trying to
make you relaxed. Listen, Mona…
and pay attention. You’re a bad ass. You can kill anyone… anywhere. This was just a hiccup.
Nothing more. Pay no attention to it. In fact, I have a
proposal for you. If you want, I can
help you relax. Why don’t we try
out the quickie? We’ll ask this guy
to look that way. It may relax you. Come on.
Come on! Let me take care of you. AY, VENGA. It won’t hurt. I know you want to. I know you do, honey. Let’s go!
Hurry! Come on, Zopi! Hurry the f— up! Javier, get in…
Haydee, you too. LUZMA: JAVIER, SÚBETE.
Get in! Let’s get the f— out of here! I’ll cover you.
Go. F— yeah, Zopi! Let’s do it! Come on! That’s enough, boss.
That’s it. Yeah, they left.
I saw them. Go get them.
Don’t let them get away! Don’t go easy on them.
You hear me? Yes. Give me the cell phone. Hurry.
DE VOLADA. ¡ARRE, VAYAN! Let’s go. Come on.
Go! Let’s do it! Victor, how are you guys? We’re fine. Victor, tell my dad
to get out of there! Did you hear Luzma? Listen closely, Victor. >>VÍCTOR, ESCÚCHAME MUY BIEN. Leave those kids where
we left those bastards. Remember? Not Luzma. A LA LUZMA NO. Alright then.
I’ll leave the kids there. What do I do with Luzma? Leave her at Rutila’s? No, leave Luzma in the
safe house in Mexico City. You got that?
And be careful, son. Let’s go.
Come on. Where are we
leaving them, Victor? Are you taking me
back to Rutila’s? Don’t worry, Luzma. Everything will be fine. If I were you, I’d
listen to your dad, you’re in enough
trouble as it is. Get out! Out, damn it! Let’s go. Out…!
Run! Let’s go, Reynoso! Get going, boss.
Go! Get going, boss.
Go! From now on, Rivero
will handle Los Ms. What about your daughter’s
friends’ abduction? You failed me, Miravalle. >>USTED ME FALLÓ, MIRAVALLE. I asked for you to
keep it a secret. And that information leaked. But only your wife,
you, and I knew. We were being discrete. I don’t know how
Rivero found out then. That’s why he’s on the case too. Leave. The cops, boss.
Let’s go. Go get the truck. Bad luck, huh? What happened, kid? Did you run out of bullets? No more lead? THE LORD OF THE SKIES III

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