The Mouth of Sauron – Lord of the Rings Lore

The Mouth of Sauron – Lord of the Rings Lore

The Mouth of Sauron is one of the more enigmatic
characters in Tolkien’s Legendarium, having his past enshrouded in mystery, yet there
are some hints that could help piece together this character’s past and provide us with
a better understanding. Hello friends, It’s Karl, and in today’s
episode we’ll be the discussing the Lieutenant of Barad-Dur. So the Mouth of Sauron is believed to have
been a black Numenorean. During the Second Age, Sauron convinced the
Numenorean King, Ar-Pharazon to attack Valinor and claim immortality though this resulted
in their defeat, and the sinking of the island of Numenor. Despite this disaster, some Numenoreans survived,
namely the Faithful led by Elendil, and some of the corrupted Numenoreans that had previously
set up settlements in Middle-Earth, and thus survived the downfall of Numenor. These were known as the Black Numenoreans,
and they primarily lived in the sea-port, Umbar. Though we can almost say for certain that
the Mouth of Sauron was a black Numenorean, other aspects of his past are quite mysterious. We’re uncertain when he entered Sauron’s
service or how old he was. However, we’re told that “he entered the
service of the Dark Tower when it first rose again”. Now the Dark Tower refers to Barad-Dur, and
the first time it was destroyed was following the events of the Last Alliance. It was rebuilt in the year 2951 of the Third
Age, and since we’re told he joined Sauron when Barad Dur first rose again, it seems
to imply that he joined around this time. His potential age is a lot more ambiguous,
but if one had to assume that he joined Sauron aged 20 earliest, that would make him at least
88 years if not older during the events of the War of the Ring. Considering his Numenorean heritage, this
doesn’t seem unlikely, though it is said that the Black Numenoreans in Umbar mingled
and bred with lesser Men, which would have reduced their lifespan significantly. Therefore if I had to guess, I’d say it’s
quite plausible that the Mouth of Sauron came from a pure line of Numenorean blood, perhaps
even Nobility though once again this is merely my own speculation. I don’t think we can rule out either, that
Sauron might have perhaps prolonged his life through sorcery though I think it’s less
likely. It is said that the Mouth of Sauron was more
cruel than any orc and had great cunning, which caused to rise quickly in Sauron’s
favour. We also know that he “learned great sorcery,
and knew much of the mind of Sauron”. It is no wonder that he became the right hand
man of Sauron, the lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-Dur. There was no tale that could recall his name,
he himself had forgotten it. I like to believe that this was due to his
devotion to Sauron, that he became so immersed in his dark arts, that his very identity was
lost, being replaced by his role, that of the Mouth of Sauron. He is described as being tall, robed in black
and having an evil shape. He wore a black helmet, and though his description
does sound similar to that of the Ringwraith, we’re told specifically that he was a living
man and no wraith. What I find almost more frightful, is the
description of his horse which I’d like to read to you, cause I think it’s quite
a powerful piece. “Mounted upon a black horse, if horse it
was; for it was huge and hideous, and its face was a frightful mask, more like a skull
than a living head, and in the sockets of its eyes and in its nostrils there burned
a flame” I think some degree of sorcery must have been applied to his steed, to warp
it so, as I don’t believe any such creature could be found naturally in Middle-Earth. I think it’s more likely that sorcery was
used to create an illusion to give it such an appearance, though we can’t rule out
it actually being altered physically and kept alive through some dark magic. During the War of the Ring, the Mouth of Sauron
is sent out as an emissary to negotiate with the Host of the West. However his true purpose was a lot more devious,
as he was meant to break their spirit. We’re told “but Sauron had already laid
his plans, and he had a mind first to play these mice cruelly before he struck to kill.” The Mouth of Sauron then shows them Sam’s
sword, Frodo’s elven cloak and his Mithril mail, giving them the impression that the
hobbits had been captured. This had a much stronger effect than he could
have anticipated though, for it implied that Sauron had recovered the Ring. He informed them that Frodo would be tortured
for many long years, and that perhaps once he’s completely changed and broken they
would free him, so that his friends and companions could see what had been done to him. However, he also said that Frodo would be
freed and spared torture if they agreed to his terms. He demanded that the Host of the West must
retreat beyond the Anduin, and they must swear oaths to never attack Sauron again. The terms also stated that all lands to the
East of the Anduin must be given to Sauron as tribute, and that Isengard would also be
Sauron’s, and his lieutenant shall dwell there. It’s implied that this Lieutenant would
be the Mouth of Sauron himself. In the movies, Aragorn approaches and beheads
the Mouth of Sauron which I find to be quite out of character, while in the books he’s
allowed to leave and ride back to the Black Gate. Following Sauron’s defeat it is not known
whether the Mouth of Sauron survived or if he perished during the Battle of the Black
Gate and the Fall of Barad Dur. However, if he did survive, it is plausible
that he might have become one of the leaders of what remained of Sauron’s servants, in
fact this storyline occurs in the Lord of the Rings Online. One of the things which I love most about
this character is quite subtle, as it is the dichotomy that is set up between the Mouth
of Sauron and Aragorn. Both of them are among the last descendants
of Numenor, both holding positions of power, yet Aragorn stood as a leader and king, while
the Mouth of Sauron was but a servant. This dichotomy is once again seen several
times during their interactions. When the Mouth of Sauron first sees Aragorn,
he mocks him, comparing him to a brigand of the hills, and in response Aragorn simply
stared into his eyes and we’re told “but soon, though Aragorn did not stir nor move
hand to weapon, the other quailed and gave back as if menaced with a blow. “I am herald and ambassador, and may not
be assailed! He cried” I love the way Tolkien describes
it, the pure unwavering spirit of Aragorn against the false image the Mouth of Sauron
wanted to portray. After the Host of the West decline his terms
we’re told “Then the Messenger of Mordor laughed no more. His face was twisted with amazement and anger
to the likeness of some wild beast that, as it crouched on its prey, is smitten on the
muzzle with a stinging rod. Rage filled him, and his mouth slavered, and
shapeless sounds of fury came strangling from his throat. But he looked at the fell faces of the Captains
and their deadly eyes, and fear overcame his wrath” This really shows us how far he had
fallen, from the Nobility and Pride that the Numenoreans were known for. Anyway friends this wraps up the video, and
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  1. First of all I hope you enjoy the video friends! I'd like to leave a quick shout out to Ryan Vinci, who is part of our community and he drew the artwork of Sauron at 0.29! If you'd like to follow him, I've left his instagram name in the video description!

  2. The weirdest and most sadistic looking character in the films at least. Still unsettles me to this day and reminds me of something as Satanic (though I know that's what Tolkien was basically comparing Sauron to.)

  3. Go ahead, make your snide comments! But this poor guy went through hell in high school. What, with the braces and all…

  4. To be honest the terms auf Sauron was quiet not THAT cruel or demanding. It may be just a trick but for his position of strength he did not go very far.

    About his horse, it may be that it was something like the "werewolves" of Middle Earth. If I remember right this were ghosts Sauron bound into the corpses of wolves. Maybe here a ghost was bound to a horse, giving it the strange appearence.

    Lastly I must say I am not sure if it was a little bit out of story by Tolkien himself to let the Man call himself "Mouth of Sauron" and call his master Sauron. I mean this name was given by the foes, and its meaning was demonizing, like was the name Gorthaur. Sauron may not have bothered how his enemies called him, but he has many other names he used for himself, and would his most trusted servant not use one of this?

  5. An intriguing character one would like to know more about. However, this video, too, implies that he only occurs once in the works of Tolkien: During the encounter at the Black Gate. This video only cites from there. Btw.: His headwear is only described as lofty and black. The staring contest with Aragorn implies his eyes were visible in Tolkien's work. Still a nice video. Where do you find all that artwork?

  6. 2:05, his prolonged age could also come from Sauron, who appears to be able to imbue his Servants with a portion of his power, like possession of the Ring prolonged Gollum’s life

  7. I don't think it all out of character of the King of the West. If the mouth was of Numenorean blood then The King of the West had by right the ability and the rule western lawn to take his life in payment for his crimes

  8. Didn't mention the fact , in the books, the Mouth of Sauron was quite fair, & attractive. Tho the movie adaption WAS pretty cool?

  9. Uhm, question; In which part of the trilogy (movies) does Mouth of Sauron appear? I've watched all 3 of them (plus Hobit trilogy) but I don't remember him at all appearing

  10. do mention that Aragon is aged 120 or so at the time of the war of the rig to put in perspective if the mouth of Sauron is 88 or more at the time.

  11. Man i loved your style. Narrating from the original script. Storytelling specific and with all details needed to know. You got my sub?

  12. I always liked how in the book Gandalf was able to see through Mouthy's bluff. He gives them the stuff from both Frodo and Sam but only spoke of one hobbit. So Gandalf knew that only one had been captured and the other could very well still have the Ring.

  13. I know it’s a fantasy novel, movies, and the whole universe are entertainment but it’s also kind of primitive to make everyone’s character pretty much be determined by either their so called “race”, or the actions their ancestors. It’s like anyone can look at anyone who doesn’t look like them and predict what side they’re on. That’s just bs.

  14. I actually love the idea of Aragorn beheading the Mouth of Sauron. To me a king needs to be not only just, but fierce and understanding. He ended a threat to his kingdom.

  15. Where did he learn his sorcery? Elves had majic rings and a love of nature but they weren't wizards. There is no mention of Numorians having anything but long life like the Dunedain. If he's not a blue wizard himself he must have killed the both of them stolen their sorcery and immortality. If he's as old as they say he is. They're only allowed 3 times the lifespan of a man. Period.

  16. actually, if they had "mingled" with "lesser men", that would not have reduced their lifespans significantly or uniformely. It would have resulted in a greater variation of lifespans and as long as the Numenorians would keep on making children during their long lifetimes the longevity would become dominant again. Alas this is Tolkien whom we are talking about and in his LOTR universe things always go to the worse in the long run.

  17. He wouldn't have looked like THAT. He was a man. Probably something more along the lines of those gaunt looking old dudes who always hung around with Emperor Palpatine.

  18. Sauron's boss certainly had a habit of "altering" normal creatures into weird, horrible ones. Elves into orcs, for example. Ents into trolls. So it seems plausible that the horse was something that sorcery had twisted into a horrible mockery of the original.

  19. The fact that Mouth of Sauron doesn’t even remember his own name is enough for me to think that he came into service well before the third age.

  20. I always tought that the dragon rider/witch was and mouth of saeron and the eye all were Saeron. And tought he wouldn't die completely because of the ring. Despite seeing the movies 10 marathon-times.

    But sadly it always felt & feels like a propaganda by West(in the real life) about both WorldWars and ColdWar. Like:
    East is USSR, Imperial Japan, China plus other communists and those whom were against west.
    Those whom didn't want to take part in the war were like the Swedish Empire, Switzerland and other neutral countries.
    West is like British, French, Spanish and other Empires.
    The death and that guy who is hand of saeron that is adviser of king than switches side is Italy and some other countries.
    That land that had evacuat people was France declaring surrender, and those people&soldiers were the remaining French soldiers and people whom escaped to Britain by water.
    Far west is like USA that other powers can't reach/touch.
    Other lands in the LOTRs are the colonies, and the Trolls/monsters/coursed walking things are the Empires/villages/fighters/soldiers and normal people in those colonies.

    Same kinda feels/is true about GOT but with some truth about those Empires. And their real motivation.

  21. Overall, I liked Peter Jackson's films very much, but subtlety it seems was not his forte, and thus we get Aragorn beheading the Mouth of Sauron. I much prefer the scene from the book, which a skilled filmmaker might have managed. All the same, I understand. Jackson had so much to consider and abbreviate, even over the course of three long movies.

  22. Would somebody agree that despite Sauron being defeated and destroyed, in a way, he still won? I mean, Frodo failed his quest. He claimed the ring for himself (To be fair, The One Ring was at its FULL power when Frodo was to throw it). The ring was destroyed by accident…(by God in the books lol).

  23. This chap gets decapitated by aragorn i have seen it. He is deffinately not sauron. Sauron hasnt regained body form he is still a powerful soul untill he defeats the free people of middle earth as well as elves

  24. Aragorn killed him in the movie cuz he viewed him as a traitor to both their people and man itself at least that's what I see it as

  25. At some point in the long azz history of Gondor there was a king that that rode to Minas Morgul to never be seen again… I think he was tortured & eventually became the Mouth!

  26. I have a simple rule for life: in ANY business dealings, if the guy I am negotiating with has no visible face and has giant bloody teeth and gums…

    I avoid that person.

  27. Doesnt the negotioations work both ways if host of the west not gonna attack sauron so shall sauron these oaths work both ways

  28. "Is there anyone who would make council with me? NOT THOU ARAGORN! It needs more to make a King than a rebel band such as this!" This creature demanded respect and had such diction in his speech. Truly the Numeanor men of either good or evil are not to be triffled with!

  29. Anyone else think they should've left this part in the original movie? It wasn't that long and it was a big part of the story

  30. I love Tolkien, but the last time I read Return of the King it struck me that the Mouth of Sauron was a character he invented at the last moment because he hadn't prepared in advance and he had written himself into a corner.
    He had established that his main villain was essentially faceless and formless, but his instincts told him he needed a scene where the villain confronted Aragorn and Gandalf to taunt them and to create tension and doubt over Frodo's fate. His solution was one of the most badly written scenes in the trilogy. I like the idea of a character that's been a lackey for so long he's forgotten his own name. But if there had been the slightest mention of this guy earlier in the story, it wouldn't have felt like such an ass pull.

  31. Such a shame this scene was cut from the movie. I don't unterstand why. 3 minutes more woudn't make a difference in a 3 hour movie.

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