The Secret History Of The Bible – Anthony T. Browder

The Secret History Of The Bible – Anthony T. Browder

who our guest is this our that it was quite possible that you might learn more about your
religion are much about history and then you have in year entire life out my guest this our work is anthony t called many things tibetology ust if i’m saying that right cultural memory specialist someone who uh… taken of more than twenty soldiers to uh… has been someone who has mult at may ensue history onset of time and who brings a unique perspective to these airways uh… doctor browder thank you pat or
allowable call your doctor brown yeah i thank you so much for report joining
us here stimulating discussion well let’s not let’s talk ac ass and i i’m gonna ask each of my
guests here financed a fascinating so as doctor cars active in cars ministers of the uh… the pediatric neurosurgeon uh… johns hopkins green and i guess
absolute absolutely i asked him the question i said that in the bible it talks about jesus as having pair light lambs wall and hands and feed barn right from now one takes that just about in in equal it would sound to me light he’s talking about someone that
looks more like johnnie cochran men howard cosell thrissur on that particular subject what color was achieved well that would be a serious uh… this
was a person of color uh… he was not they your opinion he
was not a caucasian uh… the jib in ethiopia image in more than
by beginning at the nation there’s no part of the bible that takes place so it’s a is a book written about people of color uh… by people who let go so what people traditionally have uh…
habit of doing is inserting themselves wherever they would like to see
themselves so whoever controls the image of jesus controls the world and that’s one of the
reasons why he’s been presented throughout the world is not an is non
african you know i i i read something i i want to principal anya i read some
things that said until the line writes the story alcohol until that time hunter will always be more exactly
exactly you know when the mistakes that we make is believing that uh… everyone who who has written about herbal was writing
the word of god there’s there’s no truth to that one of the other mistakes we
make and that you make of it that in itself is an inflammatory statement true folks aprox this world that dot bible is the in little liberal one hundred percent word of god that’s not true anyone who was study the bible knows
that that’s not true uh… if you talk to any theologians
people who go into schools specifically to learn of the stakes they would tell you did they are all over uh… there over five hundred different
versions but the bible this one book there’s over three thousand different
denominations with people that separated from other
religious institutions because of how they interpret this text of the bible as
we know it is a book that was written by a man is a matter of fact about this
comprise of sixty six in different books they were written by sixty six in
different people over a period two thousand years so this this notion one person’s that uh… inspired by god
and gold all of these books isn’t unrealistic notion in gaining the
one who was studying the history of the subcommittee would
know that you know i come from a world paul what i’ve done in my life above the
boxing that particular state knox out much of the prints of religion at cvs hot instead in ma right and and asked her sister where we were to use uh… unboxing
metaphor most of the people who claim to be
really discouraged at the box out carrying bag himself because it they don’t know quick guide is all they know is what
someone told him dot is and that’s really the biggest
issue that we deal with it would promise with ourselves if we truly understood that sales then
we will have now is effect that most of the people who read the
bible uh… probably read the king james version of the bible the king james
version of the bible is the most adulterated version one of the most
adulterated versions in existence most people read the king james version of
the pirate don’t even know who came to new zealand an island which which begs
the question if you’re reading the king james version of the bible you should attempts and no king james what willing and and and and how do you
answer the question who was king james give us a little bit
about it give us his biography or or so it’s not
the sort into the store and now this is the king
james king james is a man who would make a deal didn’t like them king james it was a murderer king james was uh… well it was known as being a uh… uh…
rabbit homosexual he was often called ranging but from the members of in his court and what he wanted to do was to right in
official version of the bible delegated his
worldview king james comes out of uh… the the uh… too rigid being and the church of england was that was
established because the king of england didn’t feel that was necessary for him
to take directions instructions from the bull so they broke away from roman catholic
church they created their bone chips and so he
said to me what you have if you look at the history of of christianity is exists
right now is that whenever uh… a specific powerful individual agrees with the
mentees to come down on time they simply walk away point net wrote in
a stepping stone church that’s why you have with thirty five hundred different
denominations martin luther in german uh… in germany protest it but the
catholics were doing he posted his reformation on on the wall protest today as we go to protest a he broke away from the roman catholic
church in established the protestant and so within the protestant traditions
you have a very strange to you got all of these people who say that they follow the same book
but the armature bedeviled uh… the when you get to the book when you
get to the original source material there which your findings that original source material came out
of multiple takes they were written by people afternoon ancestry thousands of years at least at least
eight hundred years before abraham who is the considered to be the major at
the end within the jewish tradition uh… and so what should attributes
beforehand before anything else

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  1. I am confused, I learned that the Pentateuch, the first 5 books of the Bible, were written by Moises, not by 5 different men; and I believe that is not the only case that more than one book were written by the same person.

  2. Controlling the Truth only means something to those with an agenda which is why White Washing exists. If you have NO true origin stealing the history of others and making it your own gives you a Solid (But false) base to build from when creating a society. There has been over two thousand years of deception and the perpetrators aren't about to let that go. Its all they have. Its who they believe themselves to be. Sad but true

  3. All that matters is the "Message". None of us will ever get it, but it is something to strive for. Names/colour or any other way to judge a person, is a set up to You to Empathise and feel your Real Power. It is not about You, It is about Everybody else around You. Because You are the Power. Agree?

  4. The Bible has 80 Books, Blacks, Hispanics & Native Indians are The Biblical Jews…….You.Two Speakers are Lying on and About Yahawah and King James

  5. The King James Version just means the proper English version as how they spoke at that time …using words like thus and thou. Remember my children the kingdom of heaven is in power not in word!!

  6. He broke up their language and called it Babel, they were sent to 4 corners of the world? ( if I'm not mistaken) if this was done for real why wouldn't there be 4 corners of the world of people go through the way that was put before them to get to God. I believe we all pray to the Same god through a different channel. Maybe not just my thought.

  7. 66 authors? There are 66 books in the bible and moses alone wrote 5 of them and solomon wrote quite a few of them . How do you get 66 authors. Yes the jews are black and king james was also a black man

  8. The Bible tells us virtually nothing about what Jesus looked like―except that HE DIDN'T STAND OUT IN ANY PARTICULAR WAY. When Jesus was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane before the Crucifixion (Matthew 26:47-56) Judas Iscariot HAD TO POINT JESUS OUT to the soldiers among the disciples because they all appeared similar to one another. So he would have looked like a Palestinian Jewish man of the first century. He would have looked like a Jewish Galilean.
    Notice that even his own disciples sometimes did not recognize him. Mary Magdalene did not recognize him at the tomb (John 20:15). Other disciples did not recognize him when they were out fishing (John 21:4). A third instance is when the two disciples on the road to Emmaus did not recognize Jesus until He broke bread (Luke 24:13-35). How could these two disciples have walked, talked, and eaten with Jesus without recognizing Him? Matthew 17:2 states that Jesus "was transfigured before them; his face shining as the sun, and his garments became white as the light."
    The point of the various images of Jesus that appear after his death was never to show Jesus as a man, but to make THEOLOGICAL points about who Jesus was as Christ (King, Judge) and THE divine Son Of God.

  9. Am black African but there's much fallacy in this video. We're trying to replace one superiority theory with another. Both erroneous. The Bible is indeed the Word of God and it's by no means European.

  10. Dr. Browder you made some erroneous and also confusing statements which itched my ears from the time I heard them. To the unknowing person who is looking at this video trying to gain knowledge from a learned individual in this field it is VERY misleading. At 3:34 the host makes the statement that "The Bible is the inherent, literal, 100% word of God" and you respond "that's NOT true!" What the host should have said was the ORIGINAL "Bible" in its original Hebrew (Old Testament) and Aramaic, Greek (New Testament) IS the inherent, literal, 100% word of God." Now, that's a true statement! Some versions in English like the NIV have been shown to omit even complete verses compared to the original text!!!!! Perhaps if you had mentioned even this THEN you could say that it is NOT the 100% etc inspired word of God but you didn't. Different denominations e.g Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists have different INTERPRETATIONS of some areas of the Bible. 2nd, he says at 4:10 THE OBVIOUS (to the knowledgeable person) that "to say that 1 person sat down inspired by God and wrote ALL these books is an unrealistic notion!" Why make this statement in the first place? Now, to the UNKNOWING person, who I must stress, knows absolutely nothing about the Bible, it gives the impression that it is a fact that the Bible was written by 1 person who was inspired by God and he is NOW correcting this statement! It is a misleading train of thought and he was speaking too fast and getting ahead of himself. For the record, God is the author of the Bible and He inspired 40+ people what to write in the 66 books over approx a 1600 year span. E.g Moses wrote the book of Genesis approx 2500 years after the events in Genesis happened! This approximation is based on research of course. I just had to point out ERROR to the uninformed when I hear it. We are all here to learn TRUTH from one another.

  11. This black guy has no clue what he's talking about King James was not a homosexual King James was a black king he had a wife and had kids he needs to do his research

  12. Man woman .5 if walk dow 1 whole self way DOW path two and from .36918 golden path I indivisible under god one nation. Under God earth B
    Figured it out wrong dumbass

  13. This guy has his information wrong. King james didnt write the bible. He assembled scholars to decode the bible because the Catholic Church wanted to hide the contents of the bible. this is a fact!

  14. This guy is a fraud! He doesn't even believe the Bible, and yet he wants to talk about what color of skin Jesus had. If Jesus was not a real person, he didn't have skin, period! And how does this guy say that people who read the Bible don't know God, but he does. Does that make him the Messiah?

  15. Well first of all he said the bible has 66 books with 66 authors. How is that when John wrote John 1, John 2, John 3 and revelation.? And Paul the apostle wrote 2/3 of the new testament.? How can I believe a man who obviously doesn't know his facts

  16. A Christian full of the spirit is the only person that can rightly understand & divide the Bible! I have read the gospel & it is inspired by God's word. You cannot understand it unless you have the spirit of God!!

  17. The Bible has been watered down over the centuries to fit what many have deemed to be “their” truth! I believe it is inspired by TMH, yet interpreted by man for CONTROL!

  18. Anthony T. Browder dont know what the hell he talking about when It comes to King James. The truth about King James is that he was a black King ruling over three monasteries in Europe. You really shouldn't trust a man without a mustache or beard.

  19. Jesus…is a ROMAN word…but the intelligence of the average American is LOW….there was NO way that me as a black person would worship some white man….they cant even dance!…make Michael Jackson be Jesus and I might consider worshipping

  20. Christianity was a state religion in Ethiopia for 300 years before it became legal in europe.
    Ethiopian monasteries still have the original scripts of the Bible including the book of enouch

  21. Anyone complaining about how Jesus looks in pictures and paintings of Europeans is plain stupid. First of all it’s a cultural prerogative to make Jesus any color you want because Jesus is for all people. Secondly and more importantly, just as there is no time in eternity, there is no race in the spirit, so it’s plain ignorant to speak about Jesus in terms of race and thirdly, doing so is a sign of spiritual immaturity to the point of spiritual retardation

  22. Black people aborting their own offspring because White Liberals convinced them it’s ok but idiots are worried about the race of the Christ, the Anointed One of God smh

  23. From what I understand, the Geneva Bible being in print before the KJV, the KJV was written to adjust the parts that had the kings people read how a king should conduct all his affairs, the people would have called for his removal. Wether true or how true I’m not positive.

  24. Dr. Ben Carson,a brilliant man" yes,great man" three years before he started running for president 👀👀👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔

  25. This guy is full of shit! Dead Sea scrolls line up with the Bible we have today. Dead Sea was written way before king James


  27. Boy y’all some dumb ass people these clowns like 55 how the fuck you know if the Bible real and you wasn’t there. None of us was there. Don’t you make an ass out of yourself by assuming.

  28. His first wrong statement was the Bible was written by people who lack color…:in the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD became FLESH and if you’re saying Jesus who’s Hebrew name is Yeshua was a man of color and also was perfect without sin the sin of man and the son of God who atoned for the world yet also taught us the accurate WORD which was written before man was created then its safe to say that it wasn’t a man of color who wrote the Bible, yes translated it many times over from language to language but not all wise enough to create nor implement the living word ..: The Creator says to worship in SPIRIT and TRUTH (word) so basically Jesus came illustrating the word who was also a black man the son of man but his flesh was also left in the tomb but his spirit went back to heaven where he came from because no man went to heaven but the one who came from it so now his color don’t even matter anymore …flesh and blood won’t enter the kingdom only those birth out into the Holy Spirit which is pure agape LOVE the DNA of Yeshua/Jesus Christ who is the Creator ❤️

  29. Let me elaborate something mr browder said. The church of england, and it’s roots. Before the church was formed, king henry 8th was married to queen catherine of aragon then became infatuated with anne boylen. He asked the pope clement VII in the Vatican to annul his marriage, which was denied. He then broke religious ties to rome, formed the Church of England, appointed anne boylen’s clergy thomas cranmer to the head the church. This was the beginnings of the protestant reformed church of england, later many versions of the bible were created. Eventually the holy scriptures which was written in latin was translated into old English which was the common spoken english of its day, against the orders of the Vatican. The author william tyndale, was excommunicated and exiled for this act of translating the Old Testament so the common man could read it. When mr tyndale translated the New Testament, the vatican sent soldiers to capture him, hung him, then set his body on fire. Tyndale is credited with creating phrases commonly repeated such as “salt of the earth”, “am i my brother’s keeper” and more which were not in the latin version

  30. Jesus is a fictional character created at the Nicene Council, 325. Roman Catholic church.

    Abraham and Muhammad are fictional character.

  31. This is not true info on king James those lies came about after his death by his enimies. He was NOT homosexual nor was he that white man He was a black man with 9 children by the same woman. Lies lies lies

  32. Y'all saying that he's wrong about the writers of the Bible books, how sure are you that you're right? I mean, there are more books of the bible, not included in the normal bible we have everywhere these days. Take your time to study more

  33. In the kjv it's 66 books another 13 in the apocrypha and another 101 books that are considered lost scribes. 180 text that are well documented. All written by man. A being not a spirit or anything spiritual. Just enlighten by what they see going on around them. The real mystery of it all comes from manuscript that are very damaged or in the condition to be deciphered.

  34. Yeshua aka Jesus Christ is from the Tribe of Judah. All black Americans who ancestors were on the trans Atlantic slave ships, are all descendants from the Tribe of Judah.

  35. This was the most ignorant, despicaple, disgusting and crass interview ever. For those watching& reading, please find a real bible scholar/ bible based church to get the truth. Its not "white" people keeping our people down, its us as a group that does it for them in which they feel allowed to do it too.

  36. I'm glad I can hear because whoever put the words up to this video put wrong ones in like I said I'm glad I can hear.Love the message keep up the good work and blessings to you and your work.

  37. The Bible MUST be read Line upon Line, Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept, here a little and there a little. (Book of Isaiah.)

  38. That man is confused he don't know what he is talking" about. The devil started those false churches, and false religions, and interpret the Bible wrong! God's people speak the same word. Man had nothing to do with the Bible nor did King James write the Bible; He just had it translated out of other languages into English. God is responsible for the Bible.. All scripture is given by the inspiration of God. 2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and it is profitable for Doctrine.

  39. I told my great auntie…She was 77: that it’s contradictions in the Bible. She said… it’s not. It was sad that I knew I couldn’t have a real conversation with a family member I never knew. Met for the 1st time. She was supposed to be my elder full of wisdom teach me something but since I’ve red the Bible multiple times different versions-I knew I was more wiser than her and I’m half her age. She was a child in my eyes who didn’t know any better when it comes to the Romans having their hands all throughout the worst book ever written. They didn’t know how to proof read

  40. Stop with the lies the real king james was black and wasn't gay thats why u can't listen to everybody and need to study yourself the Bible is a blackmans book if the white man wrote it then why is it going against his own race(Esau)

  41. He's talking bout the White man that's took the black KING JAMES NAME……. THE REAL KING JAMES IS BLACK!!! HE WASNT NO HOMOSEXUAL! BRO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

  42. whether you read KJV or any other version, they all say the same thing. I wonder who this guy serve, NVMD…….its Satan the father of lies. He's talking worldly wisdom that will lead you NO Where!!

  43. Brother Browder is an Egyptologist and a Kemet follower. He has no understanding of the Bible.I am not saying he has not probably read it. God just has not given him the foresight of knowing the meaning of the scriptures. I have no beef with these brother's and especially scholarly brother's. But sometimes you brother's give to little credit to those that have the Holy Spirit upon them and have the gift to interpret(divinely divide the Word) the scriptures rightfully and as well righteously. The Bible was divinely written. No amount of history can discount the prophecy and the future prophecies that the Bible has told to this point and is foretelling. If this divine spirit is not upon you as yet. Don't discount it from those that have it upon them. Especially with the outpouring of the spirit now that the Lord is putting on those that have it among the tribes and nations that he is speaking of and to in the Bible now(and the rising up of the prophets now). So if one wants to show skepticism. I have no problem with it. But until one has the understanding of the true prophecy and the reading of the scriptures as they are to be read and given in truth and spirit. I would hold off on the judgement. You have said that the Egyptians gave the world mathematics. But it was Joseph who gave them(Egyptians) the knowledge of all they knew. And it was Joseph who commissioned the voyages to the new world as we know it now. This debate could go on forever. But I find that those that consider themselves historians and archeologists, always discount the authenticity of the Word of God. Whether it was written by man or not. Can one disprove it's validity through time. No, empathically not. We walk by faith and not by sight. Yes formal and concrete history is as much a part of our faith and understanding. But it is that Spirit of the Most High in Christ which guides our true understanding. So if one wants to call believers religious. That is up to you. But to all of us that have been given this Holy outpouring of the Spirit. We will walk in the hope of the Word written and given.

  44. I know people have many opinions on King James. But sometimes one must just look at circumstantial evidence for the Truth. I’ve lived in N.Y.C most of my life and lived 3 years in atlanta there are a lot of gay men in both of those cities. More than most of us even know as many are still in the closet. I don’t know any and I haven’t heard of any married to one women and having 8 kids with just that one women that is gay not only that I don’t know a women that would stay with him sorry in all of history there is no one. But King James? Next most Gay men have a real problem with the way the Bible is written if King James was gay why in the Hell didn’t he change the book remove a man shouldn’t lie with a man? It would have been soo easy for him to do so being the King and All. Next they tried to kill him 9 times sounds like the man had a few enemies. Why I’ve never heard of any gay man having that many attempts on his life. Most of Them are soft spoken and to busy in the mirror to develop that kind of Hatred. Next when he dies his only son gets his head chopped off. Couldn’t get the father so kill the son king. The truth of the matter is this if a Man is gay and has as many male lovers as is claimed the King had there is no way to keep it secret so we would have a lot of evidence not just a letter with him saying he loves George. As Jesus loves John. Last The best way to defame a straight man is to call him. Gay- or a molester – wife beater. In conclusion I’ve read many bibles and always compare vs as I study and I find no version gets 100% but no Version comes close to the KJV 1611 Oxford addition it’s the best by far not even the 1769 they tried to fix some of the words and messed it up. Anyway what does being gay have to do with rather or not the KJV is a good bible even if he was and he wasn’t the fact that he left that verse In gives more proof that it is the best version.

  45. Abraham made a covenant with Hashem. This covenant would differentiate The Hebrews, the Jews from all the idol worshipping religions 5000 years ago. They were the first to be circumcised. Every Jewish male to this day is circumcised as per Abraham's covenant. If you aren't circumcised as a male you can't be a Jew.

  46. I know this is serious but the caption got me over here tripping I keep reading and have to rewind because he's not saying what I'm reading oh well

  47. The Comments thread proves this: It’s one thing to read, discuss, learn, take lessons, debate & argue about a religion. It is entirely another matter PRACTICING one—which BOTH gentlemen in the blog actually said, btw.

  48. Instead of all the constant confusion of truths why not just give the very first step to learning the truth. I would love to understand what is "the list ". Way to much arguing and people trying to be superior. Isn't that exactly what "white people", or not so black people started year's ago.

  49. Mexicans were the true Jews..duh everyone knows this.
    Silly silly people.
    Asians were the Egyptians..
    Not sure where this whole white and black thing came to be.
    I guess in the 60s.

    Do your research and listen to me.
    I can use big words too like..
    Subjugation…It means subway sand 5 dollar plan is back. 5 dollar foot longs!!! Sing with me

  50. The Bible is Masonic . Prophecy is history written in advance . Yes it happens the Masonic Jews and Masonic Gentiles make it happen. Solomons Temple was a Masonic Temple. Look at the names of the so called Apostles Greek not Jewish. The Jewish Masons re wrote the Old Testament giving themselves Arab lands and Arab Oil. Yes they got it the AshkeNAZI German Jews created two world wars and Communism murdered millions and then claimed Palestine.
    God spoke to Atheists called Jews? Amazing they rejected the Messiah, They took the money, land , oil and Weapons Gentiles took the Book and the Bread.

  51. One thing, that lots of Christians r extremely blind of, is they believe that Jesus is, GOD, no not at all, Jesus is not, GOD. Our BELOVED HEAVENLY MOTHER n our HEAVENLY FATHER, witness from the heaven's that, Jesus is not GOD.

  52. This gentleman believes whatever the Catholic Church has put out about king James. He was not a homosexual he was a black king who sit on three thrones .ruled three different Thrones at one time.They killed king James they also killed his son prince Charles so that he could never gain the throne everyone who is in Europe and England today in the palace are all fake people. Black are the people that are supposed to be in the palace .This gentleman should know this.And his name is not Jesus and he’s Hebrew. My brother you don’t even know who you are. King J James was the one who named great Britain. I believe in staying on what I feel that the king James 1611 is the true Bible and nobody can change my mind about that.

  53. King James a Homosexual? If so why would he authorize a book that speaks against homosexuality? Wouldn't that be condemning himself from his own belief?

  54. Good lawd! This man should learn about King James before he discredits the man. He should also read the Bible as well. Without going into major historical facts to prove this guy WRONG let us use commonsense. In the Bible homosexuals were either demanded to be killed or were killed by The Heavenly Father. Constantly The Word speaks against homosexuality. So why would King James be a raving homosexual not take those parts out of the Bible? Huh? This guy clearly doesn't know a hill of beans of what he is talking about!

  55. Who?…. I say, WHO was in charge of the subtitles??? Throw the whole person who typed the subtitles away! For such a serious conversation, this is brutally disrespectful and ignorant. Smh 🤦


  57. He may not have been white, however do not folly in your statements for the word of God is true…Romans 3:4 God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged. 2 Timothy 3:16  All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness… 2 Peter 1:21 For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit… 2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  58. The SIMPLISTIC FACT that the bible was written by 66 different people (which that is not so) says that this is 100% 1God=Jehovah God inspired. The bible is a UNIT and if you have read it in its entirety you would know that it is similar to a PUZZLE, after you have completed a puzzle you see the BIG picture and the DETAILS that make it cohesive and since it was not written all at once however over centuries of time says that has to be 1GOD=JEHOVAH God inspired as well. If you don't know that them you have not been inspired from 1God=Jehovah rather STD is your god that is the source of your talking points. That is your loss. You could READ the bible and STOP trying to destroy the bible.

  59. I would agree with his conclusions to a point…however, first we would have to agree that such an individual trully existed, was definitely not divine thus inconsequential in religious terms. As for the "original texts" when he mentions texts predating Abraham, in best case he talks of Zoroastrianism and the Talmud, not the bible…and even so, hardly extensive or complete to draw any such conclusions. Bible is an invented text, plagarised from much older traditions and mythology giving us nothing of value in the sense of historicity.

  60. “Dogs” and “bulls” are synonyms for the people that crucified Jesus. Jesus 4 times acknowledged these people as evil “DOGS.” In Psalms 22:12-16 “These “dogs” have surrounded me and trapped Me in.”If it was the “dogs” “bulls” “strong bulls” “Nephilim bulls” of Bashan, the Philistines, a pack of villains, an assembly of the wicked, a throng of evil ones, a gang of hedonists, a band of evil men, a gang of evil doers, a bunch of thugs, chay, anthropos, iysh, natural men, the living creatures, the “creeping things” have surrounded me, [Intro] TLC~So I creep, yeah, 'cause he doesn't know what I do, and no attention goes to show so I creep, yeah, just creepin' on, but I'll know so I creep, yeah, 'cause he doesn't know what I do, so I creep, 'cept nobody is supposed to know.” [End]
    If it was the “beasts of the field” that pierced [HIS] hands & pierced [HIS] feet to the old wooden cross, it was the “serpent seed negro descendants of Cain” that spat on Jesus, that blindfolded Jesus and pulled His beard from HIS face. The “serpent seed negro descendants of Cain” tortured, and crucified [OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST].” (Moses 7:22 & Abraham 1:21-2e, the4). It wasn’t the Holy Roman Empire that we see today that crucified JESUS. It was a “black” Rom “ORIGINAL JEWS and ORIGINAL ROMANS WERE BLACKS,” more accurately the black Cainites/Canaanites/Kenites/Ammonites/Moabites/Perrizites/Jebusites/Philistines/the “NEGROES” nailed [JESUS] upon the old rugged cross, not squirrelly little long bearded white Jews wearing their silly hats. (Psalm 21:10) The “serpent seed negroes” are unclean, they are demons, they are the enemies & adversaries of [JESUS THE FATHER], Jesus Christ, and Christianity. It was these fake, lying black Hebrew Israelite frauds that scourged and crucified [OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST] It’s right here in the Bible. The negroes crucified Jesus Christ. How do “ADAMIC” [white Israelite Christians] feel about the truth now?

    Before anyone starts feeling sorry for the negroes and you continue to protect them with your self righteousness and philosophies of life, you need to hear the rest of what the negroes did to Jesus’s fleshly body. These negro Jews hated the blue eyed blond haired Jesus so much, those “serpent seed descendants of Cain” gathered around Him they urinated on The Son of Man. Why do you think it’s wired into the negroes to always grab their penis in front of everyone? The final act of the devils “literal and physical” children the negroes; (Moses 7:22) & (Abraham 1:21-24), "with one swift movement, they decapitated Jesus head and set His precious body and head on fire! The “serpent seed negro descendants of Cain” (Moses 7:22) & (Abraham 1:21-24) are [The Alpha & The Omega’s] “vessels of wrath” that will endure with much long suffering, were prepared for “destruction” from (Genesis 3:15) the beginning,” (Romans 9:20-23, NKJV). (2 Peter 2:13-15) “The negroes” shall receive the reward of un righteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time. “SPOTS” they are and “BLEMISHES” SPORTing themselves with their own deceivings. 14 They cannot cease from sin; beguiling “seducing serpents” as in the Garden of Eden-cursed children: “THE SERPENT SEED” 15 Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, (THE WAY OF CAIN). (Psalm 21:9) [THE LORD] shall swallow them up in [HIS] wrath, And the fire shall devour them. “THEIR OFFSPRING YOU SHALL DESTROY FROM THE EARTH.” (Psalm 55:15) Let death seize upon them, (negroes) and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them.

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