The Spiritual Battles of Jesus Christ – Swedenborg and Life

The Spiritual Battles of Jesus Christ – Swedenborg and Life

The amount of what goes on in our psyche,
in our thought and feelings, that shows up on the surface of our lives is often very
small. I know it is a cliche but that tip of the iceberg thing is a really great metaphor.
Somebody can seem like they are happy and collected on the surface but are living in
a hidden world of sadness or fear or confusion. Celebrities who seem to have everything in
life can actually be profoundly tormented inside. Or in a positive sense, someone who
seems unresponsive can actually have rich inner life. Someone in meager surroundings
may have more joy then any of us. It is hard to tell just by looking at the outside. It
could be that there is none who has had the outer elements of their life looked over and
scrutinized more then Jesus Christ. Whole cultures have been based around what he said
and did. But you got to wonder, what’s the rest of the iceberg? What was going on inside
him? Believe it or not, tonight we are going to poke our heads under the water.
All right everybody, welcome back to another episode of Swedenborg Life…and Life, I mean.
Not Swedenborg Life, but Swedenborg and Life. My name is Curtis and I’ve already messed
up my hosting, that’s fine. …we’ll answer them, you can have your
input if you want me to clarify something. If you just want to write, do it and we’ll
try to get it in there. So yes, today we are going to discuss Jesus Christ and actually
the inner world of Jesus Christ. What was going on inside the person. That seems like..
if it seems like whether you can even though if Jesus existed is hard enough, how could
you ever know what was going on in the mind. Welcome to the show. This is where we look
at things like that. And it is all through Swedenborg and you’ll see how it all works
now. So lets get into it. It’s a big topic, so we want to make sure we are thorough but
that we get you out of here sometime before next week. Part 1 now.
So we begin the journey in the wilderness. And this is the place where these struggles
happen for Jesus but they also happen for us. And it is not…even though there is a
literal wilderness in the text that Jesus is known from, this place is a metaphor or
a correspondence. It symbolizes a state that we all go through and we are going to get
into the meaning of that as we move. First that is where we are. So, the inner life of
Jesus Christ. Swedenborg has this fascinating take on the whole thing and to introduce it
we have Doctor Jonathan Rose, the series editor of the New Century edition translation of
Swedenborg’s works. He’s going to introduce our topic to us so here he goes.
What Swedenborg says is that Jesus had a rich inner life that was going on within him all
during this time. And that you don’t see it on the surface of scripture or there is
not much. There are little hints here and there. But you don’t see it much on the
surface of scripture what he was going through. The purpose was the salvation of the whole
human race and you can see that clearly taught in scripture. So what he was doing in this
world was going after people’s salvation. Trying to set the stage for salvation. What
a lot of people don’t realize is that a lot of what he had to do in this world was
actually internal. Just like isn’t that how it is in our lives.
I mean we do some things on the external side of things but isn’t a lot of the work we
do in our lives…if someone was to write the story of your life wouldn’t a lot of
it be psychological? How things made you feel. An event that seems rather innocuous to outside
people could have a huge impact on your life. You keep going back and thinking about it.
Isn’t that where it happens. Swedenborg is saying that was happening for Jesus Christ,
too. And so, lets take a look at what exactly that mental landscape was like for him. This
is from Secrets of Heaven 1690. This is a number we are going to come back to a lot.
There is this bracket 6. Some of the large numbers are divided up. You are going to see
all the different brackets here. OK, again, yes, Swedenborg says that he learned through
his spiritual experiences what was going on so here it is for your scrutiny. The Lord…and
when Swedenborg says the Lord, that means Jesus Christ. It means God, but a God we can
relate to in human form. The Lord was attacked from early youth up to the very end of his
life in the world, while he was continually routing, subduing, and vanquishing them. This
he did purely out of love for the entire human race. Since his love was not human but divine,
and the greater the love the harder the struggle, you can see how fierce…
what Swedenborg is claiming here is that he had living experience of this, however that
came about. Enough that this is not, don’t doubt it, this is true. OK, he doesn’t always
put that exclamation point on it but he did here and I think that speaks to the gravity
of the subject. Where does it say that? Where does it say that Jesus Christ had all these
internal struggles? Secrets of Heaven 1690 bracket 2. I told you we’d get to these
different brackets. The Word’s description of the Lord’s life in the Gospels mentions
none of his trials outside his final crisis (meaning the crucifixion), except for the
one he faced in the wilderness. No others were revealed to the disciples. Those that
were revealed seem so mild that they hardly amount to anything, as far as the literal
story goes; to speak and answer in that way is no trial (this is referring to the story
of Jesus in the wilderness, which we will be getting to soon). The fact is, though,
that he was tested more severely than any human mind could ever grasp or believe. No
one can know what a spiritual crisis is like except the person who has lived through one.
I would say there is a similar phenomenon if you’ve never struggled with mental illness
of any kind. If you don’t know what it is like to have depression or obsessive compulsive
disorder or bipolar or something, it is hard to understand what that kind of mental internal
out of control or pain and anguish is like. It seems like, just get your thoughts together.
So Swedenborg here is saying, unless you’ve had spiritual crises, these deep kind of internal
struggles, it is hard to imagine why it would be such a big deal, what Jesus Christ was
going through. So lets look at these spiritual struggles a little bit. These are things that
we all go through. That things that Jesus did is basically us just amped way up. And
there is no way to actually grow spiritually, as Swedenborg says, without actually going
through these struggles. These are essential steps in the stairs of our growth. Here is
a couple of bullet points about them we are just going to summarize it. You could do a
whole show, which we actually did and I’ll talk about that in a moment. Basically they
are internal conflicts. This is the clashing of good and evil or truth and falsity; of
the opposites inside our minds. Inside of our psyches. Next one, you experience them
as anxiety, on the one hand, if it is an intellectual conflict, or inner pain, if it is an emotional,
spiritual…a temptation of the will or the emotive side of things. And also, sometimes
they are tied to outer things. Like there is an event. You get sick or something like
that. And that begins this crisis for you. Or something happens, some traumatic event
or something is bothering you. That is what kicks it off. Or sometimes it is purely like
an internal world. And it’s, like I said before, part of our growth process. This is
just like growing pains on a spiritual level. So that is just a little bit on them. You’ll
see more about how it actually works as we go through. And also, we did an entire show
on it. It is called The Purpose of Spiritual Struggles. So you can get on our channel or
search that or something like that. It is not always easy to find them. But in that
we go into detail about these struggles from our perspective. Now we are going to look
at them, what it is like when God goes through those things. So, to get further into that
lets go back to Jonathan Rose as he introduce what was the task before Jesus. God as He
is in himself just cannot be tested , cannot be be tempted. He is absolutely impervious
to anything. He deals with it instantly.Hell could no more attack his Divine then you could
try to drive a bulldozer to the sun and carve a piece out of it. You’d be cooked millions
of miles before you got close to the sun. That is what God is like in and of himself.So
if that is not enough for you this from True Christianity 124 says if Jehovah God as he
is in himself were only to breathe on those who are in hell he would instantly kill them
all. Killing everyone is not funny. There is just something about that phrase I found
a little bit funny. So here you have God is infinitely powerful and infinitely good. How
can God go through the kind of crises we go through. Aren’t all of our crises based on
weaknesses that we have or based on doubt or gaps in our understanding or some kind
of mental flaw in a way. So how could God go through something like that? Well, there
was this technology this partnership that we call Mary. Mary is an important figure
in a lot of traditions particularly Catholicism. And Swedenborg has an interesting take on
the role she plays and its not the same role that she is sometimes cast in. Let him explain.
Secrets of heaven 1444. No one can undergo spiritual crisis unless something bad clings
to the person. No one devoid of evil can suffer the least tribulation. Evil is what hellish
spirits stir up (these hellish spirits being the ones that Swedenborg says are thrones
that bring on these spiritual crisis). The Lord had no actual evil, no evil of his own,
as all the rest of us do. What he had was evil inherited from his mother. Well, don’t
panic. What do you mean Mary was evil. It is not that simple. Lets take a little tangent
on hereditary evil. This is a phenomenon Swedenborg described is basically there is a tendency
toward negative things in every human being.That is what he says. You can see this for yourself
if you want to. Go to a playground somewhere. You will se little kids, they have been barely
influenced by the world at all and they vacillate between very very good impulses where they
want to share and play with each other. To…you took my toy I’m going to hit you. I’m screaming
because you went up the slide before me. I’m throwing myself on the ground because I didn’t
get the snack I want. Right, so we have tendencies in both directions and the tendency toward
the negative, the self centered side of things is this hereditary evil Swedenborg is talking
about. This is the flawed foibles that get passed down. He says it gets passed down like
genetics are passed on physically, this psychological condition of hereditary evil is passed down
generation to generation. So what Mary was, she was a perfectly nice person. Swedenborg
even talks about meeting her once, but we won’t get into that. She is nice, but she
like all of us had this hereditary evil. So when God was born from her he picked that
up and that was a key tool in making this whole thing work. So there you go, that is
that. So God has his hereditary evils that make it so hell can approach him so now he
is ready tonight and beat them all up, except that doesn’t quiet jive with what you would
picture a Divine Love doing. Does Divine get psyched up to fight? Let’s take a look True
Christianity 56, Swedenborg kind of drives this home. It is not in the nature. We are
jumping into the middle of the passage where he just made some points. From these few points
you can see how insane people are who think that God can condemn anyone, curse anyone,
throw anyone into hell, predestine anyone’s soul to eternal death, avenge wrongs, or rage
against or punish anyone. People are even more insane if they actually believe this,
let alone teach it (zing, he is getting the preachers of his time). In reality God cannot
turn away from us or even look at us with a frown. To do any such thing would be against
his essence, and what is against his essence is against himself. So, what is going to happen
here? So God needs to do all this fighting but he doesn’t get mad at people, so how does
the dynamic work? What is God trying to do? I don’t know, but Jonathan Rose does and he
is going to illuminate it for us. So he needed to have some way to deal with evil. The trick
of this thing was to be able to deal with evil in such a way that you deal with it and
that you draw a line, you cannot pass beyond this point. Because hell was threatening the
whole human race at that point.So you have to draw this line in the sand and say come
no farther then this. Yet Divine love is a love for everybody. It is not like he loves
the good people and he hates the evil people. You can read scripture that say that in the
appearance of the text but that is not how divine love works. Divine love is absolute.
It is just a blanket. It is like the sun shining in the sky. When scripture says that he sends
his rain upon the just and on the unjust and that kind of thing. His mercy is just… doesn’t
Shakespeare say that his mercy is not strained. It falls on everybody. That Divine mercy.
It can’t be making a face at this one person and smiling about this other person. It doesn’t
work that way. Any more then the sun smiling on one person and frowning on another person.
So, he had to have this way to bring some of that Divine essence down into this human
form to be able to deal with the darkness that was coming from hell. And part of what
he needed to do was to deal with it, draw a line in the sand and say you are not going
farther than this, but do it such away without destroying. You know, there is much more discretion
in Angry Birds then there is in what Jesus did to the evil spirits. In Angry Birds the
pigs blow up all the time. You pop them. He was coming here to deal with the pigs. Get
them back where they are supposed to be but not pop them because he loves them. So, I
was watching Swedenborg and Life today. Oh what did you learn? God loves the piggies.
If you take away one thing, God loves the piggies.What God had to do is, God wants to
save the whole human race. Wants to get evil as contained as possible. Make everybody to
be able to live as happy a life, in as much community as they can, as possible. So first
of all, to set things in order God need to go through these struggles, so what does he
do? He gets this way to sort of plug into the human condition. We know his mission is
to not kill all the evil spirits, cause he likes them. He wants to try to make them happy
too. We got all the stage set in this mission was accomplished through spiritual struggles.
Swedenborg says that there is actually one story in the New Testament. Jesus’ temptation
in the wilderness. Have you guys heard of that. We’ll read it for you. You’ll get it.
It is in summary everything that Jesus went through. It is not that he went through it
all during that, but it is an overall compendium of the spiritual struggles of Jesus Christ.
You want to look at that? Let’s do it. Part 2 coming up. Man it makes me hungry. OK, before
we get into what..the stones to bread is from the bible story. Before we get into exactly
what that means, lets set up a few more things on these combats.In general, and specifically
what Jesus Christ went through. True Christianity 2 through 3. The Lord (again, that means Jesus
Christ) came into the world to separate hell from the human race and that he accomplished
this (we are jumping in the middle, that is why it sounds like it is) and he accomplished
this by repeatedly doing battle with hell and conquering it. In this way he gained control
over it, forced it back into the divine design, and made it obey him… Jehovah God came down
and took on a human manifestation for the purpose of forcing everything in heaven, everything
in hell, and everything in the church back into the divine design. The power of hell
had become stronger than the power of heaven, and on earth the power of evil had become
stronger than the power of goodness; therefore total damnation stood threatening at the door.
(which you don’t want that threatening at the door). By means of his human manifestation,
which was divine truth, Jehovah God lifted this pending damnation and redeem both people
and angels. Afterward, in his human manifestation, he untied divine truh to divine goodness,
or divine wisdom to divine love. In this way he retuned to the divine nature that he had
had from eternity, together with and in the human manifestation, which had been glorified.
From all this it is clear that if the Lord had not come into the world no one could have
been saved. So this are the stakes. Nobody could have been saved if this hadn’t happened
and Swedenborg is not alone in saying that about Jesus. It is pretty common. But there
is a different way that he goes about it according to Swedenborg. A final thing about these temptations
or these struggles or whatever you want to call them in other. In the older Swedenborg
translations they are called temptations and there also called spiritual temptations, shattering,
those kinds of things. If you are searching Swedenborg that is what you are looking for.
But what were those things like. The story coming up it is sort of just a ask and answer
with questions. Is that what the battles were for Jesus? Jonathan Rose continues with his
tirade about the whole thing. It is important to know however, that the Lord’s battle with
the hells was not a verbal to and fro like a philosophical debate or legal battle. That
kind of battle has no effect whatever on hell. It was a spiritual battle using the divine
truth connected to the divine good, the very vitality of the Lord. When this truth visibly
flows in no in the hells is able to oppose it. There is so much power in it that when
demons form hell merely sense that it might be present they run away, throw themselves
down into deep places and squeeze into underground shelters to hide. This phenomenon is the same
thing described in Isaiah. That will go into caverns in the rocks and into crevices in
the dust dreading Jehovah when he rises to terrify the earth. Isaiah 2 verse 19. And
in the book of Revelation, “They will all hide themselves in caves and the rocks and
in the rocks on the mountains and they will say to the mountains and the rocks, fall on
us and hide us from the face of the one sitting on the throne and from the anger of the lamb.”
Several things to love in there. His statement, that battle has no effect whatever on hell,
I just like, hell thrives on debate, point, counterpoint, “well not everyone is happy”,
and you know, like, they love to just get into it. That is not what it was. The Divine
Truth is hard to put into words. The Divine Truth is so terrifying and powerful That light.
That inescapable search light. You know, that blasting light. Hell doesn’t want to have
anything to do with it and so that power of Divine truth. That is what he just kept doing,
just bringing the power of Divine Truth and they would run away and he brings it to this
and he brings it to that. And he was able to bring that because of being part human
and part Divine. He was able to bring that. This statement at the end about “hide us from
the anger of the lamb”. There are few animals that embody rage and predatory destruction
more effectively then a lamb. I think I’m joking. What you see in this is the picture…the
Lord was a lamb. It was not that he was angry he just came with his light and his love and
they went “Ahhh” I have to get away from here and they jump over a cliff and run away and
try to hide. So that increased presence, and he knew that would be tough on them, when
he comes closer, but that phrase “anger of the lamb” gives you a little sense. Some people
I think mistakenly that Jesus is just full of rage and revenge and comes into the world
and all that. Because of certain literal statements made but they are… that is not the right
word rightly divided. I didn’t make it totally clear in the beginning
but we opened on him reading a Swedenborg quote about this so that is why he says end-quote.
It wasn’t him reading his own note. So that is what that is from, but the point is, first
of all, the anger of the lamb this is not that kind of raging God but still love can
be scary if you love evil and falsity as the counterpoint. But also the battles, upcoming
in the story you will hear in the literal sense “what about this”….
“well, I’ll say this to that” and it sounds like your having this pretty tame debate but
it is not that. It is this internal clash that something, part of which we can understand
and part of it is beyond our ability to grasp. All right so we will get into that. Swedenborg
says that the struggle in temptations can be felt as a distress of mind or an inner
burning pain. It goes beyond just ideas. All right, so, the story itself will begin with
the temptations in the wilderness. QUOTE IS READ.
Alright so here we have this story of the stones into bread. So that is exactly what
we are talking about.We opened this show saying Jesus went through the hardest temptations
in the world, the hardest struggles ever and that you can see them summarized in this story
of the wilderness and it comes out like – Jesus got hungry and if your hungry make these stones
into bread – no, I won’t do that. What is so bad about that? It can be bad to be hungry
but what is so bad about that? So lets look at more into what it means. Back into our
favorite number, Secrets of Heaven 1619. Oh no, sorry, before we do that this is Revelation
Unveiled 546. You can see that for yourself on the screen. “A wilderness in the Word symbolizes;
number 1 (there is multiple meanings, Swedenborg says, all these different things can correspond
to multiple different things, so here he is listing them). Number 1 A church devastated,
or one in which the Word’s truths have all been falsified, as was the case at the time
of the Lord’s advent (so basically a defunct religious system) @ a church without truths,
because it does not have the Word, as was the case with upright gentiles at the time
of the Lord’s advent (so this is either like you have the truth or you have wrecked it
by living counter to it, but those are general and have to do with institutions but we are
looking at number 3) 3 a state of temptation or trial, in which a person is seemingly without
truths, being surrounded by evil spirits who induce the temptation or trial and appear
to rob him of his truths.” Further about the wilderness. “Since a wilderness signifies
a state of temptations, and forty, whether years or days, the whole duration thereof
from beginning to end, therefore the temptations of the Lord, which were the most dreadful
of all, and which he sustained from childhood to the passion of the cross, are meant by
the temptations of forty days in the wilderness…” So do you get that? Forty is a symbol for
completion. In this style of writing if something happens for forty days or forty years it means
from beginning to end. So this in the wilderness, the wilderness is that state of mind like
temptations, Jesus was in for his whole life until it was completed. That is what that
is saying. And that all temptations have to do with love. And if you think about the more
you love something the more pain you can have around it. Right? So with Jesus Christ, this
is the whole human race he is thinking about and worried about and caring about. So, you
can start to think about how much combat there can be around something like that. Think about
your family members. Have you ever worried about them? Are there lives turning out well?
Are they on a good path? Is everything going to go well for them? Where are they now? They
haven’t called. Think if your family was everybody. And you loved everybody. And you wanted everyone
to turn out well. There is a lot room to be attacked surrounding that and that was the
basis for these temptations that he went through. So looking specifically at the stones to bread,
the devil asks why don’t you turn these stones into bread? So what is the deal there? Why
doesn’t he just do it? It is a good idea. If your hungry, why don’t you just do that?
What is the moral component here? What is at stake? So let’s take a look at what Swedenborg
says this means. Secrets of Heaven 1690 bracket 3 “All trials target the love we feel. The
severity of the trial matches the nobility of the love. If love is not the target, there
is no trial. To destroy a person’s love is to destroy the core of that person’s life,
since love is life. The Lord’s life was love for the whole human race, a love so great
it was pure unalloyed love. He allowed this life of his to be attacked continuously from
the dawn of his youth until his final moments in the world. Love, which was the absolute
core of the Lord’s life, is symbolized by this: He was hungry, and the Devil said, “IF
you are the Son of God, say to this stone that it should become bread” And Jesus answered,
“It is written, ‘Humankind is not to live by bread alone, but by every word of God'”
And then further from Apocalypse Explained number 617 “It is said here that the Lord
hungered and thirsted, because from His Divine love He desires the salvation of all.” Spiritual
food is love, right? Spiritual water is the truth. Just like the body needs food and water
the spirit needs love and truth and Jesus was hungry because he desired the good of
the whole human race. Meaning he wanted to help the whole human race. So that is the
basis for this hunger and temptation around it. As to what the nuances of this thing are?
Why the stones to bread? Why he shouldn’t do that? Swedenborg is surprisingly opaque
there. Unless I missed it. There is not a real specific thing there. It could be something
about eating…the stones being exterior natural. Bread being interior spiritual things like,
the things that make up your life should be the things that are spiritual rather then
natural. But I think, and I feel like I’ve read this in Swedenborg, but I couldn’t find
it this time, maybe it is in there, is that (so this is conjecture, not medical advice)…it
is about forcing people to be good. The devil says command the stones to become bread. And
that has an element of forcing to it. So, if you were worried about everyone’s happiness,
and you knew people were harming themselves, wouldn’t there be this temptation just to
force them to be good? Right, but that would destroy us. The free will is not just a nice
add on to human beings it’s part of the essential nature of human beings. You have to be free
conscious entity that feels like it is separate and that is what we are. So there was something
in that realm that the pain was about that Jesus was going through. From those you can
kind of form your own picture of what the whole thing was about. It had something to
do with all that. All right? Cool. So, that is that one but there were two other temptations
in the wilderness between Jesus and the devil and if you are wondering about the devil we
just did a episode on “Is the Devil Real”? What is the devil? Spoiler, the devil is the
name for evil. And hell in its entirety. So, I won’t get into that. You can watch that
episode. All right, let’s move on to the other temptations in part three. So there are two
other temptations and these are symbolic of the two major battles or major evils all of
us struggle with in our own current lives. The categories of that struggle. Jesus was
taking these on in these two stories. And I want to say a couple things about that before
we get into the specific story. So first, Secrets of Heaven 1690. “The trial mentioned
in Matthew 4, Mark 1 and Luke 4 (that’s what we are reading right now) sums up all the
Lord’s trials, which consisted in his battling self-love and materialism that filled the
hells, out of love for the entire human race.” So there they are. Self-love and materialism.
If you have been around the show we do talk about those. They are also called love of
self and love of the world. And we’ll get a little into what those things mean. We also
want to take a look at Secrets of Heaven 4287. And this is describing how the combat took
place. “Indeed He allowed into Himself all the hells in their order, and even the angels,
as will be explained later on. (what, the angels? That is the first time we have done
anything that cool in this show. Even the angels, if you didn’t catch that there was
a temptation involving this struggle with heels, but also some kind of struggle with
the angels in heaven. What is that all about? Well we are not going to tell you. Ok, we’ll
tell you but later in the show. This is a trick to get you to stay tuned until the end.
In the end we are going to talk about this, all right? For now, just trust us and let’s
move on) In so doing he brought into order everything in the heavens and in the hells,
and at length glorified Himself, that is, made the Human within Him Divine.” So that
is what was going on. Let’s see how it happened here. Lets continue with our story.
QUOTE READ We begin with Jesus taken up to the temple
tower. So this is a struggle, all symbolic. The fact that there is a tower and a temple
symbolizes something. What the devil said to him up there symbolizes something. This
is not just one night that Jesus had a bad time. This is a symbol of the entire struggle.
And the more we learn about the way Jesus did it the more learn about how it shows up
in our own lives. Those are the stakes. That is what we are dealing with here. Let’s go
back to Secrets of Heaven 1690 bracket 5 this time. “He fought against self love and everything
bearing its stamp (so this first one is this self love), as symbolized by these words:
The Devil took him into the Holy City and stood him on a pinnacle of the Temple and
said to him, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down…(the same thing we just read,
and below that he says), His constant victory is symbolized by the statement that after
his trial, “angels came close and tended to him.” And we will have more on that, on angels
coming close and tending to him, in just a second but for now, it is about self-love.
He takes him up onto the temple, says throw yourself down. And what this is about when
you look in the inner meaning is this [self-love]. Self-love as Swedenborg describes, as I always
explain, is not “I love myself, I’m great.” Actually you know what, I am cool. People
do think I’m cool. I have some quirks, but I’m great. Uhmm… that is not it. It is “I
love myself and I don’t love anyone else.” If there is one bag of food and one jug of
water that would feed seven people I’m stealing it and running off so I can live for a week
on it. Even though there is six other people here with me. You are only thinking about
yourself. That’s love of self. And it even gets worse then that. The longing for power
to control other people, to dominate them. The reason people go to war to expand territory.
The reason people try to force them to do what they want. The reason people take revenge,
if someone has insulted them or crossed them in some way. The reason people crave things.
This is self love. That is the root of evil. That shows up in a million different ways,
in everybody, and this is what God was taking head on. Alright? That is that one but we
have been on the tower. Now what is the mountain? I almost thought I got it wrong. Let’s take
a look. QUOTE READ
So, we have gone from the temple to the mountain. Here it is not just the mountain itself, He
is taken up there and the devil says “here is all the kingdoms of the world in a moment,
and I’ll give you those if you worship me. So, what does it mean? Let’s take a look first
at Secrets of Heaven 1690 bracket 4. That He fought against love of the world, or against
all that constitutes love of the world, is meant by the devil’s taking Him on to a high
mountain and showing Him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time…” Don’t
get confused by the terminology. Love of the world sounds like, you love the world. That
is not so bad. What it means is, materialism is a pretty good word for it. It means gratification.
Love of the world is what makes people, set up a scheme where I’m going to defraud people
of there whole retirement savings. I’m going to take that money and I’m going to run to
another country. And use it to buy myself a yacht. Because I want this pleasure of the
finer things in life. I will put anybody in jeopardy to get those. It is greed. It is
all kinds of just ruining your life and other people lives to get gratification. That shows
up all over. People have longings for specific goods. Elephants and rhinoceroses are almost
extinct but people, are like, I got to have that ivory so I’m going to kill this elephant.
That is the kind of love of the world. Forget everything else that is important. I want
something shiny. That is love of the world that comes up. So this is God taking that
head on and the whole war inside against that. Mountains and towers. Why is pulled up on
these two different things? Lets take a look. This is Secrets of Heaven 1691. “the fact
that a mountain is self-love and materialism (and also I say this one is self love and
this one is materialism, Swedenborg says that both can symbolize both, depending on the
context, the point is that it was both of them, don’t get too attached to the particular
one, they both have aspects of both) The fact that a mountain is self-love and materialism
can be seen from the symbolism of a mountain…All evil and falsity spring from self-love and
materialism (Also, mountains are not all self love. There is a positive and negative to
everything. Because you may like going to the mountains. Mountains can also be a sign
of mutual love, so this is in its opposite sense) They have no other origin. Love for
oneself and love of world advantages are the opposite of heavenly and spiritual love, since
they are the opposite they are personified by people who work ceaselessly to destroy
anything heavenly or spiritual in God’s kingdom. Self-love and materialism give rise to all
hatred, hatred to a ll vengefulness and cruelty, and vengefulness and cruelty to all deceit
– in short, to all the hells. Form the symbolism of mountains and towers as self love and materialism
(and this is sort of in the negative sense of the puffed up pride of people thinking
I’m high above everyone else) we can deduce what it meant when the Devil took the Lord
onto a tall mountain and onto the pinnacle of the Temple. It meant that he was being
led into the very worst of his spiritual battles against love for himself and for the material
world, or in other words, against the hells…Hardly anyone can see what the battles of spiritual
crisis accomplish. They are means for dissolving and shaking off evil and falsity. They are
also the means by which we develop a horror for evil and falsity, and gain not only conscience
but strength of conscience; and this is the way we are reborn.” That makes me think of
if you really hit bottom with something there is something your into and you see oh, this
has now ruined something in my life. That is when you start to develop, as he says,
a horror for it. Like there is no way I would want to go do this. I see the damage this
has caused. There is no way I’m picking that up. And that is what these battles kind of
do. Or you really see the problems, the sickness something is, that really lets you cut ties
with it. That’s part of the function of these spiritual battles. These are probably pretty
obscure anyway. Swedenborg says it is hard to know these things do. We don’t have a lot
of good language around it. It is not a universally recognized phenomenon. People haven’t studied
it at put a good vocabulary to it. So it is sort of nebulous but hopefully we are giving
you enough specifics to kind of latch onto. And, finally, I said we would talk about the
angels ministering to him as being these truths. So let’s take a look at Apocalypse Explained
650. “Because temptations arise through evil spirits and genii (that’s the old translation),
who are from hell (demons is another way that is translated) thus through the hells, whence
evils and falsities and their desires and lusts arise, therefore the beasts in this
place, with which the Lord was (meaning the beasts in the wilderness, I think in Luke
it says there were beasts in the wilderness) they do not mean beasts but the hells and
the evils arising therefrom; and by the angles who ministered unto Him are not meant angels,
but Divine truths, by means of which, from His own power, He conquered and subjugated
the hells.” So it is all symbolic, even in the story when it says angels came these are
actually the truths. The rock he was able to deflect these falsities with. Something
about it all being together. It is not just a verbal too and fro. It is some kind of clash
of truths and falsity. It is also like the energy against energy we saw in those drawings.
It is also this burning pain and learning to…I don’t know, we’re just trying to put
spots on your map so you can some sense of it. We don’t have the specifics of specifics.
But hopefully you can start to draw a picture of that there was work being down. And again,
that is going on all through Jesus’ life. That is just an encapsulation of it. A table
of contents. But this was from when he was young rich tup to the end. That he was doing
this work. And actually we can learn some specifics about it but not from the stories
in the new testament. You have to look back at the old testament for it. And we are going
to do that right now. Apparently, there is a catalog of all the
specifics of what Jesus Christ went through in his life on this earth. And it is in a
place that probably you have already looked, or a lot of people have, the old testament
of the bible. Swedenborg says this. Apocalypse Explained 730 bracket 41. Some of his longer
numbers have so many subsections there is 41, especially in this book Apocalypse Explained.
That series of books has long numbers. Anyway, he is talking about this story in the wilderness.
“This does not mean that the Lord was tempted by the devil only forty days, and at the end
of these, but that he was tempted throughout his whole life even to the last moment, when
he suffered cruel anguish of heart in Gesthsemane (you know the Garden of Gesthsemane, that
is what he is talking about) and afterwards in the terrible passion of the cross; for
by means of temptations admitted into the Human which He had from the mother, the Lord
subjugated all the hells, and at the same time glorified His Human…All these temptations
of the Lord are signified by the temptations in the wilderness during forty days and forty
nights, because wilderness signifies a state of temptations, and forty days and forty nights
their whole duration. No more is recorded of these by the evangelists because thus much
was revealed concerning them; still in the prophets, especially in the Psalms of David,
they are described at length. The beasts with which the Lord is said to have been, signify
infernal societies; and fasting here signifies affliction, such as exists in the combats
of temptation.” So, back up one sentence. It was recorded in the Prophets, that is a
word for part of the Old Testament, it goes Moses and the Prophets. If it is there what
is it like and wouldn’t Jesus have mentioned that if it was there? Actually he did. Take
a look at Luke 24. This is the road to Emmuas. “Then He said to them (he is talking to his
disciples, when they didn’t know it was him), “O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe
in all that the prophets have spoken! Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things
and to enter into His glory?” And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded
to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.” So in all the scriptures there was
things concerning himself. Swedenborg is saying, here is what those things mean. We will begin
with one…this may be a novel concept to a lot of people, but most people who have
studied the Bible agree that the following is a depiction of Jesus. So we will let Jonathan
Rose get another word in here as he describes how a Psalm of the Old Testament is describing
the life of Jesus Christ. There is a passage in the old testament in Isaiah, chapter53,
verse 7, and a lot of people have read this chapter as being all about Jesus. It’s got
remarkable things in it that sound like the crucifixion and this sort of thing. And one
of the statements in there is “He was oppressed, and HE was afflicted. Yet He opened not His
mouth; He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, And as a sheep before it shearers is silent,
so he opened not his mouth.” And people have applied that to the crucifixion. There were
moments in the crucifixion, like in Luke 23 verses 8 and 9. Herod sees Jesus. He is very
glad. He has long wanted to talk to him. He wants to see him do a miracle. “And then he
questioned him with many words, but He (Jesus) answered him nothing.” He didn’t say anything.
There are moments in the crucifixion where Jesus doesn’t say anything. But actually,
a lot of the time he does say things. And a lot of his life he was talking all the time.
So, in what sense was he silent? The thing that Jesus was silent about was the torture
that he was going through inwardly the whole time. He was being attacked by all the hells.It
really makes sense when you think about it. You know when two football teams face each
other the defense knows who is the most powerful offensive weapon on the other side. And they
are going to double team hime, triple team him sometimes. They are watching him They
rank the players on the other side and they say “you we don’t really have to worry about,
you don’t do that much. This guy’s a threat.” Can you imagine if God himself is born in
the flesh, does hell want to shut him down? They want it. They don’t triple team him,
they put everybody on the defense on that one player. They bring everything against
him. So, he suffered in was we can’t even imagine.
So there you have, this is describing, the psychological state of Jesus here in the words
of the old testament. That is all through Swedenborg. There are multiple layers of meaning
as Swedenborg describes it, with the Bible. And one of those is describing Jesus because
this is God coming as a person. And what Jesus went through is what we go through just on
a larger scale. So it is everywhere. And I’ll show you a different spin on it. Swedenborg
is always talking about the internal sense of things. Here we have Lisa Hyatt Cooper,
who is a translator of Swedenborg, talking about a segment of the inner sense that was
especially meaningful to her and just happened to be about Jesus and what he went through
and this is sort of a more specific one we can talk about when we get back. So here is
Lisa. I’ve been very touched to see how much Swedenborg
says about emotion in the inner meaning of the Word, the Old and New Testaments. He says
that, for instance, there is story of Abraham going to Egypt and telling pharaoh that Saria,
his wife, was actually his sister, not his wife. And there is a place in that story where
pharaoh finds out and he says “Why did you tell me that she was your sister, we could
have been killed?” And when Swedenborg is explaining the inner meaning of that he says
this is about the outrage Jesus felt when he was young and had to transition from knowing
truth under one form to knowing truth under another form. And that just blew my mind that
here is Swedenborg talking about Jesus as having outrage when he was a child and that
emotion in Pharaoh’s words is the inner meaning. It can seem sort of strange that your upset
if your Jesus. I knew things in this one way and now I have to know in another way. Is
that something we really go through? It is a little obscure but there are certain parallels
to it. You had something that you treasured and then its gone. Some of these are going
to seem a little bit like that but if like you hadn’t had depression you don’t know what
it is like. If you have had some of these inner sort of struggles where you lose some
things, or feel like your losing things or something you felt attached to. You can start
to at least gain a sense of why that could be a big deal. But isn’t that.. and that’s
not even necessarily a huge temptation he is going through. That is just one little
snippet of his life development. But isn’t that interesting? This is a very specific
little watershed that he went through. That kind of specificity is what Swedenborg gives
you with the old testament. We are going to do a little experiment here involving Abram
or Abraham as he is known. That story was involving him. Swedenborg says that all these
stories of the old testament involving Abraham, on one level, are involving the inner life
of Jesus Christ. As well as these other levels we’ve talked about in our other shows. So
what we are going to do here is try to make it so that everybody stops watching the show.
Because we are just going to describe these things in weird detail that is hard top understand
and we are not going to give much explanation. We are just going to go one to the other.
Hopefully peak your curiosity. If so pick up Secrets of Heaven. You can get that for
free and you can look through and get it. In the mean time, here is a quick tour of
some, how these old stories depict what was going on with Jesus Christ. First one. The
story of Abram and his herdsmen having conflict with his nephew lot and his herdsman for territory.
And what this is symbolizing is Jesu feels conflicted and feels conflict and disagreement
between his inner self perspective, heavenly values and knowledge, and his outer self perspective,
values and knowledge gained from his senses. So that is like with us when the inner part
and the outer part, your higher self and what your doing out there, are in conflict. All
right, next story. There was a battle between an alliance of four kings and an alliance
of five kings. You may have heard the story, it is sometimes called the battle of nine
kings. And at the end of the battle Lot gets kidnapped and then Abraham arranges his rescue.
So what this is about, says Swedenborg, the child Jesus suffers a major attack from hellish
self love and materialism. And those things combat, which are the five kings. He resists
as best as he can from his external imperfect understanding of goodness and truth. That
is the four kings. It is smaller because he was small and not as developed at the time.
The battle against evil is one, but his outer self (Lot is a symbol of the outer self – is
not a person, is Jesus’ outer self) gets captured for a time in an outer perspective until his
inner self, Abram, rescues him and pulls him back in to an inner perspective. He gets a
little out of his funk for a little while but then he gets pulled back in. Alright,
that is that one. Next. Maybe some of you know this story. Abrams despairs about the
fact that he has no heir and worries that he will never have one. But Jehovah promises
as many descendants as the stars of heaven. What this is in the psyche of Jesus is Jesus
despairing about the fact that it seems like he will be unable to save anyone. The stars
out there are us, or what he is looking up to. But his deepest inner self draws him into
a vision of the future showing that he indeed will be successful in saving the human race.
If you had a mission that important and you thought this isn’t going to work. All these
people I care about, it’s not going to work. The comfort in seeing the stars, no, it is
going to be like this. Alright? Then finally, there is the most famous story of the binding
of Isaac. Abraham is instructed to sacrifice his only son Isaac. But at the last minute
an angel from Jehovah stops him and they find a ram caught in a thicket to sacrifice instead.
So what could that possibly mean? This is what it says. Jesus from his inner self, Abraham
(which again, Abraham is consistently symbolizing his inner self) knows that the rational level
of his mind, Isaac, must be purified (sacrifice a symbol for purified) in order to be able
to save and purify others. So he goes through intense trails that cause all the finite elements
in his rational mind to die, thus leaving it purified and divine. Then Jesus is able
to free other spiritually minded people caught up in the natural world confusion. Which is
symbolized by the ram caught up in the thicket. So we are the ram in this story. Because Jesus
freed up his mind he could free us. It sound in the literal sense, oh, he is killing the
ram, that’s bad, but that is an outer symbol. It is not actually saying it is good to kill
a ram. This is just a container for the inner sense, which is that that is freeing the minds
that are caught up in the thicket and lead them to that transformation. Alight, so, there
they were, there is those four things. We’re just zooming right through them. There is
more where that came from. But it just gives you a sense of the kinds of things, what does
Jesus think about, what does he worry about, that kind of stuff. We got to get to it. Everybody
wants to talk about it. We couldn’t finish a show without talking about maybe the most
famous Jesus story of all. Let’s get to it now.
Before we get into the beginning of the Easter story, the crucifixion, let’s setback for
a second and just look more at why was Jesus going through these struggles in the first
place? Why wouldn’t he just come down and map things out so that he would have as good
a time as possible? That is what we are trying to do isn’t it? Make it so we live where we
want to live and have things go as we want things to go. Wouldn’t he have the cash to
do that? But there is a good reason why he took this road and we are going to let Jonathan
Rose explain more. And there is finally, a passage in Hebrews twelve that sort of explains
what is going on here. This is about the removal of those things that are being shaken as of
things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. I like that image.
What this testing is, what it does is that it attacks us and tests us because there is
some stuff in us that is weak and flawed. And they could pick that off. It is a lot
like the Amalekites when the children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness. They had
Amalekites that would attack them. And they couldn’t get rid of the whole children of
Israel, but they would attack the weak or the stragglers or the sick and so on. That
is a terrible image but when it is talking about stuff that is within our consciousness
it is talking about getting rid of that part of us that is the weakest. Stuff that we don’t
need. It is the part that can be shaken. Which only has the opposite affect of what hell
intends which is that it strengthens the part in us that cannot be shaken. How did Jesus
get to be Jesus? When you see him at birth he is just this little child. He is not speaking.
he is not doing miracles. When you see him when he is twelve years old he has this great
wisdom that didn’t have when he was a little child. And you see him interacting with the
teachers but he is not doing miracles. He is not preaching and teaching yet. What happened
between the time when he was twelve and when he was thirty that made him so powerful? His
secret weapon was that he was tested. He went through this torment from hell that made him
stronger and stronger. You see that little window of it in Matthew Chapter four when
he is interacting with that evil spirit, but he was tested and strengthened by that challenge
from hell that only just got stronger and clearer. Psalm 23 says “You prepare a table
before me in the presence of my enemies.” Why do you want to dine in the presence of
your enemies? Well there is a strengthening that goes on. The lord was actually being
fed by that presence and getting clearer and stronger and more able to deal with hell as
he went along. So he was going through this process. Because he was going through much
more vicious temptations then we ever go through he was much stronger, because he had that
Divine love caring him on in a way that the rest of would cave. We would give up, we’d
collapse. But he was able to take it because he was driven by that divine love, that desire
to save the whole human race. And so he got really strong. His heart got so strong in
what he was doing. These spiritual struggles are something we don’t see much of. We don’t
know much about. But it strengthens us. So, that is something that happens for all of
us. Even if we are not always aware we can’t say…from 1983 to 1989 I was going through
big struggle and then I took two years off. It does happen though. This is the same progression.
In the same way that Jesus was being strengthened through these, that is the things that come
into our lives that seem…why is this happening, no, not this now. That is pumping us up, that
is doing the work. So Swedenborg talks about it more. I think this is our last trip to
Secrets of Heaven, 1690. From his early youth up to the last hour of his life in the world,
the Lord’s life was one continuous struggle and one continuous victory, as many passages
in the Old Testament Word indicate. The Lord’d trials did not end with the test he faced
in the wilderness, as these words in Like show:”After the Devil had finished all his
testing [of Jesus], he left Jesus alone for a while” The same thing cab be seen from the
consideration that the Lord was tested up till his death on the cross and so till the
last hour of his life in the world. This evidence makes clear that the Lord’s whole life in
the world, from early youth on, consisted of constant trials and constant victories,
the last of which occurred on the cross when he prayed for his enemies and so for everyone
everywhere in the world. There has been this idea put forth that the whole point of Jesus
coming was the cross. God is angry. Someone needs to get on that cross and then..that
was the whole point. Everything else was just sort of leading up to that. Swedenborg described
that the cross is the cap on the end. This is the finale. But the whole life was the
same process. The work Jesus was doing all thought his life was important and it all
needed to happen. Because otherwise why doesn’t he just appear at thirty-three years old and
just have the one week be his whole life? He does this in order because he is laying
the groundwork through all these different struggles. He is doing work whole time. It
is not like he had a big vacation to start it. The cross is meaningful but it is not
the meaning. It is a part of the whole thing. What was the meaning of the cross. So you
remember back before I said we would keep you watching by not telling you how Jesus
was struggling against the angels. So you must still be watching so your reward is we
are turning to that now. We are going to talk about what Jesus went through on the cross
and how that had to do with even the heavens. Again, let’s bid farewell to our friend Jonathan
Rose, who is really fun because he really has studied a lot of stuff so it was cool
to get to sit down and hear him talk about it all. This is our last clip from that. It
is explaining the meaning of the time on the cross.
Yes, what is the crucifixion all about? What a great mystery. It is so clearly portrayed
in the gospels and yet we don’t really know what he was doing. There is different theories
about what he was doing, what was going on there. A very interesting teaching to me and
one that I have wrestled with a lot that Swedenborg says. Fascinating to me. How to set this up?
You would think. Like a lot of movies are structured in the way that…let’s say your
James Bond or something like that, you fight this sort of assistant and then you fight
the general manager and then finally you get back to the king pin and you fight him at
the end of the movie. Swedenborg says it went absolutely the opposite way around with Jesus.
That he actually fought the devils from the lowest hell in the beginning. When he was
very, very young and they weren’t hard for him to deal with. It is not difficult to deal
with the obviously evil. This is hidden in the inner meaning of the story when Moses
is able to discern between a Hebrew and an Egyptian. But the next day he sees two Hebrews
fighting and it is harder to tell whose side am I on. Who do I side with in this exchange?
An interesting little picture of the way that Jesus battles when..when he was young he dealt
with the worst evil spirits at the beginning. and he worked his way up. And he not only
worked his way through all the evil spirits but…this is a very strange teaching, I don’t
think this is anywhere in the world that this has been revealed before, at the very end
of his life who Jesus was dealing with were the people in the highest heavens were letting
him down. Not that they were attacking him but just that they were falling short. He
had rolled down all the way through until at the point of the crucifixion who he was
dealing with were people who didn’t really believe he could do it. Or didn’t think the
crucifixion was good idea or whatever. and this was causing him a very profound kind
of inward agony because these were his homies, these were his friends. It says something
in the Old Testament about the wounds that I suffered in the house of my friends. Some
of the most challenging things..and you see an image of this in the New Testament, don’t
you, because the twelve disciples..or in a lot of the gospels all twelve of the abandoned
him. In the gospel of John, John is still having out there by the cross. But most of
them just flee. It says I will smite the shepherd and scatter the sheep. And that is a picture
of the way even the angels were couldn’t hang in there, couldn’t take it anymore. So his
support group was letting him down. Not that he wasn’t being attacked by the hells at that
time. They were full on. They were like rejoicing. Hey, we won. We’ve done it. We killed him,
we succeeded. That parable about the killing of the vineyard owner’s son, like he is the
heir, let’s kill him and then we can take over the vineyard and everything. And they
kill him. They think they are winning. And I think he let them feel like they won, but
he was resurrected and larger then life and eternal and indestructible. He just went up
to the next level.The specific struggle that Jesus was going through in the crucifixion,
it seems clear to me, was that to keep being loving, to keep coming from love, when you
are being tortured. You have been kept up all night. You are being tortured. You are
being passed from pillar to post. You are being beaten. Your whipped. Put the crown
of thorns on and all that stuff and just keep coming from love. I don’t think we understand.
We would all fail that test. I would just be in a flaming rage. I would fail that test.
Hell wants to bait you into getting down on there level. Getting angry, or something like
that. He keeps coming from love. he says, Father, forgive them, they don’t know what
they do. And he was able to succeed in that greatest of tests. So that was the ultimate
test, the hardest test he went through. And I think it wasn’t just that he was being tested
by the highest heavens, it was the whole package. The hells, the heavens, everybody kind of
letting him down. And, obviously, some sense that he had failed. He felt abandoned by the
father and everything. You see him sweating drops like blood in the garden of Gethsemane
in agony the night before. It was really really challenging and I think it had to do with
both how people were letting him down, even the good people, and how difficult it was
to maintain coming from love, when you are being physically tormented and tortured to
death. AN unbelievable challenge that we can’t even imagine, what he went through.
And not only that but the work that he did opens up a path for us. It is all connected.
Heaven and hell. The psyche. The ordering that he did in there. Through all these battles
and these struggles opens a path for us to work on our own cross. The concept out there
that we have this same struggle. How do we do it? And how does it show up? What can we
learn about our own battle from the spiritual battles of Jesus Christ. Let’s take a look
at Apocolypse Explained 893. In respect to temptations there are spiritual; temptations
which those undergo who receive genuine charity from the Lord (when we are becoming better
people); for such must fight against against the evils that are in every man from birth
(that’s the hereditary evil we were talking about), and some must fight against the falsities
that they have imbibed from childhood from masters and preachers respecting faith alone
(bad teachings, bad ideas). These falsities and evils are removed by the combats of temptations.
This is what is meant by the “cross”…and “to follow the Lord” means to acknowledge
His Divine and to do His commandments…The “cross” means temptations because the evils
and the falsities therefrom that cling to man from his birth infest and thus torment
those who are natural when they are becoming spiritual(old school language is quite dramatic).
And as those evils and their falsities that infest and torment can be dispersed only by
temptations, temptations are signified by the “cross”.
So, only by temptations. Through these same struggles we get rid of the things that are
dragging us down. It doesn’t feel like it, but it is something good. And there is a joining
that happens to and we read that in our last number, Secrets of Heaven 1737.
The Lord achieved and created the union of his human and divine qualities through the
constant conflicts and the victories of his spiritual trials, and he did so by his own
power. Anyone who thinks this union and oneness occurred in any other way is very much mistaken.
As a results, the Lord became the embodiment of uprightness. What he eventually united
or identified with was heavenly love, that is love itself, which is Jehovah as noted
above. Our own close connection with the Lord also comes about through times of trial, and
through the grafting of faith onto love. Unless faith is implanted in love, or in other words,
unless the tenets of faith lead us to live a life of faith – which is charity – the bond
will never develop. This alone is following him, or forming as close a bond with he Lord
as the Lord’s human part formed with Jehovah. A life of faith is also what causes all who
live it to be called God’s children (after the Lord, who is the only child of God) and
to become images of him. A lot of terminology, but the take away is
that this joining process that Jesus had, taking the human side of things and joining
it with God, we can do that inside us too. Through doing our own struggles. Through overcoming.
When things get rough putting love into practice. Can we still do love. Going through times
that break us down a bit so we know, I don’t know everything. Introducing humility. And
also, it is when we really see that truths, the spiritual things that we learn, fight
for us. Before to said the angels, they were consoling Jesus in the wilderness. Those were
symbols of the truths that console. I have found that this is actually true. This actually
happens. And that is when you are really down, when you are really getting attacked in the
mind, by negative thoughts and feelings, by worries, by fears. All this kind of stuff.
What I found, what really protects you are these eternal spiritual principles. If you
are getting attacked about something about yourself or your life, you can try to fight
back. Maybe I messed this up but I do good at this. Or maybe I’m like this but my life
will turn out this way. That just is ammunition. But if you are coming from these higher principles
that actually, it is going be OK. I don’t need to worry about how I’m doing in comparison
to other people because we all are in this together. Those kind of things, they are like
angels. You start to find, when you are in the thick of things, when you are getting
attacked. When you are getting broken down. You start to see, oh this is what works. This
is what helps. Everything else drags me deeper in but these spiritual truths are what help.
People ask, why are you so into Swedenborg. That’s why. When things got rough for me,
that is what helps. The principles that I find in obscure, difficultly worded texts
and all this terminology. When you get the principles out of it, when you need it, when
you are out in the wilderness, for me, that is what feeds me. That is what works. And
I have seen the leverage that can provide and I want to communicate that leverage to
anybody that wants to listen. So thank you guys for listening and if you were even close
to enjoying listening to this, please like the video. That will help YouTube think that
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that will help YouTube think we are cool. And if they think we are cool they will spread
these videos to other people who just may think they are cool, cool? Are right we are
going to take a video break now and we are going to get to your questions and comments.
I’d love to hear what you have to say. Thanks. All right as I was reading through it was
just like, man there is so much going on here. Am I explaining this correctly? Does this
make any sense? Is this a waste of time. So I’d love to hear if it is or not. Lets take
a look at our questions, today. Richie. How did Jesus deal with the animal
parts of his nature? I think you see this…the animal parts of all of us, tribal type urges,
you see Swedenborg describing Jesus as the five and the four kings getting attacks
from this sort of self love materialism and him being able to push back through realizing
his dependence on divine truth and divine love. And using those. You see this sort of
mirrored in the debate in the wilderness. The devil is coming at him with, hey why do
you do this, don’t you need this and he is quoting this divine truth back at him. That
is if you are using animal in the sense as lower. There is a lot of other meanings of
the word animal and I haven’t answered it for those. If I misread I’m sorry. Hopefully
somebody in the chat room can give you a better answer then that. Next, this is Rick. Is Jesus
the avatar of God or is Jesus his own being? But who’s union with God is so perfect and
absolute it is like as if he was God? As Swedenborg would says it, Jesus is the avatar of God.
Meaning, there is the infinite divine, whatever that is, no time and space, the source of
all being in creation and existence and if you could take that and put it in a form where
it could sit in that chair and talk to you, that is Jesus Christ.The uniting the divine
and the human. Swedenborg, other people don’t, but Swedenborg doesn’t say, even though there
is an appearance of Jesus being more or less connected to divine love somehow it is done
so that the human manifestation could feel like separate at times. Just like some people
say were all separate even though were not. Jesus is God. That’s what Swedenborg said.
It is not that there are a couple of divine beings there is just one and Jesus has taken
that infinite indivisible diving and put it in a form that you can give a high five to.
That is what he says. Next we have Ginger. What would Jesus say about pointing out people
around you that have evilness in them? Do we point out their evils, or do we let them
walk their own spiritual path and love them from afar? That is a great question. I don;t
know, context. Maybe, maybe not. because in the stories of Jesus he says why are you going
to point out someone else evil, a mote in their eye, when you have a beam in your own
eye. So judge not,lest he be judged. However, he certainly does go on and on at particularly
the scribes and pharisees. The people who are abusing religion. He goes on and on at
them. He points it out, points it out and points it out. Then again there is the women
who is washing his feet. The people who are with him, who I think are scribes and pharisees,
are like do you know what she does? She’s a prostitute and he says, she is being nice.
Leave her alone. The women caught in adultery, go and sin no more. But there are other times
when he flips all the tables over in the temple. Seems like he does both and isn’t that the
tough thing. So I can’t give specific advice. What I would say is where are we coming from?
Love and wisdom. Love means…Swedenborg says that evil spirits love to point out evil in
other people. They are pointing out evil and there actually the people that are hardest
to be around want to point out evil, want to gossip about other people. This is what
they do that is evil. That is not it. But there you love the person. Are you
not thinking about the joy you’ll get from talking about their evil. Are you thinking
about their future? Are you picturing them living a happy life going forward and how
you can get there. that is the love part. The wisdom is the discernment. Is it going
to do any good? What is the impact of me saying this thing right now? Do they need to hear
that? And of course we have our own judgment to make. In general, probably we want to point
out what we would consider evil to other people more often then we should. Maybe if there
is doubt, don’t do it, but if you think on it long and hard and make sure…take time
to yourself to see…search your own heart. Am I coming from love? Or is this self centeredness?
That would be my best guess. I don’t know. It is a tough one. Thank you. More, more,
let’s take more. I know this show went a little long but we are going to get questions in
here anyway. Bradon. What was the star that led the wisemen to Jesus? Was it a star, or
was it a sun? Physically, it was a star. It wasn’t the sun. As far as the symbolism of
it, because Swedenborg says everything symbolizes something. I don’t know. I don’t want to act
like I know what he says that corresponds to. It is a very specific thing. I know that
we did do a video that was called the Christmas in you where we talk about that story. There
is actually not a ton about that story as popular as that story is, in Swedenborg. We
did a video called the Christmas in you. It is on this channel. If you look at that it
does have a label for the star and I believe that label was higher truths. These are the
things that we know in our minds. What we aspire to and that is what takes you in the
direction of love, which is the baby Jesus. That is what I believe. But you can check
out that video and research it more. OK, there is my sort of answer for that. Lets check
out another one. I’m on a anti-roll. Barb. Was Jesus being tested by the same hell as
Swedenborg speaks of seeing in the afterlife? How does that happen? Swedenborg will say
there a multiple hells, but there is one hell. There is subsections of hell.The answer is
yes. Swedenborg was seeing that hell a number of years in the future. Starting in the 1750s,
or something like that. Things had changed since the time Jesus. Even though there is
not time and space. I don’t know.But the point is, how can you be tempted by hell like that?
In hell everybody who has chosen hell does so because they love evil in some way. Loving
evil actually means you want to harm people. You love power and you love money and you
hate people that stand in your way of that. Everybody in hell is burning, in the deepest
part of them, burning to harm other people. To have power over other people. So most of
the time they are kept in check by the structure of hell. That is why hell is there. To make
it so they can actually have decent life and have some interaction with people. But if
you loosen the bonds they go crazy. Sometimes those bonds are loosened if it does good.
In this case to let them have access to Jesus so he push them back. Does that make sense?
Hopefully so. There is my best answer. We have got four more questions, let’s get to
them. Reink. Did Jesus struggle with wanting to fall in love with a woman and start a family?
Isn’t that the Divici Code. It is all about, the move is all about, did Jesus have a wife
and we didn’t know about that. That was not a struggle Swedenborg described. And I think
it is because by the time he was that age…that is a personal thing, but he was thinking about
everybody. He wouldn’t want to…here is one woman that I love, I want to be with her.
The wife of God is the pat in all of us that wants to be good. That is the part that can
be joined with God. When we are talking at the end about that you can become more and
more closely united to the Divine, that is our marriage to God. All of us are the wife
of God. Do you know what I’m saying? He wouldn’t have that tendency. Now, whether there was
a struggle with that, his natural self saying I just want to start that. Swedenborg doesn’t
describe it. Maybe it happened. He was a person. Maybe he had those same kind of things. But,
it doesn’t describe it. Great, thanks for the question. Three more. Claire. What is
the best way to approach our own big battles? That is a great question. Load up. You got
to have weapons. Load up on truth. What do you really believe is the thing that is true
and loving. You have these concepts in the mind, you got to have it to fall back on.
If you are going to get shaken spiritually, all the stuff in your life can come under
attack. What do you really believe in? How do you call on your higher power? How do you
do that? Have those channels ready. Have a support network of people. What I find, hell
attacks you through what you love. Other people can be outside that and help lift you up and
help you remember things. And I would say you can have a cheat sheet. Have a piece of
paper or some kind of document…this quote always lifts me up. Remembering this thing.
Calling this person. Have them there because when you are in the thick of it you don’t
always remember that stuff. Have them there to check out. We made video about that called
How to Stop Unwanted Thoughts. I’d say have something there. Either way it’s going to
be tough. There are steps I think you could take to make it less hard to go through. Good
question. Two more. Wendy. So, what do you think Jesus is doing now? I think that he
is hanging out with you. Meaning that Jesus is the Divine Human, but through the life
on earth is united to God so that the consciousness of God who knows everyone, does everything,
that human God is that. I don’t know if it is a now thing or what but that Jesus is with
everybody. Jesus is in your heart, don’t they say that. That Jesus is currently trying to
save the whole human race, because there is problems. People aren’t that great to each
other all the time. We don’t always follow the healthiest things. Jesus is constantly,
being the manifestation of God, Jesus is constantly trying to get people to reject evil and choose
good. Working individually in each persons life to do that. There was a major restructuring,
and also it might be like…Swedenborg talks a lot about this New Church, this new state
of mind that is going to bring the human race into a new era of love and Jesus is probably
trying to make that happen. I don’e know if he has a calendar or phases. Although Swedenborg
says that to the Divine all time is the present but Jesus is trying right now to bring us
into this new phase of love. Get us all working together and be good. That is what I think
anyway. All right, lets take one more. Thank you guys for these great questions. Barb.
I wonder hoe God could become God before having had a human experience? Yes, good question.
I hadn’t really thought of that before. If this was making him who he was how did you
get there in the first place. What was added. Can a God really change? It is all too much
to think about. So hopefully we have given you some tools in this episode to think about
that kind of stuff. Appreciate you hanging with us. Appreciate the questions. It has
been a longer one but I think an interesting one and I hope you enjoyed it. It is great
hanging out with you guys. Thank, and if you want to help this kind of thing continue consider
making a donation. There is a lot of ways you can do it. There is a button on the front
page you can click. You can click this box. You can click a link in the description. You
can hover over this thing and click that little “I” that appears. Donations go to the Swedenborg
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We use to just get the message out. This is just free programming that we like to put
out there. And also because we got a grant it will be matched five to 1. So your donation
will go along way towards making it happen. Thanks for thinking of it and we want you
back next week. We are going to be hanging out talking about where dreams come from.
So if you have ever had a dream and wondered how did that get there? We’ll find out next
week. So you then.

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  52. In the beginning of sectrets of heaven he talks about the seven days of creation; "in the fourth stage, love stirs and faith enlightens us. Before this time we may have spoken devoutly and yeilded good harvest, but we did so in a state of trial and anguish, not at the call of faith and kindness. In consequence they are now kindled in our inner self and are called the two lights".

    Does he mean that pain and anguish are of the earlier stages alone? If so why was Christ suffering until the final moments of his life?

  53. Whenever I make a breakthrough mentally, and am feeling amazing, some time after that I'm confronted with an event, either externally or internally which causes a collosal flood of hellish thoughts and desires, overwhelmingly so, and have to battle for sometimes days to get back on track. Is this consistent with Swedenborgs work? It seems the measure of the good is then counteracted with an equal measure of bad. For example I've been having ever increasing visions of heaven almost constantly, to a degree of sometimes having full waking dreams (while awake) of
    heavenly worlds to a point where It feels like Im going to burst, but then I'll be encountered within fairly short time after that with the worst senarios to deal with (internally and externally), where as we speak I've been filled with absolute hate and rage for DAYS (which eventually turns to an even greater good). What's going on? Am I on track? Lol

  54. see ? infernal SOCIETIES.
    think the enterainment industry, and our society as a whole, driven by consumerism, taken over, to some extent by ionists, who buy and sell anything, anything ! at any cost to make money for them, off of all vile and wicked things, promoting these shits OUT IN THE OPEN ON POSTERS AND BILLBOARDS in the cities and towns

  55. i think jesus took issue with even small things. these small things are issue, and so he was confronted by any small and not so small things everywhere, as he tried to help everyone, around him
    for example, an old lady walking, he would help out and stop his journey to help out. he would help people and so stop his work and help out.
    yes obviously the inner meaning is the emotion. he was angered, saddened, and emotionally sad by what he saw in the world, the crimes the neglect etcetera. the crimes of the romans, the crimes of the jewish etc
    HEY GUYS – what do you think about astana khakstan?

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