The Story of Esther (Malayalam)- Bible Stories For Kids! Episode 32

The Story of Esther (Malayalam)- Bible Stories For Kids! Episode 32

Good morning children! Good morning father! So you heard the story of Daniel and
Susanna yesterday, did you like it? Yes father! And today I am going
to tell you the story of Ester. Now listen carefully In the land of Susa, the capital of Persian empire, there lived an
exiled Jew named Mordecai. He was a kind man who was faithful
to God. One day That was a scary
dream!! Let me take a walk, and I’ll go to
sleep later Aren’t they
King’s guards? What are they
doing here at this time? The king is going
to die tomorrow What? Look at this.. This is a powerful
poison. I will mix this in his breakfast
tomorrow, and he will be dead
in no time Brilliant? Just make sure that no one sees you I will take care of that. You can go and inform our master that his enemy will be no more. I will, and he will be
very pleased to hear this. He had been waiting for so long Alright then, I will see you tomorrow They are planning
to poison the king. They must be
stopped somehow. I will inform this
to the king right away Mordecai informed
about their plot to the king Ahasuerus. The king gave orders to arrest them
immediately. Take these men, and hang them tomorrow at the city gates. Let people see how we punish
the traitors. Take them away! Mordecai, I thank you for
your service. I would have been
dead tomorrow if not for your help. It was my duty to inform you my lord Minister! Yes sir Mordecai shall be
granted ten talents of gold. He need not pay taxes for the rest of his life. Do you hear me? Yes my lord, ten talents of gold, and lifetime exemption
from paying taxes. Write this order
in a tablet and keep it in
the archives. Yes my lord. But no one knew
that it was Haman, one of the Kings adviser, who had sent the guards to kill him. You fool, it was me who
sent them. You ruined my plans, and you killed
my servants. You will pay for this with your life. Just wait and watch After sometime, King Ahasuerus
decided that he needed a new wife. He send his soldiers across the nation searching for
suitable maidens. Anyone interested
in becoming the next queen should be ready tomorrow. You will be taken to the palace for training and selection Next queen I will ask Esther to go Mordecai had
a young niece named Esther. She had lost her parents when she was a child, and Mordecai had
brought her up like his own child. Esther was very beautiful and she was devoted
to God. Why are you so late
today? Kings messengers
were in town. They are searching
for a new queen! New queen! Yes. Esther, kings men will come
tomorrow to select the queen. You must go with them What? But.. But.. We are Jews! Will the king accept
a Jewish woman? Don’t worry, they are not bothered by race and religion. But I’m scared! Fear not my child, the Lord is with you. He will protect you. Alright father, let it be according
to his will And the next morning, the kings men came
to collect Esther Remember my child, you should never
forget your people when you are blessed I will father, I shall always
be grateful God, please protect her. Many beautiful girls
were selected from various parts
of the empire and brought
to the palace. Esther was one
among them Thank you all for coming. You can consider
yourselves very lucky to be among the
selected few. In a few days time, one among you
will be selected to become
the next queen. There are so many
of them! Each day, one among them were taken to the king. But king rejected
each of them for various reasons. Finally it was the turn
of Esther to be presented
to the king. Sir, I’m so afraid. Am I dressed properly? Should I put on
any ornaments? Don’t worry dear, you are beautiful
without any ornaments. I’m sure the king is going
to like you. What is your name lady? My name is Esther
my Lord Come closer, don’t be afraid You are so beautiful
Esther.. Where do you
come from? I’m from Susa my Lord I like you Esther, I have decided to
marry you and make you my Queen Thank you your majesty.. I.. I’m so happy Out of the hundreds
of woman taken to the palace, the king selected Esther! They were married
in a few days. In the meantime, Haman was made
the minister Haman, the wisest
of all men and our most
trusted servant, is appointed today as the prime minister. He shall be the third
most powerful person in the empire Thank you
my lord From today, all of you must honor and obey Haman. I’m closer to becoming
the next king, you fool As years passed, Haman’s pride and
arrogance increased with his power. People had to bow
down to him whenever he passed by. Long live Haman! Long live Haman! Hey look, its Haman.. Come on, bow down, quick! Mordecai.. kneel down.. No.. I will not How dare he keep
standing? I’ll make him pay
for his arrogance. Mordecai.. What were you thinking? Don’t you know that you are supposed to
bow down to him? I shall bend my
knees before no one but the almighty God. Did you notice how that Mordecai
insulted me today? Yes.. We’ve been watching
it for a long time. He is a Jew and only the Jews are haughty people. It is high time that we teach
them a lesson. You are the most
powerful man in the empire
after the king. Are you saying that you cant do anything
against him? You know that the
queen Esther is Mordecai’s niece. If he finds that we are making plans to hurt the Jews, then he will inform
the queen, and she will in turn to the king. We must turn the king against the Jews by speaking ill of them. You are right, I shall speak to the king today itself Haman made an evil plan to destroy the Israelite s
in his kingdom, and he went to
meet the king. What is it Haman? Your majesty, there is a wicked
religious group scattered all over
the empire. They do not obey the
royal commands, and their customs are different from ours. They are dangerous
people. I’ve come to know that they have conspired
against you. How dare they? Find out who they are, and kill them all. You can do whatever
you think is right. Thank you my lord. I shall make a list
of these people, and send out
the orders today itself. I’ve tricked him And as per the
kings orders, the announcement
was made to the people of Babylon. Haman decided to kill the Jews by casting lots. On the thirteenth day
of the first month of the thirteenth year
of Ahasuerus’s reign, a royal proclamation
was made all over the Persian empire Command of the
divine emperor AHasuerus: It is our desire that that all our subjects
must have peace and prosperity. But we have learned that there is a group of people who under the pretext of
religious regulations refuse to obey our laws. They are a threat
to the peace and stability of
the empire. Our wise and devout
minister Haman has prepared a list of all of these
wicked people. They will be put
to death, and here are
their names: In deep sorrow, the Jews put on
sack clothes and prayed to the Lord. One day when Ester
was passing by, she saw Mordecai and she sent a person
to him Queen Esther sends me. What happened to you? Here, take these new clothes and wear them. This is not the time to wear silk clothes. Our lives are in danger. Here, please give this
scroll to the queen. Esther, remember the days I brought you up. Pray to the lord and speak to the king and save our lives. Haman is going
to get us all killed. What shall I do? I cant go to the king unless he calls me. He will kill me if I disobey. But.. He haven’t called me for more than
a month now! No.. I’m not going to sit here and do nothing. I must do anything to save my people. Did you call me madam? Yes. You should go
to Mordecai and ask all the
Jews in Susa to fast and pray
for three days. But.. What are you going
to do after that? After that, I’m going to meet
the king. But he will punish you if you go just like that I am ready to lose
my life for the sake of my people Esther gathered all
her courage and went to meet the king. What is she doing here? Queen Esther? But the king didn’t
get angry, and in fact
he was happy that Esther came to
see herself Queen Esther, you took a great risk by coming here without
my permission. Don’t worry, I’m glad you did this. Come on, tell me what do you
wish for? I shall give you
anything you desire I.. I have a request What is it? I want to prepare
a dinner for you and I want you to come to my place today. That’s all? It’ll be my pleasure
darling. Is there anything else you wish for? Yes, I would be really
obliged if you can be joined by our minister Haman Of course, why not.. Can you join us Haman? Of course my lord, with pleasure That’s all I want
my Lord, now I will go and start
the preparations The queen seems to have great respect for me.. And she is so eager
to please me.. But that night, the king couldn’t sleep for some reasons, and he decided to go through the chronicles. Those were
interesting times. Mordecai.. my friend.. I’m still alive only because of
you my friend.. I’m sorry that I
couldn’t see you after that day.. But, I cant remember what
reward I gave him? GUARD! Yes my lord? What present did we
give to Mordecai for saving my life? But.. But.. We gave him nothing so far my Lord! What? Even after ten years? How could we not
reward him for such a great
service? My lord.. Minister Haman is
here to meet you Haman! Alright, I’m coming Haman came to the king to give him the list
of people who he wanted killed. The name of Mordecai was also present in this list. Haman! My Lord.. I came here to give you the
list of people who we are going
to hang tomorrow That can wait, I’m glad you came
Haman. I need your advice
on something Ask me my lord What should be
the ideal gift to a person who I wish to honor? Maybe it is me he
plans to honour!! The queen must
have put in a good word about me.. Dress him in purple and let him ride
on the kings horse through the city. I’m going to be
parading the city Very good. You must do what you
told to Mordecai. But.. Yes, we failed to honour him for his service
all this while. What you said is the right reward
for him. Thank you my friend no.. Mordecai!!! The next day, Mordecai was taken
through the city riding on the
kings horse. He wore purple robes, and the guards
accompanied him Look that’s Mordecai!! Mordecai! That night, King and Haman arrived at Queen Esthers
palace for the dinner. This was a good
dinner dear.. Thank you my king You can ask for
anything Esther, I would give you even half of the empire My lord.. My lord.. Come on.. Go ahead and ask it If it pleases
your majesty, then you can save
my life What are you
saying dear? Whats going on? I belong to the people who were on the list
to be killed. We are all going to die, unless you help us. Even Mordecai whom you honoured
today is going to be killed But how? Who dared to do this? Who is that wicked man Its him!!! Haman sitting right there! No my Lord.. I did nothing GUARDS! ARREST HIM!! Please.. I’m sorry my lord.. Don’t kill me I’m sorry dear for what happened. I will never allow
anyone to harm your people The next day, King summoned Mordecai
to the court. Mordecai, in place of the
wicked Haman, I hereby appoint you as the prime minister. In the matter of
the Jews, do as you please and you can change
the laws as required. Thank you! Once Mordecai became
the minister, he gave out orders to cancel all the laws that the evil Haman
had ordered. So did you like
the story? Yes father! So are you ready
for the questions? Yes father Where did Ester and
Mordecai live? They lived in Susa, the capital of the
Persian empire And how were
they related to each other? Ester was the niece
of Mordecai. She had lost her parents at a young age, and Mordecai took
care of her Why was Haman angry with Mordecai? Mordecai refused to bow before Haman
even though he was the minister. This made Haman angry at Mordecai Very good George And for the last
question, who exposed Haman’s
plan to the king It was Ester, she called the King
and Haman for dinner, and she told king
the truth about Haman Very good George. That’s all for today! Children, from tomorrow we
will start with the stories
from New Testament. So don’t be late, and come promptly to
the class tomorrow Thank you father!

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