The Truth About Woody Harrelson’s Contract Killer Father

The Truth About Woody Harrelson’s Contract Killer Father

With his Texas twang and laid-back attitude,
Woody Harrelson is a truly unique talent. His father, Charles Harrelson, didn’t have
much to do with raising Woody, but they still have a lot in common. What they don’t have in common is their occupation. Charles Harrelson was a hitman. Born in 1938, Charles Harrelson was a man
who couldn’t stop moving. He grew up in Texas and joined the navy, and
after getting his fill of the deep blue sea, started selling encyclopedias in Los Angeles. It was around this time he married Woody’s
mom, Diane, but Harrelson wasn’t what you’d call a great husband. Years later, after divorcing Woody’s mom
and remarrying, Charles Harrelson decided it was a good idea to start killing people
for money. He even got himself some business cards that
read, “Have gun will travel” and “Hitman.” During his time as a contract killer, it’s
rumored that Harrelson was asked to murder at least 20 people, including carpet salesman
Alan Berg and grain salesman Sam Degelia, Jr. Thanks to a superstar attorney named Percy
Foreman — the same lawyer who represented the killer of Martin Luther King, Jr. Harrelson
was able to escape with a bunch of “not guilty” verdicts and lighter sentences. Eventually, however, Charles Harrelson’s
luck ran out. When a drug lord in some legal trouble hired
Charles Harrelson to take out a federal judge, everything changed. The judge, John H. Wood, was getting ready
to leave for work in May 1979 when Harrelson shot him in the back with a rifle. The judge died on the way to the hospital,
and the killing absolutely shook the nation. It was the first time a federal judge had
been assassinated in the United States, and President Jimmy Carter condemned the killing
as, quote, “an assault on our very system of justice.” Soon, there was a $200,000 reward, and Harrelson
wouldn’t last long with every law enforcement agent in the country on his trail. While driving down a Texas interstate in his
girlfriend’s Corvette, the car’s muffler started giving him trouble. And as Harrelson wasn’t exactly a mechanic,
he decided to “fix” the muffler by blasting it with a .44 magnum. Harrelson who was high on cocaine at the time
shot out his tire instead. All that gunfire on the side of the road attracted
quite a bit of attention, and soon the cops were on the scene. Harrelson found himself in a standoff with
the police for six long hours, threatening suicide the entire time. And as the officers trained their guns in
his direction, Harrelson admitted to killing the judge, as well as John F. Kennedy, interestingly
enough. At one point, he even tossed a note out of
his car that read, “Since death is certain, I should only be
credited with speeding up a natural process. My marker should read, ‘He did his best for
Z.P.G. zero population growth.'” Eventually, the cops brought in a businesswoman
named Virginia Farah, who was Harrelson’s friend and had once hired him as a bodyguard. She was able to talk the hitman out of the
car, and Charles Harrelson eventually found himself behind bars once again. Only this time, there would be no mercy for
the contract killer. In 1981, Woody Harrelson was 20 years old;
he was still years away from being famous – one day he was just sitting around listening
to the radio. That’s when a news report started talking
about one “Charles Harrelson,” a hitman on trial for murder. It was right then and there that Woody first
heard his father was a contract killer. Harrelson didn’t really know much about his
dad. His father left the family when Woody was
just a child,and Charles spent much of the 1970s in jail. Speaking about his dad, Woody commented, “I don’t feel he was much of a father. He took no valid part in my upbringing.” Still, for decades, Woody considered his father’s
conviction a, quote, “travesty,” claiming the judge who locked his dad had up had been
a pallbearer at John Wood’s funeral. During the ’80s and ’90s, the actor spent
millions trying to get his father a new trial. “I’m not saying my father’s a saint,
but I think he’s innocent of that, yeah.” Harrison explained later that he was, quote,
“just being a son trying to help his dad.” In addition to the legal proceedings and all
that misspent cash, Woody visited his father in prison once a year until his dad’s death,
and while their relationship was definitely weird, Woody said he and his dad were friends
“who got along pretty good.” In 2012, while promoting the movie Rampart,
Woody Harrelson sat down for an interview with the Guardian. During the chat, the topic of his dear dad
came up, and Harrelson revealed the two actually shared a birthday, stating, “They have a thing in Japan where they say
if you’re born on your father’s birthday, you’re not like your father, you are your
father, and it’s so weird when I would sit and talk with him. It was just mind-blowing to see all the things
he did just like me.” And looking at Harrelson’s filmography, it’s
tempting to think that he’s somehow channeling his murderous father into his characters. In 1994, he stirred up controversy with his
performance as the psychopathic spree killer Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers. Creepier still, in 2007, Harrelson would play
Texas hitman Carson Wells in No Country for Old Men. The actor has also played killers in movies
like Rampart, as well as criminals in films like Out of the Furnace and Solo: A Star Wars
Story. Even Tallahassee from Zombieland is a bit
kill-crazy, even if he’s just picking off the undead. “What do you think… zombie kill of the
week?” And while we don’t know that Woody Harrelson
is intentionally tapping into his personal history for these parts, it’s easy to see
how an actor could use decades of deep-seated trauma and stories of assassinations to bring
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