the girl has left me here at the border
of Utah Wow
took 1273 miles to go it’s not quite a bit last
last night snowing good coming over cabbage and then she said stuff a lot she was
driving – they don’t look bad here the roads are clear it’s beautiful just
where they’re at you know everything’s beautiful Utah what’s up
that’s a nice day alright are you ready to see what daddy
made yeah it’s like 11 o’clock or something and time for the girl to go to
work I’m gonna break my 24-hour fast I know your check this out guys oh I
made them more – the directions of less eggs and more of the rough stuff and I
made chicken salad to go with it yes idea it might tap really really
right bad Chuck shut up somebody said the kid dropped our video and I because
you’re a big mouth this is the dingo the wild dingo dog no the dingo gap is okay
but the other guy was like you don’t care we go it was hilarious okay let’s
eat something we’re seven hundred miles from Dallas okay I’ve never tried to
make this anything like this before so I’m gonna go
go with the girls we’re gonna see what she thinks all right it could go awry or
it could go good I don’t know Walter give us all right it looks good to me
hell I should take a picture Evan it’s kind of artsy fartsy shit I don’t know
about all that do you have a presentation moving on
maybe Walter think so don’t you alter give it to me give it to me alright guys the girl has left me over
here on 287 she really beat it out like I said I got hundred fifty miles to go I
don’t even know she left me weren’t getting fuel it’s awful
the last night when she took over she said we got a hand light out
I said well I want this truck stopped in the middle of nowhere so I went and got
Nick and went to bed and then she said ten minutes later rad love’s made me get
back up put my clothes on she told me go do my man duties I went outside open the
hood and cut my finger open in the process she told me I failed at my man
duty cuz I cut my finger open until love’s don’t have no headlights because
I can’t do that with a Kermit the Frog bandaid on my finger then she said I was
a pussy can you believe she spokes like fuck that way that’s terrible
bitch little dog begs to differ he said I’m
I’m like Zeus to him the father of all giving and goodness right what’s right
ha ha ha little dog like Medusa because this place wants to close but it’s going back to Ohio I’m so so take up another loud
not us also so there will be no motorcycle riding
today you want to get to yeah at all and then go home for Christmas I know this videos after the fact it’s
after Christmas I hope you had a good Christmas
and wonderful of the year alright people of the world it has been
an interesting saga and it shall continue what happened girl she’s lost
she don’t know what happened well we delivered in Dallas you remember
and we was gonna ride the bikes and then things yes we did and I don’t know if we
discussed that but then we came up to Ohio
we’re in oh right no I try to do it in the time that we do so anyway we
delivered over here and we was ready to go back to Seattle
right but Santa Claus called and said no you’re going would you like to go to
Miami Miami would you like to have Miami I don’t know sounds good and going to
mine but we’re gonna be in Miami all week
actually we’re going to deliver down there we’re gonna be doing and we’re
gonna be doing local space before homes so we’ll get to ride the motorcycles
this week right dad the plan and we’re gonna stop the gang
in the party baby and maybe we’ll maybe I’ll get you
rascal that alligator anyway let’s go get loaded up we’re
loading up a CFM 6 or whatever cf6 I guess I gotta say it right I’m
growing up my chamoy stirs guys like Scrooged or something like that
I don’t know looks like a B check your menu yeah let’s go – AIF T first we’ll
see you guys in a little bit hopefully we’ll be loaded up and motivate the
south oh hi oh but it’s cold y’all seen the video it’ll probably be a while back
now we drifted snow and there’s more coming today I’m still in my jammies I
put my flannel on over it this is his band-aid from his boob and
where he was working on the track I come at the Frog I have no idea where he
stuck it on me steps falling you see that anyway me yay we’re gonna go over
to Indianapolis and pick it up oh I’m getting too excited if I get too
excited anyway Indianapolis and then Miami and
then for the next week I’m gonna be hanging out in Florida running some
short runs which is okay because it’s before–the holiday so we’re just gonna
hang out and float it around some short runs and me and we’re gonna have a load
closer to the house and go home for a couple days for Christmas so very
Christmas if it ain’t already over when he releases this one otherwise you see
you guys in Miami maybe we can ride the motorbikes making a falafel ah for the girl because
she’s so hungry okay I’m making me a falafel
she’ll one night house that’s right but you know what I made her some more
chicken salad you really like my chicken salad
they don’t seem quite right though here’s one egg and a cup of cheese my
ideal of a cup of cheese but the chicken said it was so good that I cooked up
today I gotta cook more Michael omphalos too small I should have
used today if you want another one we’ve got the machine in an AC fun you know
there look at her feet she’s like flopping around on a dead fish making
fun of me can you believe that she bit her toe I
thought everybody can bite their toes people can bite their toes guys that’s
right I mean y’all can’t bite your toes when you cook you was seven years old
but now she’s telling us Oliver state gets freaky
do it again Hey look at her she’s that Brady I thought everybody I don’t want
to do that for escaping from something and the only way you can do it was to
bring your my life depends on it I would break my leg off and do it okay yes I could I could do anything it would
be fun but I could do it but okay can I guess I’m gonna eat a
falafel oh all by myself I eat alone my feet will be over here no you’re a
fruitcake this is like a refiners pickle on your
Atma strange fruitcake fruitcake


  1. Hi guys. Forget the Xmas videos we want to know up to date things. With the country all fucked up there must be something to talk about!!! Have a good trip where ever you are!!

  2. I'm flattered to know you got a kick out of my calling your guys wild dingoes. You 've made my day. Be safe.
    By the way, they just want some camera time.

  3. I love it when you cook. I think it would be a great idea to do a cooking vlog especially when you improvise a meal. Some of them sound really good.

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