This Week with Rabbi Sarah – 03/25/20 – Hashkiveinu

Judaism has a beautiful prayer for peace and
protection each night, called Hashkiveinu. It’s one of my favorites. In ancient times, before electric lights,
and security systems, police forces, and modern medicine, night was really scary. In the Hashkiveinu prayer we ask to lie down in peace
and awaken to life. We pray for protection against harm, including
illness, violence, and sorrow. We ask that G-d keep us safe as we go about
our lives. This prayer has provided me with strength
and comfort in times of anxiety and I’m hoping it will help you right now as well. Here’s my riff on the Hashkiveinu for this moment we find ourselves in: G-d, we are troubled, some of us are sick, help us to find peace of mind and let us rest
and be restored. May we awaken in the morning to health and wellbeing. Help us live our lives fully, embracing each
day as a gift. Cradle us in Your protective shelter. Guide us to wisdom and clear vision. Keep us safe. Remove illness and violence, poor health and sorrow from our lives. Shelter us, Holy One, who watches over us. You are merciful and compassionate. Let us recognize the gifts of love, kindness,
and strength and resilience in our lives. Ensure our going and coming for life and peace,
now and forever. Thank You for the gifts of your peace and protection. Amen.

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