Tomb of Jesus | The Holy Sepulchre – Video Tour

Tomb of Jesus | The Holy Sepulchre  – Video Tour

Hi, What’s up people? Today, I’m going to
take you to the Old City in Jerusalem. This is where the most important Church
of the people of Christian faith is located. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Most of the Christians believe that
Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected here. This Church was first
built by the Roman Emperor Constantine in the fourth century AD. As we enter
through the main gate we first see the stone of anointing where it is believed
that Jesus’s body was kept in preparation for the burial. From there on your left you can see the
Chapel of the Three Mary’s. This is a place from where the three Mary’s watched
the last moments of Jesus Christ. The tomb of Jesus Christ is already visible
from here. This structure that houses the tomb of Jesus is called a rotunda. A
number of Christian denominations share their rights to offer prayers inside
this church. One of them is the Coptics. The Chapel of the Coptics is in the rear
of this rotunda. On the side you will find the Syrian
Orthodox Chapel. This wall is part of the original structure built by Constantine
in the fourth century. This place has been completely destroyed by fire but
for some reason they do not restore it On the southern side of this Chapel
there are two ancient burial sites that dates back to first century AD.
Christians believe that these are the tombs of Joseph of Arimathea and
Nicodemus who took down the body of Jesus from the cross and buried it. This is the front of rotunda
where the tomb of Jesus is located. From there we reach to the chapel of St.
Helena. Below this is the Chapel of the Invention of the Cross where St. Helena
found the original cross. Moving forward, we also see the place
where Jesus was kept as a prisoner. After the trip around the church, we will
eventually reach the main entrance but on our way there is a rock projecting
into the hallway which is protected by glass. This is the original piece of the
rock of Golgotha. The Gospels translate the term Golgotha in to Kraníou Tópos
which means “the place of the skull.” In Latin this changes to Calvariæ Locus
from which the English word Calvary derives. Christians believe that this is a place
where the actual cross stood. They offer their prayers by extending their hands
and touching the top of the rock of Golgotha, where the actual cross stood If you look at the part of the rock of
Golgotha at the side you will see that there is a crack on it. Christians
believe that this crack occurred due to an earthquake that happened at the time
of the death of Jesus. This allowed the blood of Jesus to flow
down through the crack and redeem Adam who is thought to have been buried
beneath the rock of Golgotha .So there is the chapel of Adam.

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