Train Lord

Train Lord

Choose your familiar login service to log in into the game. For this demo I will use my Twitter account, but you can use the one you prefer. Authorize Train Lord to use your account. Your game account has just been created. You start with $100 000 cash. Click your name to see your account details. From here you can log out or delete your account instantly. Click and drag the map to pan it. Use mouse wheel to zoom in and out the map. A whole world is available. Click and drag rotation button on right side of the map to rotate it. Double click to reset rotation. Blinking warning icon inform you to zoom closer to see area relevant content. Choose different map tiles if you prefer different map style. Now lets see the actual gameplay. Rails You can see rails available in the current map area. Move and zoom the map and rails will appear. You can select any rail on the map… … or in the rail list. You can start building rail set, but lets get on this a little later. Rails inside a station area can be used to start building rail sets… … rails outside can not. Click buy button to buy selected rail. A rail would render with different color if you own it. Rails owned by other users has also a different color. You can see all your owned rails… … and sell it. Stations You can see stations available in current map area. Buy or sell stations the same way you buy rails. Lets build a rail set. Choose a rail within station range. Click the node according to the direction you want to build rail set. Click to append additional rails into your rail set. Your rail set must start and end with two different stations. Your rail set is too short at this time. You can rename your rail. Click save and your first rail set has been created. You can see rails within your rail set… …and stations as well. Trains Use train builder to build a train set. Trains are sorted by price. You can see price, technical details and author of the model for each train. Lets build a long one. Ooops not enough money! Lets build a cheap one. You can edit or sell it anytime. Dispatches You can dispatch any of your trains on any of your rail sets. Dispatch wisely in order to generate profit. Buy available rails and stations on rail set to increase the profit. You can also increase a profit by extending a rail set or a train. Your train is now dispatched. But you can dispatch multiple trains on the same rail set. You can watch dispatched trains on the map. Click Unwatch to stop tracking the train. See the remaining time. Scoreboard Best palyers are sorted by their score… … or playtime. Our train is approaching the station. Hurray, we earned some cash. Help Read all the importatnt infromation about the game here. Thank you for watching.

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  1. there are multiple factors affecting profit. you can read more in faq:
    Its a dispatch cost minus dispatch revenue. Dispatch cost is a sum of what you pay for each rail and station you do not own within your rail set and a part of train set price. Dispatch revenue is calculated by train set technical data and a rail set lenght.
    … I will reply any of your questions on community page on facebook (see link in video description)

  2. i cant read the text cany ta make a audio of the tutorial i mean realy even my mom could not read it becase it was too fast and aslo mom was to slow to read it to me for me to comprehend it

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