Tuan Lord Of The Ring | Ustaz Auni Mohamad

Tuan Lord Of The Ring | Ustaz Auni Mohamad

when we talk about Isis i would like to tell you a story before this our Prophet Nabi Muhammad s.a.w gives use a simple clue in the miraculous night journey or Israk and Mikraj in this event Nabi Muhammad was accompanied by two angels there was a debate on who is the two angle, but the most conclusive are Jibril and Mikhail as we all know the transportation that was used in this journey is called Buraq here i will discuss about all the stopover before reaching Masjidil Aqsa first they all stopped on a stranded land when Rasulullah asked Jibril where is this place and why we stopped here Jibril replied this is Taibah also known as Yathrib and later on it is called Madinah the migration of you Nabi Muhammad to here (Madinah) is the future Jibril says so the migration of Rasulullah to Madinah is already well known by himself a two rakaat prayer was done here and they all move to the next place called mount Tursina in Egypt the place where Nabi Musa have a dialogue and meet with Allah in a valley called Thuwa which when he come back from Madyan he saw a source of fire on top of a tree he followed the source and later on have a conversation with Allah next they all continued their journey to the third place to a tree which once Nabi Musa seek a shelter on it in short Musa descendant of Israel is an adopted child of Firaun who is descendant of Qibty once there is an argument by two men in the city of Thebes one is an Israelis and another from Qibty so Musa wanted to help his Israelis descendant he blow a punch on the Qibty man and the man died on the spot Nabi Musa was scared due to this mishap if he gets caught for sure he will be punished whether to be jailed or to be killed he was advised to runaway from Egypt Nabi Musa flee to Madyan, the land of Nabi Syuib upon arrival he saw a group of men and women near a well, gathering water for their livestock but the group of women sets apart waiting for the men to take the water first Musa asked why you all stand far away from them men the women replied because we are weaker so let the men take the water first Musa wanted to help so he confront and walk past the men Musa took the water from the well and gave it to the group of women after that he went for a rest and pray to god hoping all his good deeds to the women will get good reward without his knowing one of the woman is the daughter of Nabi Syuib normally his daughter will came back late due to waiting for the men finish their business at the well but today she came back early and Nabi Syuib was surprised, and ask his daughter how is it possible his daughter tells him what happened and Nabi Syuib ask to summon this man to come to the house and on that tree is where Musa was resting before was invited by two woman to come and see Nabi Syuib Madyan is now known as Jordan part of Syam next place is Bethlehem the birthplace of Nabi Isa and lastly they arrived at Baitulmaqdis what is the irony for us to understanding all this place travelled by our beloved Prophet because the war on Syria right now is referring for the incoming big war toward doomsday also known as world war 3 started from part of Syam the cinder is already started and now there are some group of people trying to pour fuel to put it into flame and cause havoc please bare in mind, when we all know this is the process to start the world war 3 inevitably the 3 main characters will come out which have been waited by most people for the Jews their are waiting for the false messiah (Dajjal) Dajjal with come out for Isfahan together with him are 70000 Jews army Isfahan is in Iran meaning it is near Syam where the big war will occurs if Dajjal come out from Iran where does he gets the 70000 Jews Army? we must know in Iran there are three big city which are Isfahan,Hamdan and Tehran in all this city has the most Jews in Iran on paper base on our knowledge Iran and Israel are like enemy to each other but why on this three city mentioned earlier there are lots of Jews living in it and on this three city also the Iranian nuclear missile are located we must know the second holy place for the Jews after Baitulmaqdis is Iran because Iran is the place where most of the previous Prophet was buried tomb of nabi Ezekiel and Daniel is there and today if Iran (syiah) claims Israel and America are their enemy it is totally a big lie and they claim they have highly sophisticated long range missile but i would like to ask how far is it between Iran and Israel? is not that far away but how many missile from Iran had hit Israel..none actually Iran should help Islamic country such as Syria, Lebanon and Yemen by sending missile to attack the enemy but no not a single missile was send to help because in history syiah never goes to war to attack others except Islamic countries the fallen of Baghdad because of syiah Nasiruddin Al Tusi infiltrated by the Mongolian Khan because of the treacherous work by the syiah in Egypt a big number of sunni died because of syiah Ismailiyah 1978 war between Iran and Iraq, Iraq as we know is an Islamic country have we ever heard Iran attack America, France or Israel? NO we have to remember that Dajjal will come from Iran Nabi Muhammad started the journey from Masjidil Haram Mecca to Thoybah or Madinah and in Madinah there is Masjid Nabawi, this two holy mosque is guaranteed protection by Allah from Dajjal Dajjal can’t enter because there are angels protecting the perimeter but can send his army or proxy into it the second clue is mount Tursina located in Egypt and Dajjal was originated from here in a village called Rablah district of Samara from Samara came the nickname Samiri remember when Musa Samiri build idols in form of a cattle after the event of Firaun’s drowning in the Red Sea at that time Nabi Musa was able to saved most of the Israelis in the Bible in Book of Numbers was recorded the numbers of Israelis who was saved age 20 and above are 603550 people that’s a big figure when Allah command to went up mount Tursini for 40 days to receive to revelation of Torah this chance was taken by Musa Samiri to build the idols cattle and because of this idols many of the Israelis have been misguided Musa Samiri traveled one place to the other after being expel until he reaches and settle down in America also known as Uncle Sam to fulfill his plan towards Doomsday where Sam itself is a short form of Samiri he was born in Egypt and through the Arab spring revolution he has fulfill some of his vengeance due to his expel by Nabi Musa now Egypt is controlled by who? when Hosni Mubarak was taken down by election and Mohamed Morsi took over, how long did he hold out? not so long, at the end Jeneral Al Sisi took over we already know who is Al Sisi, he is syiah syiah has surrounded the Arabic countries the main target is in the middle which is Mecca and Madinah on the left is Egypt, on the right is Iran and Iraq are totally in chaotic state down there is Yemen under controlled by syiah Houthi on the upper side is Lubnan under syiah Hassan Nasrallah they have almost accomplish their mission Alright we already discuss third place Madyan which also refers to Syam and now lastly Bethlehem the birthplace of Nabi Isa Dajjal came out from Isfahan and Nabi Isa will come out from Manarat Al-Baida it is a white dome mosque located at Damsyik Syria and another figure before Nabi Isa is Imam Al Mahdi mentioned in hadith of black flag from Khurasan but now there are already lot of group claiming they are the black flag we must able to recognize which one is the real one by looking into their agenda now if we look into this journey the stopover done by Rasulullah Mecca, Madinah, Egypt, Syam and Israel Dajjal will come out from the darkness evil side in all the stopover what is the similarity related to Dajjal? what had happened in Sham and Egypt before and what will happen in Palestine in the future in history, Sham was occupied by Namrud, he is a figure claiming himself as a God nobody can denies this fact as Sham in particular referred to Babylon became the witness of Namrud’s wrong doing and this is also the land of Nabi Ibrahim together with his nephew Nabi Luth Namrud is proclaiming as god and Nabi Ibrahim with Luth was send to confront him same goes with Egypt Firaun also claiming he is god and was confronted by Nabi Musa at the end same thing will happen again with the same agenda claiming as god, and he is Dajjal although he came out from Isfahan but his headquarters will be in Israel that is why he needed to conquer Israel first by started making havoc in 1924 in Turkey Uthmaniyah empire breaking and divided big territories into a smaller and putting puppet leader as their proxy and they have to come up for a name to this smaller country example Qatar,Uae,Oman,Libya Tunisia,Iran,Iraq and Lebanon all this are part of Sham before being divided and the master of puppet in this occasion is Dajjal himself in the end all this country is controlled by them look at what happen in Palestine do the neighboring country even care or dare to take action against the Israel? most wealthy country Arab Saudi, do they care? if they all care about the Palestine issue it would have been resolved long time ago but nobody give a damn all because they break us apart with system democracy this system has destroy the divine of sovereignty today they break us apart with democracy, by abolishing agreement of leadership and caliphate system (one leader for all) when the caliphate has been taken down there is no turning back we have been divided and given a country we must setup and use the democracy system in order to select leader in this democratic election system is it possible for a bad person to be chosen as a leader? of course can before this we use an agreement in which an intelligent,credibility and integrity to be chosen as a leader now the divine of sovereignty as was practice at the time of Nabi Muhammad has gone at that time only Mecca and Madinah is an Islamic country did Nabi Muhammad just stood still and was satisfied without spreading Islam? no, together they travel spreading Islam without bringing any threats to the visited place they came to bring them to a straight path, from worshipping creature to worship one and only Allah if they accept this path and this faith we will move on to another place if they reject then they have to pay tax to the Islamic empire if they don’t want to pay any tax so the last resort is to be at war that is how the divine of sovereignty system should work and that is how Islam is 1/3 of the world but try to use this system today, example we want to take over Thailand before any action was taken for sure there is a voice stating not to disturb sovereignty of other country right now the divine of sovereignty has become sovereignty of a country today if we use the divine of sovereignty method we will be in trouble such as being counter attack by PBB countries with democracy system the divine of sovereignty is abolish and in democracy who anybody can be the leader, the constitution will be not totally Islamic if we learn properly only Allah is number one in adjudicate law of justice but today we are totally denies it because we have follow the rule and law created by ourself this democracy system is simple, just like football the playground is set at your country when there is a match of course there will be two teams the fight is between our self and the winner is decided by score not by beautiful gameplay no matter if you have possession of 80% but you concede 6 goal out of nothing,you are the losing team and this score system reflect the system of an election, who has the bigger score they win and sometime the match can be fixed by bribing the referee it would be easy if we understand the conspiracy theory due to this that is why we can move on until the end example take a look at Mursi, although he win in a fair election but still he has been taken down the system was not meant for us but we decided to use it anyway because we have become Lord Of The Ring up to the latest sequel we still don’t know who is the lord of the ring in the film who is actually lord of the ring? lord of the ring is the one who actually watching that movie, yes me and you in third sequel Frodo is the one carrying the ring when he reaches Sauron he wanted to throw the ring into the lava but Gollum ask him not to they fight and finally Frodo was able to throw the ring and what happened to Sauron after that Sauron (Dajjal) was destroyed melting like a mountain of salt Dajjal will not die and lost if we still using this system (ring) on our finger the ring refers to the first 4 chapter in Al-Quran Al Baqarah, Ali Imran, An-Nisa’ and Al-Maidah in Al-Baqarah Allah has warn us about the Jews R is for reload, whatever our lust they will provide they give us entertainment such as movie and music,pornography,disco and gambling whatever our needs toward obscene conduct they will reload and provide to us I is refers to chapter Ali Imran the story goes mostly on Nabi Isa and his mother it is also referred to our second nemesis the christian the christian brings a lot of damage to our religious compare to Jews mostly concentrate on our virtue and moral N refers to chapter An-Nisa, one of the trick is woman, how many world leader has fallen just because of a woman we our self also sometime falls into the drainage just by looking at a woman woman are use to distract and to trap not only world leaders but also ordinary people finally G chapter Al-Maidah refers to groceries our foods and drinks fast food chain setup by Dajjal to generate and funding their economy and we unconsciously like wearing the ring support them into buying their product if we wear the ring how can we defeat Dajjal they control the media and banking which we make use everyday alcohol is consumed by muslim and neglecting the solah, if the ring is still on our finger can we win against Dajjal? as long the ring is on our finger following their system don’t you ever dream on defeating Dajjal the conclusion is that we are the LORD of the ring this is a metaphor not the real ring that you wear

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  1. ustaz ckp samiri namanya sama macam nabi musa…ada ulamak ckp nama nabi adalah unik yg xda org nama sama pada zaman tu….mana satu betul..?

  2. hamba rasa ring tu lebih kepada sistem wang kertas ini…selagi kita xgnti dgn emas dan dinar lg tu dajjal xkan kalah

  3. Q.S. An-Nahl : 123
    ثُمَّ أَوْحَيْنَآ إِلَيْكَ أَنِ ٱتَّبِعْ مِلَّةَ إِبْرَٰهِيمَ حَنِيفًۭا ۖ وَمَا كَانَ مِنَ ٱلْمُشْرِكِينَ
    Kemudian Kami wahyukan kepadamu (Muhammad): "Ikutilah agama Ibrahim seorang yang hanif" dan bukanlah dia termasuk orang-orang yang mempersekutukan Tuhan.Q.S. Al-Baqarah : 135

    وَقَالُوا۟ كُونُوا۟ هُودًا أَوْ نَصَٰرَىٰ تَهْتَدُوا۟ ۗ قُلْ بَلْ مِلَّةَ إِبْرَٰهِۦمَ حَنِيفًۭا ۖ وَمَا كَانَ مِنَ ٱلْمُشْرِكِينَ
    Dan mereka berkata: "Hendaklah kamu menjadi penganut agama Yahudi atau Nasrani, niscaya kamu mendapat petunjuk". Katakanlah : "Tidak, melainkan (kami mengikuti) agama Ibrahim yang lurus. Dan bukanlah dia (Ibrahim) dari golongan orang musyrik"

    yang pertikai tak logik nabi bersolat ketika peristiwa israk mikraj tu ni ayat2 Al-Quran yang buktikan Nabi Muhammad ikut syariat Nabi Ibrahim.. Jangan pulak nak mintak seketui2 pulak lepasni.. kalau camtu nanti orang yang tonton video porno pun leh bagi alasan takdak hadis shahih seketui2 larang..

  4. Ceramah macam ni tak banyak view sebab ramai dah buta hati cakap bende ni merepek la baik ngaji tauhid la fiqh laa, bukan tak penting, penting.
    Tapi Ilmu tambahan macam ni lah yang mengingatkan orang muda macam aku tentang dekatnya kiamat, dunia ni sementara, musuh islam yang tak pernah lupa nak hancurkan islam.

    Bukan macam sesetengah channel letak tajuk seksual tarik view letak iklan banyak2, macam tak boleh letak tajuk lain banyak lagi ilmu lain dalam ceramah soal jawab tu.

  5. subway surfer pun keluar ahhahaha , ustaz memang wikipidea laa , otak btul2 hebat , semoga panjang umur ustaaz auni .

  6. dimana ada demokrasi disitu ada dakyah yahudi
    yg meresap masuk dlam diri,salah satunya hiburan tak henti²

  7. AKS kena keep on producing ceramah2 eschatology camni selagi boleh sebelum youtube ban channel ni, mcm mane youtube dh buat pada channel yg produce "the arrival" tu. sebabkan "the arrival" lah makin ramai sedar dan tahu psl freemasonry dan illuminati, sebab lepas tu makin ramai pengkaji2 eschatology dlm negara khususnya dan luar negara umumnya.

  8. Ustaz nie memang baik la … semoga allah s.w.t memanjangkan umur ustaz dan terus mengajar dan menambahkan ilmu kepada kita semua… perkenankan lah doa kami ya allah

  9. @18:37 tak silap ada sumber drpd hadis bgtau. ada panji hitam dari khurasan. tapi bila muncul yg mula2 tu org mukmin disuruh bersabar. sbb tu adalah tipudaya israel. yg kemudian bersama imam mahdi tu yg betul. nak taknak org mukmin kena turut serta. no more excuses

  10. subhanallah…byak ilmu yg ustaz kongsikan..ssmga Allah permudahkan sgala ursan kita mncari ilmu..amin

  11. Ustaz boleh tolong ceritakan tentang 'CODEX GIGAD' Adakah betul kitab iblis itu di tulis dlm masa 1 malam dan orang yg menulis kitab itu , mendapat bantuan iblis untuk menyiapkann kitab itu

  12. Ustaz boleh tolong ceritakan tentang 'CODEX GIGAD' Adakah betul kitab iblis itu di tulis dlm masa 1 malam dan orang yg menulis kitab itu , mendapat bantuan iblis untuk menyiapkann kitab itu

  13. Ustaz auni kalo fasih dalam bahasa inggeris lagi mantap, boleh bg talk kat luar negara, bagi masyarakat dunia sedar.

  14. Jika dalam film Lord of The Ring ,Gandalf digambarkan sebagai Imam Mahdi, maka saat ini yang paling mirip Gandalf adalah Sheikh Imran Hosein. Dahinya lebar hidungnya mancung dan jenggotnya panjang. Berarti ini artinya???

  15. kisah samiri dengan nabi musa dalam quran, samiri buat patung lembu suruh bani israel sembah waktu nabi musa pegi ke bukit thursina bermunajat terima wahyu 40 hari, samiri ambik kesan tapak kaki kuda malaikat jibrail masa berjumpa nabi musa, kesan tapak kaki kuda tu di jampi pada patung emas lembu tu

  16. Ustad auni tbaik..info y diberikan penuh dgn fakta2..contoh serta ulasan yg beliau bgi mudah difahmi..bkn mcm ustaz sgera yg tv kluarkan tu..org2 macm ni la selayaknya kita bawa ke depan..tp nk buat cm ner kita msih duk pakai cincin tu..

  17. Aku terlewat zaman nonton video ni. Dah 2 th rupanya dari tarikh Hari ini ia di keluarkan. Tapi knpa Tak ramai yg komen ya. Tak mcm klip video hiburan bersama artis Dan celebriti2 lain. Ke tak nak fikir yg berat2.
    Cantik kupasan Dan tamsilan ustaz ni drp cerita Lord of the rings.
    Nampaknya bnyak lagu2 Dan filem2 barat menceritakan tentang pengkisahan suatu amaran kpd orang2 beriman (Islam) akan percaturan yg dilakukan oleh musuh2 Allah keatas orang Islam yg sudah pun diberi khabarkan oleh Allah dlm alquran. Begitu yg dapat aku simpulkan. Tapi kita yg mendengar Dan melihatnya tak faham.

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