Vanessa Hudgens Shares Details About Her Lord of the Rings 30th Birthday Bash

Vanessa Hudgens Shares Details About Her Lord of the Rings 30th Birthday Bash

-Is it happy early birthday
or happy belated birthday? -Early.
My birthday is very soon. -Now, how old — I hate to ask. -I’m turning 30.
The big 3-0. -You’re a baby.
My God, the big 3-0. -But, like, it feels
monumentous, you know? -30 is big, I guess.
-It’s big! I’m, like — I got plans.
I got things to do. -What’s the party like?
That’s what I want to know. -The party is a “Lord of the
Rings”-themed birthday party. -Yes! See, that’s what
I’m talking about. -Yeah, I had this fantasy of having a “Lord of the Rings”
theme party where I’m, like, Galadriel
with the white hair and I’m floating
into my birthday party and there’s, like,
a harpist playing and, like, elves everywhere. Is anyone from the movie
stopping by? Are you friends with any
of the cast at all? -No, that would be too cool.
I’m not that cool. -You know —
You don’t know Elijah Wood? He’s really fun.
-I know. Well, he’s, like, a deejay, too.
Doesn’t he — -He just does everything.
He’s just a fun dude. -Okay, well,
if you have his number — He watches the show
all the time. -Oh, hey, Elijah. -Elijah, come to Vanessa’s
birthday party. It would be so fun.
-Iconic. -It’s “Lord of
the Rings”-themed. -You have to come in costume.
Sorry. -Now he’s definitely not coming,
yeah. All right, sorry.
I apologize. -Okay. -Tell me about the song you did
with Phantoms. This is pretty cool.
-Yeah, it’s really cool. Well, I have been friends
with those guys, Kyle and Vinnie, for so long. We used to go to acting class
together when we were like 15 years old. And then we ran into each other
at the airport. And they’re like, “We should
do some music together.” And I was like,
“Yeah, of course. Why not?” And I came into the studio,
did this song with them. It was great.
We were super excited about it. And we were trying to figure out
what to do for the video. And they said, “Well, you know,
since we kind of came from, like, the Disney
and Nickelodeon community, why not do a throwback and make it feel like
an old Disney Channel movie?” And I was like, “What if we made
it like ‘High School Musical’?” -Don’t even say it! [ Cheers and applause ] Don’t you even say it. And you did.
Here’s the video. Side by side is the
“Lay With Me” music video. -Yeah, yeah. I wanted to start it out
the exact same way as we started “Breaking Free.” But, like, I love it because I’m
like, “This is 10 years later.” I was like,
“I think I’m aging well.” -Yeah, you still — You are. I mean, I don’t know
which one’s now and then. -I was like, “Who cares
what the video does? At least it shows
that I’m doing okay.” I don’t know.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, come on.
You’re so — Did you show it to any of the
cast of “High School Musical?” -I showed it
to Ashley Tisdale first. -You did not.
-I did. I put it in her hands. And she was like, “Why are you
showing me ‘Breaking Free’?” And I’m like, “No, girl, watch.” -“It’s a new video!”
-“It’s new.” “I haven’t aged.
Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha.” Yeah. -“Joke’s on you.” No. No, but she was like, “Oh,
my God, I cannot believe this.” It blew her mind. She was so excited about it.
She loved it. -Check it out, if you guys
go on Vevo or whatever and check it out. I want to talk about
“Rent: Live,” which, weirdly enough,
I saw you perform in “Rent.” -I know.
-Years ago. -At the Hollywood Bowl.
-At the Hollywood Bowl. -Yeah, so, in that one
I played Mimi. And in this one, I’m playing
a different character, Maureen. -Why do it to yourself?
Why not just play Mimi? I would be like, “Ah.”
-That’s too easy. You like making things hard
on yourselves, yeah. -But what are you —
Are you doing vocal exercises? -Oh, my gosh, yeah. There’s a lot
of vocal exercising. It’s hard, though,
because you don’t realize it’s literally a marathon. Like, you’re working long hours. And the songs are not easy,
by any means. Like, “Take Me or Leave Me”
is like belt it, belt it, belt it the entire time. -They’re classic songs.
-Yeah, and it’s so good. And you just want
to do it justice. But I feel like the cast
is incredible. Everyone’s really stepping
into their own shoes, bringing their own selves
into the characters. I feel like we’re going to
do the story justice. And bringing it
to a new audience that might not
have seen “Rent” before. It’s such an iconic show.
And it is still so relevant. So it’s very exciting. -I’m very, very excited
about that. Congratulations.
[ Cheers and applause ] I’ll be rooting —
I’ll be rooting for you. I’ll be tweeting for you. Yeah, tell your dad.
-Live tweet. -Yeah, exactly.

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