Varanga Kere basadi Varanga Jain Temple Lake temple Chaturmukha Karkala tourism Karnataka tourism

Varanga Kere basadi Varanga Jain Temple Lake temple Chaturmukha Karkala tourism Karnataka tourism

Varanga Kere Basadi, come let us see Water level has decreased considerable four years back when we have visited we had boarded the boat from these stairs you can see how much the water has reduced, water has gone so far We too have to go by this boat This place became famous due to Ganesh’s Movie Mugulu Nage they have shown this temple after coming here, through the third door you need to go inside the temple this is Varanga village, located at Karkala taluk Udupi district it is 24 kms from Karkala a place called Varanga During Kings time there was a King by name Varanga Raya, at that time three of these Basadis where constructed this temple is known as Kere Basadi 11 acres of lake is there inbetween the lake is idols of Lord Parshwanatha, Lord Neminatha idol, Lord Shanthinatha, Lord Ananthanatha and of Goddess Padmavathi have been installed here Every day thrice pooje is done Devotees from through out India come here and offer pooje here Here everything is done under the supervision of Dr.Devendra Keerthi P Bhattacharya Swamy Here all Rathothsava, all Festivals all auspicious occasions all are conducted under Swamijis Supervision He guidance is also at Humchas Matta and Adi Varanga Shaka Matta Here For Goddess Special Wedding Prasada also Rice service for those suffering from Skin disease they offer Rice service also the wishes within them all that the Goddess has been granting all most of the devotees come here and serve Padmavathi Goddess What is your name? My name is Parsunath here since my father and grandfathers times we have been doing the service here What is the timing here? We come at 6 am Darshana starts from 8 am Abhisheka and pooje is from 8 am to afternoon 2 pm after that from 3:30 pm to afain till 4 pm or if people are there we will come early, after taking a break of half an hour for lunch after that till 6 pm we are here We cannot say even if it gets dark if people are there till 7 pm we bring them here, but if its too late we have to come by boat, its a little risky, so we have set the time as 6 pm So as far as sunlight is there… Yes we will come Is there any staying facility available here? There is a Yathri Nivasa, out Swamiji has constructed one, with provision of food if more people come then prior intimation will be required for providing food if not all facility is provided Yathri Nivasa is provided by Swamiji Even Lake development plan is there The temple was also a little So Swamiji got it renovated How many years before was this renovated? It has been four years since renovation the structure has not been touched only the doors which had dilapidated and the roof was spoiled All this is same way, nothing has been touched only so much, here granite was placed that is it, after Swamijis good works, pooje all works are happening in good way people visiting the place has also increased way too many people are visiting. How are people getting to know about this place? About this place… Many people from North India are coming now a days our Jains, last time also after the Mahamastaka Abhisheka at Shravanabelagola, we have not closed the temple doors at all We have full Jains Coming from North Gujarat, Assam, Uttar Pradesh Delhi all places, all over Through out India If you see our country map, you can see Varanga is Marked, although it is a small village All those who came visited Shravanabelagola, Dharmasthala Venur, moodbidri, Karkala,Varanga and Humcha These all places were all visited by them Today also people had come from Ahmadabad Foreigner’s also have started coming now in large number for providing prior information is there any Contact number For informing for food They can contact Matta number or the Matta Managers number if not they can contact my number too can you tell your number 9449103228 This number can be contacted for providing prior intimation and food will be ready even if more people are there For room now As per swamiji, rooms are for Jains only because others come and consume alcohol smoke cigarettes and create problem That is why. Generally they have done for Jains one more thing is if you promise not to do such things, then you can take swamijis permission and then the room can be given because in ours after 6 pm we do not eat anything because of which if people come in the night create problem consume alcohol and all smoking and such things then then it creates problems. That means they should come piously. Yes yes they have to follow the rules and also Swamiji has mentioned it for Jains only if anything as such then at Humcha Matta, Swamiji permission can be sought 5300 acres of land is this Varnaga Raya King was here, he then donated this land now 1800 acres is there in our Swamijis, our Gods name All that is visible not even 1 cent of Government land is here All is gods land all under the Matta, under the guidance of Swamiji in front is the Fields Kambla (Traditional Buffalo Race) was conducted here now as its viewed as abuse and so they do a Leg service and do as Kambla the field is 3 acre and 15 cents one crop is grown here in February we have the Rathotsava February Hastha Nakshatra Day is the Maha Rathothsava under Swamijis guidance the Rathotsava and after that Gods Kola(ritual folk dance worship of God ) unique to South Canara after that Mariammas Pooje is there this way all things are there. How many days are all these? This is for a total of 15 days how many people come for Rathotsava ? 5 to 10 thousand people come here, along with all village people people from all villages also come Swamiji supervises everything generally where will Swamiji be? He will be at Humcha He visits here Humcha is near Sagara under his supervision goddess pooje and prasada is done for all programs he will be here He keeps visiting from the time Swamiji has come lot of development has taken place all developmental works are going on there are 2 to 3 temples under him Kundadri is here, that is under Humcha Matta 8 kms from Agumbe a place named Guddekeri, 6kms interior from that place it is on top of a hill, it is very nice This Neminatha Basadi? Neminatha is the main God there Here Padmavathi Mata is main and all powerful the village God here is Padmavathi Amma Here in this village if any work needs to be done first one offers fruits and coconut to Goddess after taking prasada they do the pooje there be it wedding prasada or anything, all is done here this is Padmavathi morning abhisheka is there, after abhisheka is done alankara ( decoration) is done, pooje is done till evening our Swamiji is Dr. Devendra Keerthi Bhatacharya Swami, Humcha this is Varanga region, Kundari one more at hattiangadi there is a temple these three are under Humcha Matta

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