Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 561 – Full Episode – 15th October, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 561 – Full Episode – 15th October, 2019

This is the final ‘Modak’
sweet. After I eat this, I cannot
control what might happen. My Lord will keep
his word. It will be chaos
if we are late. If Master eats
anymore his belly will rip open! No such thing can happen. Over there, the door
at the end of the hallway.. Lord Ganesh
is in there! Where is thatstrange mouse?
– Where can it go? It must be here.
– Find it! Find that rodent. Courage is tested
in times of peril. No matter what happens,
I must go on. I have to reach my Lord
in time! We cannot even stand
our ground! We cannot even hold
our shields! ‘The weapon
of the Goddess’ ‘is troubling me again!’ Goddess Bal Sundari has
summoned the weapon of Narayan. Once it has charged
it’s power to peak the destruction it will cause
is beyond what we can imagine! “Hail Mother Goddess!
Hail Mother Goddess!” “Hail Mother Goddess!
Hail Mother Goddess!” “Hail Mother Goddess!
Hail Mother Goddess!” ‘Mother, you are
merciful.’ ‘You have
moved the vessel’ ‘from my reach’ ‘but mother, I am
the foremost deity’ ‘and if I fail to uphold
my word’ ‘then no one will value
their promise.’ ‘So Mother, no matter
what happens’ ‘I must keep eating
from this vessel’ ’till it has sweets inside.’ Move! Where is it?
– Where has it gone? Over there!
There it is! Kill that rodent! It is my fault.
I alerted the guards and caused trouble
for the Mushak. What can I do? ‘Great Mother
is All-mother!’ ‘She knows the will
of all her children’ ‘even when
they do not say it.’ Mother, Mushak is in peril
because of me. Please protect him.
Please save him! Follow that rodent! Only Mother can do this! I thank you, Mother! If Goddess Bal Sundari
unleashes that weapon it will be impossible
to stop it. The great weapon can
destroy the world along with these demons! We are about to lose
this shield of ours! We will perish! Sons of Vishukra!
What are you doing? Brothers, why do you take
the shields away from us! Save us! Neither your weapons
nor your shields will survive! ‘What I fear
may come to pass!’ The shields
will protect us! Brother! My sons! My sons met
a terrible end! No
matter what happens my son will defeat her! ‘Defeat her and bring
those jewels to me!’ By sending the jewel
and the severed hand of my son this deity mocks me! I will not stay quiet! I will
avenge the death of my sons! By the end of the young
demons Bhandasur has been
defeated yet again. But how will the Goddess
contain the mighty energy of the great weapon
from destroying everything? What is the Goddess
going to do? No one can face
the mighty aura of the great weapon
of Lord Narayan! We bow
to the great Mother! She has controlled
the weapon of Narayan! She is the source
of all energy. Goddess Bal Sundari
is a form of All Mother. And the power
of my weapon is but a fragment
of her great power. Truly said, Narayan. The whole can easily absorb the fragment. ‘I will find peace’ ‘when instead
of her praise’ ‘I hear the cries of agony
on her death.’ From today, in honour
of Bal Tripurasundari all the nine-year-old girls
will be venerated. Those who consider
these girls as Goddesses and venerate them,
they will always succeed and prosper. Those who
consider them insignificant and humiliate them they will never succeed just like the sons of Bhandasur. Hail Goddess Bal Tripurasundari!
– Hail! Hail Goddess Bal Tripurasundari!
– Hail! Hail Goddess Bal Tripurasundari!
– Hail! Hail Goddess Bal Tripurasundari!
– Hail! The sound of the praise
of this Goddess is piercing my heart
like a poisonous thorn. Now, with the support
of Lord Maha Shiva I will
avenge the deaths of my sons! To please
Lord Shiva is not easy. Greetings,
Sage Shukracharya. May you be blessed. Sage, please make
your blessing come true and give me a solution. I am here
to do the same, Bhandasur. It will take time
for Lord Maha Shiva to manifest. But it does not mean that you will be compelled
to face defeat repeatedly. Then why
are you delaying, Sage? Please tell me
how we can turn our defeats into victory.
Do not keep quiet, Sage. Tell me what I should do to change my fate! Attain the thing that will
free you of disappointment and fill your
enemy’s life with the same. I will do it.
I will surely attain it! But tell me
what it is, Sage. It is the
‘Ganapati Vighnakarta Yantra’. Goddess, you completed
your task. Now, I will have
to fulfil my promise. Mushak, wherever you are go to Lord Ganesh
and help him! Even he is here! Greetings, my Lord. I, your devotee
Bhandasur, invoked you. I performed
great penance. I performed veneration
and served you. Why did I do it?
I did it so that you would stay near me
and I would attain success. Then why am I
facing loss repeatedly? It feels
as if you are not here despite being here. Father! Even if you do not want you have
to stay here, Lord. At any cost,
I will not let you leave until Lord Maha Shiva
comes here until this Goddess
accepts defeat and I exact
my revenge. ‘Mushak was right.’ ‘Father will not let
Lord Ganesh leave at any cost.’ I will fulfil
my promise, Bhandasur. But what do you
want from me now? Be clear. What else
would I want, Lord Ganesh? As the remover
of obstacles is with me I want my enemy
to face all the obstacles. For that, I want
the ‘Vighnakarta Yantra’ the device
of creating obstacles, from you. Yes, Lord Ganesh.
You did not mishear it. The ‘Vighnakarta Yantra’. ‘As he is the
creator of obstacles’ ‘Lord Ganesh controls
the eight obstacle-creating’ ‘demerits as well.’ ‘Laziness,
parsimony, reticence’ ‘sleep, illusion,
selfishness, weakness’ ‘and the lack of pride.’ ‘The ‘Vighnakarta Yantra’
is made up of these’ ‘negative demerits.’ ‘It creates
lethargy, disinterest’ ‘and indifference
towards duty’ ‘to make one stray
from the path of success.’ ‘It ensures
that being’s failure.’ ‘Then I want
that device.’ I want ‘Vighnakarta Yantra’. Father! Rashmiprabha,
my dear daughter. Father, mother used to say
that to gain something we should not
force anyone. But you are acting the opposite and compelling Lord Ganesh. Free Lord Ganesh
from his oath and do not commit
the sin of compelling him. No, dear.
I am not compelling him. He has promised me.
He can either fulfil it or break it
and leave. Dear, I am nothing
without his blessings. I consider attaining
the ‘Vighnakarta Yantra’ his blessings. But if wants
to disappoint his devotee then I will
be fine with it. Bhandasur. ‘I knew that you would
surely call out my name, Lord.’ ‘How can you
disappoint your devotee?’ You want the ‘Vighnakarta
Yantra’ from me, do you not? I will give it to you. ‘A wildfire can burn
even the sandalwood down.’ ‘It means that an evil person
can harm anyone.’

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