Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 563 – Full Episode – 17th October, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 563 – Full Episode – 17th October, 2019

What are you doing,
deities? Pick up your weapons
and fight these demons! Why are these two
warrior women asking us to fight? We do not have
any strength. We are drained. I am about to fall
asleep. I cannot fight. Lord Ganesh, there has
to be a way for you to be at ease. So that you can
show Bhandasur the greatness
of All-Mother! And you stop him
from fighting this war. You are feeling uneasy
after eating a lot so there has to be a way
to digest it all. ‘Son, I am giving you
an herb’ ‘that will help you
digest your food.’ ‘But we all should
remember’ ‘that one must consume
healthy food’ ‘in the right amount
to be strong.’ ‘And free from illness.’ ‘Forgive me, Mother.
I will always remember this.’ ‘And I will never eat
more that I should.’ Now I have one way
to be at ease. The herb that
helps in digestion. A herb?
– That eases digestion? Yes, dear Kartikeya. Whenever Ganesh eats
more than he should I give him the herb to ease his digestion. Please give me the herb
and I will take it to Ganesh. But it will not be
so easy. For that you must
take Nandi and Shringi with you as they can distract
Bhandasur and his brothers and you can reach Ganesh
at once. Allow me to leave,
Mother. Make haste, son. Soon the power
of the celestial device will reach the other deities
and the chariot of All-Mother. Deities! You are the commanders
of this divine army! First we shall
kill you both! This is your final chance Stop or perish! What was I saying? Who is the deity that
sits atop that throne? Who could it be? Goddess Mantri Natha
and Dandinatha are the fragments
of All-Mother. And how can they fail
to identify All-Mother? Such is the effect
of this celestial device for it plunges the enemy
in turmoil and chaos. The wise and mighty
lose their wits and strength. And if All-Mother herself
honours the device how can her fragments
stand against it? “Hail Goddess Bhairavi!
Hail Goddess Bhairavi!” “Hail Goddess Bhairavi!
Hail Goddess Bhairavi!” “Hail Goddess Bhairavi!
Hail Goddess Bhairavi!” “Hail Goddess Bhairavi!
Hail Goddess Bhairavi!” Bhandasur has sent
his sons to war armed with the power
of the celestial device. Be it primordial deity
or the All-Mother! Whosoever she is.. She will soon fall
under the spell.. And our demons will capture her. And we will have
our revenge! This day will be
the greatest day in the history
of my realm! As by the blessing
of my Lord Ganesh the minions will defeat
the Goddess and bring her to me. And I will complete
my prayer and summon
All Father Shiva! I will reach there
at once. Make haste! Kartikeya, Nandi
and Shringi must reach there in time. Or else the divine chariot
of All-Mother will be affected
by the device. Sire, if only the herb
can help you then I will go
and bring it. How can I evade
these guards? They are looking for you. How can you evade them? And even if you do leave you cannot come back due to the barrier spells
placed by Bhandasur. Then we have another way. What can it be? Mother Parvati
always has her eyes on you. So Mother must have
thought of sending the herb to me! Who will bring
that herb over here after breaching
the barrier spells! Careful, Mayur!
Stop at once! Commander Kartikeya. We must keep charging!
Why have we stopped? I can see barrier spells
with my divine sight and we must destroy it. Nandi, Shringi,
distract the demons. I will try to breach
this barrier. And remember,
time is against us. We must take the herb
to Ganesh at once. Onward, Mayur! Such a terrible Sight! Another device
is affecting the second chariot! And the vile demon
is reaching the chariot. ‘Deity, our device
has weakened you’ ‘And soon we will
strike you down!’ My power will breach
this barrier! ‘We will fight in a way’ ‘that the demons are forced
to fight us!’ ‘And in that moment
Kartikeya will enter.’ Soon our demons
and the device will reach the chariots! Then along with them this war will end as well. Lord Ganesh has
to reach there very soon. It will be a huge disaster
otherwise. What was this? Who has attacked us? These demons are distracted. This is my chance. ‘I will divide
this magical shield’ ‘in two parts.
Then it will lose its effect.’ ‘And I will be able
to get inside.’ If the Commander of Gods,
Kartikeya, gets inside Amarpur this problem will get solved. Who are these magical animals who have dared to attack us? Go!
Stop these animals. ‘We will force these demons’ ‘to focus on us.’ Insolent animals stop! Stop!
Or our cudgels will stop you. They destroyed the cudgels
of my brothers! These animals? You will get punished
for your insolence! You are being insolent
by challenging us, fools! Brother Vishang, we need
to take animal form to punish these animals. Obstacle creating device’s
influence has reached the Goddess’s
second chariot. I will have to hurry up. If Nandi and Shringi
succeed in distracting Bhandasur
for some more time I will remain away
from his sight. My brothers will surely
defeat these animals. But why have these animals
come here? And why are they looking
at my palace repeatedly? Why did only these
two animals attack Amarpur? Has Lady Parashakti
sent them? Have they come to destroy
my yagna pit? Are they
just distracting us? Their original plan
is something else. If Bhandasur spots
Prince Kartikeya he will be late in reaching
Lord Ganesh and Lord Ganesh
will not be able to stop the device’s influence from
reaching Lady Lalita’s chariot. Bhandasur is so busy
in watching this animal war that Prince Kartikeya
has succeeded in escaping from his sight. ‘These animals
have pushed my brothers.’ What have they done to us? ‘My task is going
to be completed.’ ‘I should get inside now.’ ‘What is this noise?’ ‘Something is fishy.’ ‘I will have to increase
the security arrangements.’ ‘Amarpur gate security
guards, be alert.’ ‘An outside is trying
to enter the palace.’ ‘Do not worry, Brother.’ ‘I am coming
to help you.’ ‘Our greatness is defined
not by never falling’ ‘but by getting up
every time after falling.’

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