Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 567 – Full Episode – 23rd October, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 567 – Full Episode – 23rd October, 2019

Why did the fire
of my veneration go off? Why did Lord Shiva’s
arrival stop even before my meditation
could be complete? Why did Lord Shiva
not come here after deciding to come here? Shiva did not come
because Shakti did not come. And Lord Shiva
will not come there either. I will have to make
Bhandasur happy with just one glimpse
of Lord Shiva because he would get
to see Lord Shiva and receive his blessings when he would complete
his meditation with a good intention
and not through deceit. And the bigger truth is Lord Shiva and I
complete each other. So, we are one
and not two different people. And when two people are one how can they go anywhere
without each other’s will? But Bhandasur will not be able
to understand the truth even if he gets to know
about it. Hail Lady Lalita.
– All hail! Hail Lady Lalita.
– All hail! Hail Lord Shiva.
– All hail! Hail Lord Shiva.
– All hail! Hail Lady Lalita.
– All hail! Hail Lady Lalita.
– All hail! Hail Lady Lalita.
– All hail! ‘They should have been
singing my glory.’ Anger scares the world. This is the spell
of that illusionary who defeated you again
by ruining your veneration. And you could not do
anything. You should’ve acquired power. Today, you should have been praised with your victory. But that Goddess has
taken away everything from you. Desires have engulfed the world. Your veneration would not
remain incomplete if you had not missed out
on Lord Ganesh’s blessings due to her magical spell. We are tired of seeing
your repeated defeats. But you seem to be unaffected
by your humiliation. You are the greatest
demonic king, Bhandasur. Give us an evidence
of your greatness because we will not accept
our ruthless death like the previous kings. It is better to step back now. I want victory
and not defeat like the previous
demonic kings irrespective of what
I have to do for that. This much is allowed. Lady Lalita, it will be
very difficult for Bhandasur to tolerate
today’s defeat because he has lost
the support of his sons his idol, Lord Ganesh
and Lord Shiva on the same day. No, Lady Dandinatha. The ones who are blinded
by their ego find it very difficult
to understand the reality and accept it. So, Bhandasur
is still hopeful that he will find a way to win. Gurudev, I thought
it is a guru’s duty to help his disciple convert a
defeat into victory. But we
demons are unlucky. Our guru is meditating
and we are suffering. I do not want
to humiliate you, Gurudev. But the pain of my heart
is taking the form of my bitter words after seeing my guru
sitting quietly when we demons
are getting killed. Lady Lalita, why do
these demons not change even after being defeated
many times when their history is filled
with stories of defeat of their great kings? Gurudev, shall I remind you
the names of the demons who were defeated
under your guidance? Listen then. The first among them were.. Madhu and Kaitav. Who were killed
by Lord Narayan himself with the help of Lady Yogmaya. The next was the great
demonic king, Mahishasur. Who was killed by
Lady Katyayini. The great demonic brothers,
Shumbha and Nishumbha established their rule
after that. Who were killed at once
by Lady Vindhyavasini. The mighty Tarakasur. Brother Kartikeya killed him with the trident that
he received from Lady Parvati. After Tarakasur,
Tripur’s king, Tripurasur. Lord Shiva killed him
with just one bow by climbing the chariot
created by Ganesh. The next were
the great demonic brothers Hiranyaksh
and Hiranyakashipu. They were killed by Lord Narayan’s
Narasimha form. Sahastrarjun. He was killed
by Lord Parashuram. This has been happening
from ages and this will continue
in future too. In the Treta Age, Lord Narayan
will take the form of Ram will demons like Ravan,
Kumbhakaran and Meghnad with the help of
his brother, Lakshman and Hanuman, who will be
the form of Lord Shiva. After that, Lady Lalita? In the Dwapar Age, Lord Narayan
will take Krishna’s form and kill evil people like Kans,
Shishupal and Duryodhan. But, Lady Lalita,
how will the sinners be killed when evil spreads
in the modern era? In the modern era,
when the thought of anything is allowed
spread by Bhandasur reaches its limit
and crosses all the boundaries Lord Narayan will take
the Kalki form. He will destroy evil
and establish goodness. And such examples
will always be set in this world when demons who
encourage evil will be killed. How many more examples
should I give you, Gurudev? We demons have always
faced injustice. When will our fate change? Will we never able
to gain victory? How are you doing your duty of being our guru
and guiding us when we are being defeated
every time? I have always done my duty. But I am unlucky that the demons choose
the path of destruction instead of doing their duties The demonic kings have
always invited destruction due to greed or jealousy attachment or pride lust or anger. And you.. You are the leader
of all those six bad qualities. You will also face
the same outcome. You will also be destroyed. No, Gurudev. It is your duty to protect us
from our destruction and to guide us
in the right path. You will have to do
your duty. Lady Lalita,
will these demons invite their destruction repeatedly? Is destruction the only way
to end their evilness? Ganesh, creation and destruction
have a strong bond in the order of creation,
protection and destruction. For example, the fire
burning in the forest looks very dangerous
while burning everything. But it also
prepares the land for a new creation. Similarly, destruction
of evil thoughts gives rise to new
and good thoughts in the mind. Every king had the right
to change his fate and stop his ruination. They did not take
advantage of the same. But you can
still awake your conscience and choose that option. It will keep
the demon society and you safe. Bhandasur,
only that person is sensible who learns a lesson
from others’ mistakes and chooses
the right path. Learn from the mistakes
of the demon kings of the past and forego
the wish to battle against Goddess Parashakti. Before and after the destruction everyone is given the chance
to rectify his or her mistakes. “Hail Goddess Parashakti..” Do you know why an infant
cries upon birth, dear? No.
– It is due to Maya. “You hold the sword.
You uphold righteousness.” “Please protect us, Goddess..” The infant vows
not to repeat the mistakes and sins
from his or her past. But as soon as the infant enters the worldly illusion he or she forgets everything and it becomes
the reason for the first cry. So, Goddess.. When everyone is inspired
to follow the right path why do many beings do bad deeds
to fulfil their selfish needs? Due to the illusion created
by Maya, most of the beings become trapped
in the worldly illusion as soon as they take birth and reject the voice
of their conscience. But there are a few beings
who keep fighting against this trap of illusion. They understand
the mystery of this illusion and succeed in returning
to the right path. That Maya
is none other than me. I grant the free will
to every being. Those who use their free will
for good deeds can overcome
every difficulty easily. They are not harmed at all. You still have time. Think of the harm
done to you as a mere scratch and forget it. Choose the path of remorse. Surrender yourself
to the Goddess with devotion. Leave your fate in her hands
and do something to rectify
your fate, Bhandasur. Every deity holds a weapon. They have a significance too. In my ferocious form,
Goddess Kali holds scissors. It is a medium to cut the
strings of the sins of the past and not life. Those who understand
this truth they are able to witness
the benign form of Goddess Kali. They understand the secret
that I am the one who grants the good
or bad results for their deeds. Who are you in front of her? She is sentience personified. You want to win
against her, do you not? Then listen to me.
You cannot defeat the merciful
Goddess with power. Only ardent devotion
can affect her. In any part and era
of the infinite stream of time those who pray
to God with a pure heart only they are freed
from the cycle of life with my blessings. So, chant the name
of that almighty Goddess and rectify your deeds. Leave your guile
and the tendency of bending
the rules behind. Prostrate yourself
in front of the Goddess and beg
for her forgiveness. Leave your wishes
in her hands and let her decide
your fate. Tell me, Bhandasur.
Can you do this? Will you be able to follow
the easy and facile path suggested by me? Tell me, Bhandasur. Sage, I had asked
you to suggest me a way to evade my ruination. Yet, you suggested the path to my defeat. If you want
to suggest something then tell me a way to erase
the mark of losing from the history
of the clan of demons. Otherwise,
tell me about the one who can give me
a powerful weapon that I can use
to defeat anyone. Even my arch-nemesis,
Goddess Parashakti. If this what you want then you should
go to your late ancestors. Only they are aware
of the power of the Goddess the most. The demon kings of the past can help
the demon king of the present. Then please tell me
where they are and how I can reach them. They cannot go to heaven. Due to their heinous crimes even the netherworld
is not accessible to them. They were unable to lose
the fascination for their bodies even after their death.
They reside in the most dangerous world
that lies between the heaven and the netherworld. They are in a dark pit-hole where they are bearing
many terrible punishments. Even air
does not enter that place as it fears of being polluted
by coming in their contact. I do not want
to know their condition. I just want to reach there. Ahead of the
boundary of the Yamalok you have to go
towards the river, Vaitarani that flows between it
and the world of Trishanku. If you can cross that river then you have to climb
the mountain of the late demons where the late ancestors
of demons reside. But do remember that going
there is dangerous. Those who enter that place lose their power
and strength. Even courage
leaves you after a while. Do not try
to scare me, Sage. Tell me
the way of returning from there. That is it. After reaching
there, neither stop nor look back. No one has returned from there. It is possible
that after your death you will be compelled
to bear terrible punishments for infinity
in that place. So, tell me.
Do you have enough courage? Do you still want
to go to that place? Tell me, Bhandasur.
Will you go there? ‘Your sin of taking advantage’ ‘of my helplessness’ ‘will result
in a terrible punishment.’ I will go. I will surely go there. ‘To understand the meaning
of life and devotion’ ‘you do not need
logic and practicality.’ ‘You just need a pure heart
and pious intentions.’

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