Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 568 – Full Episode – 24th October, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 568 – Full Episode – 24th October, 2019

Tell me. Do you have
that courage? Will you go
to the Trishanku realm? I will. I will go there. Teacher. It is fine to embark
on a perilous journey to gain
a great power! If that is what you choose
then so be it. If you refuse to be forgiven
by All-Mother and be suspended
in the afterlife and to embrace a terrible
fate while you are alive then why do you delay? Leave at once. Teacher, you are
forgetting. How can I leave
without your blessing? May you get
what you seek. That is not. A simple blessing is not enough. I need something else
from you. While I am gone
from my city there will be horns
of war blaring at dawn and my army will fight to distract the deities. And I cannot lose
any more warriors. So I ask you
of the spell that brings the dead
back to life. That brings the dead
back to life. But.. I well know that after the war
with Andhakasur Lord Mahadev had forbidden the use of the spell. But I know of it that the power
born from the spell still lies with you. One that can bring
the dead back to life as long as their bodies
are not destroyed. You must give me
the power as your blessing. Think of the well being
of us demons and do not cast me
aside! Mother, if Bhandasur
does not mend his ways why do you not kill him
at once? Ganesh, just as it is futile to pluck a raw fruit from branch so one must wait
for the evil to assemble and only then the malice
can be ended at once. And hence I wait
for the moment when this vile being
invites his own doom. ‘Why has the demon lord
thrown the vessel?’ My Lord, what is this? How would it help us? ‘Why did the demon lord
kill him?’ Do you know
what this is? The spell of rebirth!
– The spell of rebirth! Kutilaksh and my brothers.
Heed me well. Kutilaksh will charge
towards the enemy with all our might. And Vishukra and Vishangha will bring the dead demons
to this place and bring them back to life. The deities will be drained, killing our soldiers but they will not be able
to end us all! And soon I will return with a great weapon to end these deities! What are you looking at? Do as your told! Father, do you not love me? Do not say so,
child. You are the only being that I love truly, daughter. I do not trust me. Had you loved me you would listen to me! No, child. I can lay down
my life for you. Tell me. I would do
as you say. Please stop this war
at once. I have heard that
all my brothers have been slain in this very war. So what if even I am.. No! I will let no harm
come to you! So why do you not stop this great war, Father? Do not worry. As I had given my word.. I would be doing a great deed to end this war that lingers towards
the end. Please come back soon,
Father. I would be waiting for you. I would be eager
to see you as well, child. I would be back
and I would hold you close. Hail Lord Bhandasur!
– Hail! Hail Lord Bhandasur!
– Hail! Hail Lord Bhandasur!
– Hail! Hail Lord Bhandasur!
– Hail! Hail Lord Bhandasur!
– Hail! The demons are so eager
for war that they could not
even wait for the dawn. Mother, this charge
of theirs speaks of a coming doom. They will fail now! ‘I have reached
the realm of Yama.’ ‘Do not stop,
once you enter Yama’s realm.’ ‘And you must
not turn back.’ ‘None have returned
from there.’ I will face any peril. I will go there
to ascertain my victory! Bhandasur is planning
something evil! Something
we cannot yet see. I will come back
from the realm whence none had returned. The demons charge
as they do not fear death! Can there be an ill device
behind this horrid march? “Hail Mother Goddess!
Hail Mother Goddess!” “Hail Mother Goddess!
Hail Mother Goddess!” We will end the demons as they reach us! “Hail Mother Goddess!
Hail Mother Goddess!” Deities, the warriors
may not be a threat to you but our strategy
will be your doom! Brother Vishangha we must do our work carefully. ‘When will father end this war?’ ‘Father, please come home soon.’ ‘I am worried.’ ‘What could be the reason
behind these demons’ ‘volitionally sacrificing
their lives?’ Goddesses, be alert! These illusive
rays are surely an attempt by Bhandasur to hurt us. But why he is targeting the
demons’ corpses instead of us? What will Bhandasur gain by taking these corpses
to Amarpur? Attack! What evil conspiracy
is Bhandasur plotting? What is his motive behind taking
the lifeless bodies there? What a horrible sight! I am scared. The secret of these corpses
will unravel only when I learn as to where
in Amarpur he is taking them. I must quickly solve
the mystery behind it. ‘I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh.’ ‘I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh.’ ‘I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh.’ This is Rashmiprabha’s voice.
– ‘I pray to Thee, Ganesh.’ Perhaps she is scared
by the sight of the war. An innocent heart
cannot bear the ruthlessness and barbarities of a war. ‘I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh.’ But why is Bhandasur
letting her witness all this? ‘I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh.’ This girl is all alone there. All her relatives
are fighting in the war. She is so worried and why isn’t
her father near her to console
the innocent girl? Where is Bhandasur? I will destroy
all the obstacles. I will attain the divine arrow. Just one blow has developed cracks in it. ‘This is so strange.’ I am not someone who gives up after minor setbacks. The path is difficult
but I will still move forward. I will reach my ancestors in the dangerous
Trishanku realm. ‘W-What has happened?’ What is Bhandasur’s strategy? Why did he send
those ordinary soldiers? What will he
do with their corpses? We are annihilating
their soldiers in large numbers. But why is their army
still so vast? Lord Ganesh’s message was right. These demons are up to
something wicked. I don’t have much time. I have to attain
the divine arrow soon. Before Lord Ganesh
understands my war strategy I have to get back there. On one side, Bhandasur’s army
is proving hard to be destroyed. On the other, Bhandasur’s
absence symbolises
another wicked plan. ‘Even the smallest
of accomplishments’ ‘that we gain by being
righteous has the ability’ ‘to convert the victories
of evil men into failures.’

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