Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 569 – Full Episode – 25th October, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 569 – Full Episode – 25th October, 2019

We are slaying the demons
in great numbers then why isn’t their army
reducing? It means, Lord Ganesh’s
suspicions were right. These vile creatures
are up to something wicked. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I cannot bear to see my innocent
and selfless devotee this little girl, so agitated. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I must find a way
to calm her down. I must quickly find a way
to proceed ahead. My weapon has
also been destroyed. But my might lies within my arms. I can put my hand
through this rock. But why can I not move it further in it? ‘Is it because of the ornaments
that I am wearing’ ‘which symbolise my affection
to the material world?’ I have understood. I must leave
all the ornaments here. Rashmiprabha,
the Goddess’ blessings in the form of these petals will allay your fears. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I pray to Thee, Lord Ganesh. I feel as if my daughter is calling me. ‘Father, please return soon.
I will wait for you.’ I will fulfil my promise. I will return soon and embrace you lovingly. But I have to go now. My hand has been severed
at the wrist! The sage has warned me. ‘Because whoever
enters that place’ ‘is deprived of his strength
and capabilities.’ ‘And he soon loses courage too.’ No matter how many challenges
I have to face I will not lose courage. This place is ghastly. Even the trees here
are shedding tears of blood. Even a beautiful thing looks terrifying here. I must head in the direction
of this flower. ‘Beyond the netherworld’ ”you must cross
Trishanku’s realm’ ‘and go to Vaiterni.’ All are heading
in that direction. Certainly, this is Vaiterni. So, beyond this lies the
demons’ ancestral mountain. And I must not delay
in going there. I killed these demons
a while ago. How did they come back? How did the demon soldiers
come back to life whom I have slayed? The events are
going on in a cycle. We are going on killing
these demons and they are coming
back to attack us. Is this an illusion
created by them? If this is then neither can it remain
hidden from Lord Ganesh nor from Goddess Lalita,
Herself who possess the divine
power of illusion. Let the illusion get clear. Let the truth be unveiled. This is not an illusion. It is the result
of ‘Mrit Sanjivani Sura’ which is being
used by the demons. Because of which demon
soldiers are coming back again and again. And Goddesses are putting in
efforts to slay them unnecessarily. It means, by distracting us Bhandasur is trying to execute some other evil plan. Take me along. I beg you. Please take me along. Listen, magical tree. Leave me. Or else get ready to die. The one who is already dead why would he be afraid of death? If you do not let me go I will break this branch and set myself free. Why are my powers not working? You have forgotten. All the powers
become ineffective here. You are still able to think. But gradually, you will
lose that ability too. – Enough! Do not try to scare me. Do you know who I am? I am Bhandasur, the great demon. I do not need your wisdom. You are the great demon, right? So what is the big deal? All those you can see here have been great demons once. For example, me. I hail from the savage forest. And I am Samrat, the savage. But since ages I have been suffering like this. To avoid loneliness I want to reach the mountain
of the ancestors of demons along with other great demons. Engaging the Goddesses in a fight
with the army of demons where has Bhandasur gone
and what is he up to? By assigning the responsibility
of today’s war to his brothers what is he planning to do? You and I wish for the same thing. To reach the mountain
of demon’s ancestors. So take me along. It is okay for a great demon to help another. I am the one from whom this sin has originated. And how dare you try to use it against me! This has been the motto
of demons since ages. We have a right over this. You just propagated it. So now it is okay if you
let me accompany you to guide you.
– No. I will not let my pace slow down by taking you along. All right, if not me take my branch,
assuming it to be a weapon. That should be okay. What are you thinking now? Pick me up. Take me along. If you leave your part behind this journey remains incomplete. ‘My wrist is left behind.’ ‘I will have to go back
to bring it.’ No.. Do not even think of going back. Turning around
is prohibited here. ‘Guru also told me the same.’ ‘After reaching there,
do not halt’ ‘and do not turn around.’ ‘No one has ever come
back from there.’ When you halted,
I grabbed your feet. If you turn around now neither would you reach
the mountain of ancestors nor I. We will die here. You will turn into a tree
and suffer till ages just like me. I did not come here
to fail and suffer. I have come here to succeed. Then do not stop. Do not turn around. Just keep moving forward. Of course I will. Before I find out
Bhandasur’s plan and try to find a way to
stop him from succeeding I will have to stop these
demons from resurrecting. What should I do? Yes. I have found a way. These Goddesses are burning
our soldiers to ashes. If their bodies are destroyed then how will we resurrect them? If we do not comply
with the orders of Bhandasur he will kill us
as soon as he returns. No.. Take us along. Take us along. Why are they approaching me? I will have to stay alert. Take us along. Take us along. Increase your pace. Hurry up. As long as you have the power try to reach there. If you stay here for long you will lose your powers. Take us along. I am not afraid of them. If they reach here I will destroy them. You do not have the energy
to fight them. Instead of fighting,
move forward quickly. Take us.. Take us along. Father! Father! Rashmiprabha..
My daughter.. What are you doing? Do not stop. Keep moving. I heard my daughter’s voice.
She was calling me. You are hallucinating. Neither is your daughter here nor is she calling you. All these are sinners like us. They neither went to heaven nor to netherworld. Do not stop for them. No.. No..
I heard my daughter’s voice. My daughter.. Rashmiprabha’s soft voice.. Father, take me along. Take us along. No. What are you doing? She is not your daughter. Father, take me along. I want to come with you. ‘No.’ ‘This is not
Rashmiprabha’s voice.’ Please take me along, Father. Do not turn around. Do not. Or else you will
become motionless. And you will suffer till ages. Now hurry up. We have to leave quickly.
Or else they will catch us. ‘We have been
surrounded by them.’ ‘How should I set myself free?’ ‘Both the elixir and death
are bound to this body.’ ‘Attachment leads to death’ ‘and truth leads to elixir.’

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