Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 570 – Full Episode – 28th October, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 570 – Full Episode – 28th October, 2019

Take us along, too!
– Take us along, too! Why are you going there?
– Take us along, too! The river is deeper there
and is hot as boiling oil. Do not commit such stupidity.
Do not be under the impression that they will leave you
if you enter that boiling fluid. They are already dead. That boiling water will not have
any effect on us. But you could certainly die.
– Take us.. I warned
you not to go there. What do we do now?
I am absolutely clueless! Without the bodies
of the dead Asuras how do we take them
to the lake of Elixir? What new ploy are these Asuras
hatching now? The battle
is over for the day. So, I must find out
that wicked Bhandasur’s plan. You were right. You
can endure anything in order to shape your future
and to meet your ancestors. Not to meet them. But to get from them
what I want. I will do
whatever it takes. You have
crossed one hurdle. But Asura lord
Bhandasur, all those before you who came here and
tried to scale this mountain met with
a terrible fate. So, how will you
proceed with just one hand? If you
fall during the climb these sharp rocks will
shred you to pieces. If you try to step back
these Asuras will kill you. What will you do now?
– I am the one who makes any difficulty
bow to his will. And this
treacherous mountain will be no exception,
either. That terrible roar
and this rain of corpses is a warning by this mountain,
Asura lord Bhandasur. You came this far but can you
make this difficult climb? Think again. Can you do it?
Moreover, with just one hand. How dare you
question my might my skill
and my courage! Never do that! And who told you
that I have to climb with just one hand? You are here with me to serve
as my other hand. I cannot
be your other arm. I am
not strong enough to bear your load
for this climb. But I am
still strong enough to crush anyone to rubble. Including you! No! No!
– If you obey you will stay safe. And if you refuse you
will beg for death but
still won’t get it. No, wait!
Stop! I will be your
other arm. I will support you. ‘My lack of a hand
has been rectified.’ ‘Now, the next challenge
is to scale this mountain.’ Do not forget that you are not
as strong as you were outside this realm. I do not
need all my strength. Even a
small part of it is enough for this. Why
are you hurting me? ‘I do not worry about hardships
on the road to success.’ At least now
I have something to grip while
scaling the mountains. Then let us
begin the climb now. What nefarious motive is
Bhandasur trying to achieve next and with whose help? And why am I not able
to detect it anywhere? Mother Goddess dwells
in every particle of nature. And also there,
where there is nothing. She would certainly know
where Bhandasur is. Mother.. Asuras roaring!
Where did that emanate from! ‘These Asuras are coming back
to life because of this fluid.’ But who is causing this rain
of the Elixir of Resurrection? Our plan will
definitely be successful. So what if the corpses
cannot be brought here? The Elixir of Resurrection
can certainly reach their ashes! Your treachery will end
at this very place now! Our Asuras have
come back to life! We have succeeded! The Elixir will continue to rain
upon us now! Now no
harm can come to us. We are invincible now. Attack! I will
soon find the secret to
defeat that Goddess. Because soon, we will
be on the peak of Mt. Pitri. We?
No, Bhandasur. Not us. Only I will be atop the mountain
and you will be down there among those skeletons. This is as far as I needed you. ‘I shall not fall.’ ‘I will climb up.’ Asura Lord Bhandasur,
please forgive my treachery and save me from falling. I neither forgive,
nor plead. I will not hesitate
to throw you off this cliff. You are
of no need to me now. using others to one’s advantage and betraying them later is far too common. Asura
lord Bhandasur, welcome. Maybe this cavern shrouded by
a stream of lava is where I can find
my ancestors. That wretched Bhandasur’s ploy
will be foiled only when this Elixir
stops raining. And I know
how to accomplish it. Mother, this rain of Elixir cannot be destroyed by
Gods and celestial eclipses. But the lord of all Elixirs,
Sura-Sagar can absorb this and stop these Asuras. Lord Sura-Sagar,
show yourself. Greetings, All Mother! Greetings, Lord Ganesh! How may I be of service? Sura, I want you
to gather all elixir here and absorb it all
within you. As you command,
All Mother! ‘Lord Ganesh has
used his great wisdom’ ‘to find a counter
to this ill move.’ I will not
Bhandasur succeed and I will foil
every strategy of his. Greetings,
my ancestors. You have reached us. I am Hiranyakashayp. I died at the hands
of Narayan as I opposed him. Greetings. I am Hiranyaaksh,
his younger brother. I was a deity
to the demons. My arrogance
led to my ruin. We are Shumbha
and Nishumbha. We could have ruled
for eternity But our greed
killed us all. I am Raktbeej. I could have captured
the universe with my clones but my greed
killed me! We Chand and Mund were the greatest. We would not have died but our rage
led this to happen! I am the greatest
of the demons! Of all the malices lust
drove me to my end! And you must learn
to embrace death here. Soon you will
join us. You are smeared
in all the malices. I am not here to die but I am here to gain a great
weapon from you that will help me defeat
that All-Mother! And that weapon
will grant me the power to stop that All-Mother or any divine being
that dares cross my path. Why
must we help you? Answer us, Bhandasur.
Why should we help you? I am Kartaveerya Arjun! A great demon with a thousand arms! So you have
been.. – Testing you. And.. And you have been
proven worthy by your cunning, power
and courage. It is fine to help
such a demon. We see all your virtues. We are pleased
by you, Bhandasur. And we will tell you
to reach great power and of a weapon
to hurt divinity. We are pleased
by you, Bhandasur. And we will tell you
to reach great power and of a weapon
to hurt divinity. but you must understand
what makes them divine! The divine trinity
has made sacrifices. Lord Shiva consumed
the great poison. Lord Narayan has suffered
mortal life many times as he incarnated
on the earth. Goddess Laxmi severed
her limbs to reach divinity. After severe meditation Lady Parvati became
a goddess! Even Lord Brahma lost
his fifth head and thus he reached
divinity. Even we demons have made
a great many sacrifices. But our sacrifices lacked
sentiment. And selfless love is shown by deities. But how
can we show something we never knew? We demons know nothing
of selfless love. ‘Selfless love.’ ‘Father, just like you,
I love you a lot.’ ‘I do not wish
to lose you.’ ‘You
are the only one’ ‘that love dearly.’ You have sensed
a being that loves you ever so dearly. Who is it? Your mother?
Your wife? Or is it your daughter? Why do you stay silent? Sacrifice your daughter. Sacrifice
my daughter? Take her to the depths
of nether realm and end her! From which she was created. And then you shall see
the great weapon coming for you! Sacrifice your daughter! And then you shall see
the great weapon coming for you! Sacrifice your daughter! You can then defeat
the Goddess. Go, Bhandasur!
– Can you do it? Can you sacrifice
your daughter? ‘One whose heart
is filled with doubt’ ‘shall find no peace,
no joy in life or in afterlife.’

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