Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 573 – Full Episode – 31st October, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 573 – Full Episode – 31st October, 2019

Mushak, follow them. Keep an eye
on where he is taking her. Of course, my Lord. I will reach there
as soon as I have the Kheer. Greetings, my Lord. Father, you have not told me
where we are going. What do I have to do there? All right.
I will tell you a story. Listen to it carefully. ‘This path leads
to a deep chasm.’ There was a great king who was expanding his empire
with his might every day. One day, when a three-faced
difficulty came in front of him it seemed as if his growing empire became diseased. Then he was
haunted by bad luck and that king started losing many things one by one. This streak of misfortune
was not ending. She is taking
so much time. I hope
that I do not get late. My Lady, I will help you. My Lord,
I have gained the chance of serving you
with great difficulty. Please allow me
to do it on my own. ‘I have to finish
eating the Kheer’ ‘and reach Rashmiprabha
before this flower withers.’ Now, I am getting worried. What shall I do? Father, what did the king do
to solve his problem? He went
to meet his ancestors that is the greatest people
of his clan. Then, Father?
– Then his ancestors gave him such a solution
that was akin to a great attack on his heart.
– What was that solution? His
ancestors told him that his empire could be saved only by his daughter. His daughter? But how, Father? By sacrificing her life. What happened next, Father? That king loved
his daughter a lot. So, how
could he hurt her? But the problem
was increasing. Everything near him
was being destroyed. Then one day death came knocking
for the king. Then? Bhandasur has reached
his destination. I need to hurry. I will consume this Kheer
and leave in a few moments. Rashmiprabha has reached
near the boiling lava. Lord Ganesh, you have
to come here soon. Tell me, Father.
What happened next? The problem
that came to kill the king returned suddenly.
– But how did it happen? Even the king
was surprised by it. Even he did not know
the reason for the same. But when
he went to his daughter to give her
the good news instead of her, he found
her footwear near a fire pit. It means the king’s daughter saved her father
and his kingdom from ruination
with her prayers. That girl loved
her father selflessly. Father, even I love you a lot. I can die
to solve your problem. My Lord, come here
as soon as possible. I can sense that something
untoward is about to happen. Then do it, dear. Sacrifice your life for me. Father.. Yes, dear.
– Father, what are you saying? This is the only way to stop this battle. My life.. Only sacrificing your life can save
my empire and my life. Forgive me, dear. I am helpless. You can do at least this much for me. Where are you, Lord Ganesh?
Come here and save her. There is not much
time left, Lord Ganesh. You have to come here now. Sacrifice your life, dear. No, Rashmiprabha!
Do not do this! I will distract him
until Lord Ganesh comes here and stop this ominous event
from unfolding. I cannot wait anymore.
I have to leave now. ‘So, promise me.’ ‘You will not leave’ ‘without eating the Kheer
made by her.’ My Lord,
please have the Kheer. Rashmiprabha!
Hear my voice, Rashmiprabha! Do not listen to Bhandasur!
Rashmiprabha! Rashmiprabha! Bhandasur’s shield is not
letting my voice reach her. Dear, you want this battle
to end soon, do you not? Then do not delay. Otherwise, many warriors
will lose their lives on the battlefield. The problem
that is eager to kill me will stand in front of me
with its jaws unhinged. If doing this will save you,
I will do it, Father. ‘This little girl’ ‘is ready to willingly
sacrifice her life for me.’ ‘Father, I love you
the way you love me.’ ‘I do not want
to lose you.’ ‘Her words
are resonating in my heart’ ‘and making me anxious.’ ‘She is ready
to sacrifice her life for me’ ‘and I..
What am I doing?’ We are greed fascination,
arrogance, jealousy lust and anger. We are your power
and strength. This foolish love
is making you fall weak. Until we are here you cannot lose
the sight of your aim. You cannot step back. Move forth! Push her! Do not hesitate! ‘Your truth..
So what if you..’ ‘Move forth..
Achieve your aim.. Push her..’ ‘If you do not..
Push her.. Move forth..’ ‘Push her..’ ‘Take her to the depths
of underworld and kill her.’ ‘Move forward..
Push her..’ When people allow their faults
to dominate themselves then even the positive feeling
of selfless love is defeated. I am speechless.
How can a father do such a heinous sin? ‘Do not worry, dear.’ ‘I will not
let you be harmed.’ A father’s selfless love
and his protection instills faith
in every daughter. However, by breaking
his daughter’s faith for his self-interest,
Bhandasur has done such a wrong deed
that instead of Rashmiprabha’s it has opened the path
for his destruction. Today I have betrayed
my own daughter’s trust and thus,
tainted our relationship. Even after my hand
is stained in blood.. Even after suffering
unspeakable grief.. Even after taking
my own daughter’s life.. Even after losing so much.. What did I even gain? What was the point of it all? ‘Go ahead and sacrifice
your daughter.’ ‘Then you shall see,
how you obtain the power’ ‘with which you can
defeat that Goddess.’ Bhandasur,
so far you had only witnessed a mere lethal form
of the Divine power. Now it is time to
witness its catastrophic form. ‘Sins like Lust, Wrath,
Greed, Attachment’ ‘intoxication and envy
lie dormant in every person.’ ‘Unless they are destroyed
they are sure to destroy us.’

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  5. I didn't like this episode. We already live in a world filled with so much violence and evil people. I know Devas will win but this episode was too cruel, on the other hand, we cannot ignore that there are some people in the real world who sacrifice their own children in rituals of black magic.
    This series inspires me to apply the Dharma in my everyday life, regardless of race or religion, we all should pray for and look after every form of life in this world.

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  8. Child actress called Rasmi Prabha played her part very well…producer and his team must give her another part in next drama theme…we as a audience awaits to see her soon…Overall this episode of Bhandasur is well presented .Thank you all.

  9. What is so important as winning , fame ,power or throne. Whereas sacrifice own daughter , even he win his demon family will be crash by his desire anytime . So the evil cant win the good . I just feel the little girl is so cute , pure and so caring for the father . But, this bhandasuar is senseless to create this heinous sin . Hope
    Adi parashakti can save this girl , ganesha the most gentle also gets angry . There is no righteousness . Even i also feel very angry to slash this demon. Hope all deva and godness can destroy this kind of demon soul . Om gam ganapathayeh namaha .

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