Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 575 – Full Episode – 4th November, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 575 – Full Episode – 4th November, 2019

I have only one wish
in my mind now. Revenge! Which I want to seek
from Lady Parashakti. I will not be sad even if I have to lose
Lord Shiva’s son, Ganesh and Lord Shiva himself
for that. ‘I will not be sad’ ‘even if I have to lose
Lord Shiva’s son, Ganesh’ ‘and Lord Shiva himself
for that.’ Lord, did I make
any mistake? No, Lady. You have not made
any mistake. Your ‘Kheer’ is very tasty. A great sinner
has made a mistake who is moving forward to
get punished for his sins now. Permit us, Lady. “Hail Lady Bhairavi.
Hail Lady Tripura Bhairavi.” “Hail Lady Bhairavi.
Hail Lady Tripura Bhairavi.” “Hail Lady Bhairavi.
Hail Lady Tripura Bhairavi.” Greetings, Lady. Where is she? I do not want
to waste time by fighting with the maids. Go and inform
your main Lady that the demonic king,
Bhandasur, has arrived. Ask her to respect
my position and come in front of me. Not you Goddesses but I want to destroy
only her. Stop. Where is she? If she has
any power and courage ask her
to come in front of me and show it to me. Has my challenge
not reached her? Or has
she closed her ears out of fear? Did she get scared
of Bhandasur’s name that she is not moving
from her chariot? Lady, why are you allowing him
to humiliate you? Why are you waiting so long
to punish him for his misdeeds? Why are you not giving
permission to me and the Goddesses
to silence him? Ganesh, when somebody’s
sins have crossed the limit and he has no blessings left how can I appear before him
even to punish him? He will have to take my name
for that. But Bhandasur is not even
doing that. I have understood
your opinion, Lady. I know how to make him
take your name. Facing such insult would be a disgrace
to anyone. But the Goddess who is leading you is not brave at all. Enough.
Stop it, Bhandasur. Bhandasur, do you even know that you are making
a big mistake? Do you even know
whom are you challenging? Lord, is she not
the same weak woman who sent all of them to fight on behalf of her? But she herself did not come
to the battlefield. Bhandasur,
do not make the mistake of considering woman
and her power weak because the one whom
you are considering weak is the reason for
everyone’s existence. And if the woman whom
you are using such humiliating words for
comes in front of you you will not be able to stand
even for a second. Or there is a possibility that you are actually
so unintelligent that you are not aware
who she is, what she can do and what her name is. I know it. I know everything. Her name is Lady Parashakti
or Lady Lalita, right? ‘Her name is
Lady Lalita, right?’ Ganesh has done his work. Bhandasur has finally taken
Lady Lalita’s name. She is the Lady Lalita whom somebody calls
the form of spirit and somebody else calls
her the Goddess of Goddesses. But for me she is only a scared woman. Where did you go now,
Ganesh? I had heard a lot
about her greatness. Parashakti is this
and Parashakti is that. You ask her
to come in front of me and prove her greatness. That is when I can know her reality. I, Bhandasur,
challenge you again. Lady,
uttering your name once is akin to performing
a 100 noble deeds. So, he must have earned
enough blessings by now by taking your name
so many times that you can go
in front of him and give him death. “Take the ferocious form
of Chamunda” “kill this wicked demon.” “Hail Lady Lalita.” “Kill Bhandasur.” “Kill Bhandasur.” Finally, along with Bhandasur’s
this much is allowed nature his end has also begun. “Hail Goddess Shirodevi.” “Shikhadevi.
Kawachdevi.” “Mitradevi. Astradevi.
Kameshwari.” “Bhagmalini.” ‘Bhandasur,
why are you scared’ ‘after seeing this Goddess?’ ‘You have the power
of the great weapon now.’ God appears before
a person in the form in which he wants he wants
to meet God. He wants to meet Goddess in
the form of anger and revenge. So, he will meet Goddess
in her fierce form. What kind of
a warrior are you? You invoked me
in order to fight with me. Forget fighting me you do not have
the courage to look at me. How can I fight someone who doesn’t have the courage
to look his opponent in the eye? Anyway, I am giving
you strength. So that you can catch
a glimpse of me. Once the creation
witnesses its creator it is bound to be humbled. This is the glory
of Goddess Lalita. Those who have animosity
towards Her or express their distrust for
Her because of their stupidity become spellbound
after catching a glimpse of her. If this wicked Bhandasur
surrenders before the Goddess and takes refuge in Her this battle will end
immediately. “Hail the Goddess..” “Hail the Goddess..” “Hail the Goddess..” Bhandasur! Bhandasur! ‘What was I about to do?’ ‘Taking revenge is my goal.’ ‘I am not going
to get tricked by her.’ When a person is in doubt all the bad qualities of him
take a control over his mind. And he fails to distinguish
between right and wrong. It is impossible for him to surrender himself
to the Goddess. As long as Bhandasur kept
control over his mind he ruled over his kingdom
for centuries. But when his mind is controlled
by his bad thoughts he will not be able to survive after committing
such a heinous crime. Nor does he deserve
to stay alive. ‘My elephant is bowing down
before my biggest enemy!’ ‘I will punish him.’ Did you see
the result of my wrath, Lady? Henceforth, this is the rule. Whoever bows down before you will meet the same fate
like this elephant. Those who bow down
before me will stay alive. Even you..
– Bhandasur! And a daughter’s unconditional
love for her father is the source of happiness
for a father. You not only insulted
your daughter’s selfless love but also took away
her happiness from her. What kind of a father are you,
Bhandasur? Did your hands not shake before
committing such a terrible sin? Because of the crime
you committed everyone has abandoned you
today. You are standing alone
and helpless. There is no one more
helpless and defeated than you in this world today. I am not defeated. I am undefeatable. Do not try to make
me feel guilty. I have not made any mistake. I have returned victorious here. I have defeated love which weakens everyone and causes them to lose. And I did it for my kingdom my power, my demon community and myself. Even if I have to do it
again and again I will. Now your death is certain,
Bhandasur. No, Ganesh. Do not worry this evil demon will get
punished for his crimes. And I will punish him myself. He is here to fight with me,
right? Let him fight me. Go and sit on my chariot, dear. Are you really brave enough
to fight me? Then display your bravery,
Goddess. You forget, Bhandasur,
that you are only able to see me because of my own generosity. Yet you dare to challenge me? Such arrogance!
Then watch, Goddess how I make it adverse for you and your army to see anything. The dark weapon! ‘Arrogance makes
people unable to see’ ‘the strength
of their opponent.’

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