Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 576 – Full Episode – 5th November, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 576 – Full Episode – 5th November, 2019

‘Andhastra.’ Goddess, we are not able
to see anything. Our vision has become blurry. We have lost our vision. Go ahead. Try everything you can. ‘Chakshumat Astra.’ “Hail Lady Parashakti.” “Hail Lady Parashakti.” “Hail Lady Parashakti.” “Hail Lady Parashakti.” “The protector
of the righteousness..” “Protect all of us,
Lady Parashakti.” “Hail Lady Parashakti.” “Hail Lady Parashakti.” “Hail Lady Parashakti.” How could my ‘Andhastra’
get destroyed? Hail Goddess Lalita..
– All Hail! Your vision has just
become blurry now. Hence, you were able
to aim your target. Now, I will create
darkness all over. Let me see how you will
neutralise darkness and destroy my weapon. ‘Anamistra Astra.’ You will not be able to see my weapon. Nor will you be able
to destroy that. I will use two other weapons taking advantage
of this darkness. ‘Rogastra.’ ‘Ayurnashanastra.’ Mother, Bhandasur
has used all the three three great weapons
at the same time. Because of ‘Anamistra Astra’ the increasing darkness
all over the cosmos is creating problems. ‘Rogastra’ is making
everyone suffer with many diseases. Because of ‘Ayurnashanastra’,
all the Goddesses are in trouble due
to their age increasing. No matter
what you do, Goddess you will not be able
to save the cosmos or your army. Om, the holy word made weapon. You did well
by erasing the darkness. You will now be able to see the suffering of your Goddesses. It is
because Rogastrasur will
finish them all. And those left will not
able to escape old age. That
weapon will turn the youth of
the Goddesses into old age. If a problem exists,
the solution for it exists too. So do not be too pleased. Diseases have their cure. Try to cure them. How are the Goddesses
getting cured? Not only Bhandasur everyone will know that all creatures have a Goddess
residing within them. Those who invoke Her name and chant
‘Achyut Anand Govind’ sloka will be cured of their diseases. Your light
swallowed my darkness. You cure
erased the diseases. But even
you have no way of keep old age at bay. Youth is one part of the life that provides to only the body. The souls that cross the cycle
of life and death since the beginning of time know of all the stages of life. Those who believe in their soul never grow old. You still have time left,
Bhandasur. Acknowledge the power
of Goddess Parashakti Goddess Lalita
and seek forgiveness. Seek her blessings! I have heard enough about
Goddess Parashakti! You boast high
of your power, deities! So I will end
this power of yours! The weapon that
drains power from enemies! Fool! To destroy this weapon
of yours a mere word ‘Om’
is enough. The waves generated
by this word carry a might that can
destroy all negativity. Be it within or outside. It charges the surroundings
with pious energy! You can simply drain
the power of the body by this meek weapon of yours
but it cannot stop the mighty spiritual power
that comes with ‘Om’. ‘Om’! ‘Om’! ‘Om’! ‘Om’! ‘Om’! I did warn you,
Bhandasur. But now you have seen
a glimpse of her power. Her mere sight
destroyed your weapon. Chaos of illusions! Siren of fear! Mind bender! Enough of these games! I began this war and I will end you
and this war with this great weapon
of mine! Scythe of death! What is this! This weapon has summoned
the God of death! You
decimated my weapons at once! And now you see how the Gods of death
from all known universes will charge to end
your lives! How will you stop them? Bhandasur is right. Stopping the God of death
will be against the divine law. Mother would never do that. Killing the God of death
would be worse! What will mother use to counter this weapon? What if Bhandasur
succeeds in pushing All-Mother back? Bhandasur has used
that weapon and turned the tides
of war to his will. Even the divine trinity
cannot avert this weapon let alone us guardians. Even the Gods of death
are bound by duties and they are now
being used by this demon! Rules, code
and duties. They weaken you
and defeat you. And the world will see that
All-Mother will lose as she is bound by such laws! And hence it is fine to break a few laws for victory! It is fine! If you defy
some bounds to keep yourself safe
and for gains then it is fine
to do so. ‘Those who uphold righteousness
are protected by it.’ ‘And the impious beings
meet a terrible end.’

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  4. I think she can end his as fast as possible but the goddess just want to show him his weakness fearless loneliness ambitious emptiness he has. She want to teach him that black can not defeat with white like bad can’t win over good . She want to him slowly how powerful she has due just one glance is she want he will end up with his sinner.

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