Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 578 – Full Episode – 7th November, 2019

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 578 – Full Episode – 7th November, 2019

‘Why does Lord Ganesh
stand in my way?’ Great Lord! Why do you bring
such ill to me? I have always
worshipped you and this is
how you bless me? You push me to fail
repeatedly! Why do you mock
my devotion? What could you possibly
know about devotion, demon? Immense love towards
the deity is devotion. The faith that rises
from that love.. That is devotion. And what you did
was for selfish gain! And your behaviour
towards your creator was the most
vile an evil. My actions may be
ill and evil but they do not
affect me! I will do what I have
always been doing! And heed me well! Lord Ganesh is not
my creator! I am the being
that created this form of mine! The Lord Ganesh that you call the wisest.. He is ever so simple. I used this
to my advantage! I forced him to give me a form. And hence.. I am the supreme being! I am a God! I am supreme! I am God! That is not all! After taking a form I exploited his kindness
so many times! I bound him to oath and I forced him
to stay in my city! And that is not all! When he tried to save
Rashmiprabha I took advantage
of his kindness and I took Rashmiprabha from him! ‘To help this old woman’ ‘you can summon
Lord Ganesh’ ‘and ask him to eat
the kheer made by her.’ And hence it is a mistake to think of him as wise. Bhandasur, you have
spoken enough! Do not forget! Ganesh is the deity
of knowledge and wisdom. The same words
yet again! So tell me. Why did he not stop me when I used him? If he truly was
more cunning than me then he must accept
my challenge and stop my charge with his wits. You are eager
to taste defeat and hence you want
Ganesh to meddle. Then so be it. I accept. Bhandasur. You may use all
your abilities and wisdom to pick your weapons. I give you my word. I will not strike you till Lord Ganesh
tells me the way to counter
your mystical weapons. Now this war will be fought
by the wisdom of Ganesh. And his failure
shall be mine as well.. I accept. What has Mother done? Bhandasur,
might and wisdom are to be used for good
and not for evil. They are not tested
by a mere show but they meet their
true test in times of dire need. And you will know it
right in this war. You will know
what you are and what I am! And you shall know who Lord Ganesh
truly is! I will face it, Bhandasur. And for the blessing.. All mother is the source
of all power. Driven by arrogance,
Bhandasur has forgotten that good can only reside
where Ganesh dwells. And Ganesh radiates
good fortune. And this brilliant light
is the goodness that spreads in the deities
as he has arrived! Defeat comes to those
who have something to lose! But I am willing to sacrifice anything for my victory! And you have seen it when I killed
my dear daughter by my own hands! I do not need this army
to win this war as I have this mighty
and invincible weapon. And I have defeated
the weakness of affection that lingered within me
and began a march of victory that will end when this woman is defeated. Not me but my weapon will fight this war and this very weapon will remind you of someone! ‘It will also remind you
of somebody.’ Great weapon,
get activated. What is this dangerous form
of a demon? Such a dangerous mountain? How will Bhandasur make use
of this dangerous mountain? Now, my demonic weapon and its powers
hidden behind me is sufficient to fight
as per my will. King Bhandasur has become
the king of great demonic powers by getting
the great demonic weapon. I am giving you
one more chance. What are you waiting for?
Prove to everyone that all of you have
an identity. Get a chance to rule over
this universe with me forever after emerging victorious. Yes, we are ready. We are ready.
– Yes, we are ready. We are ready. We are ready. We are ready.. Lady, get ready to face my next and dangerous attack. King Mahishasur,
get ready. You will have to make
the first attack. Yes. A woman had humiliated you and killed you, right? Defeat this lady on the battlefield
now on the battlefield now and take revenge
for your defeat. Bhandasur’s demonic army
has been destroyed. Who are these then? Lord, by the time
you understand who they are, what they are and what is the element
of my weapon and how it can be
destroyed it would have succeeded
in its attack. And my weapon will have a different effect on you. The effect of the shadow
weapon that I have used will leave you stunned. Wicked Bhandasur has made
two attacks together. On one side, he has invited
his buffalo army to harm the Goddesses
physically. On the other hand he has attacked
Brother Ganesh mentally by reminding him
of Rashmiprabha. Bhandasur, if a person
is dear to somebody his memory awakens
the feeling of inspiration and it does not make
anybody weak. ‘Who could
these buffaloes be?’ ‘What could be
their main element be?’ ‘And what is the secret
behind Bhandasur’s attack?’ ‘What am I not getting
any idea today?’ ‘I hope I do not get late.’ ‘How will the Goddesses be able
to protect themselves for long?’ ‘I cannot delay anymore.’ ‘But what is this weapon?
What is its secret?’ ‘I am not able
to understand anything.’ ‘A person who maintains
a balance’ ‘between joy and sorrow
has a stable mind.’ ‘And such a person
always wins.’

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