Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 662 – Full Episode – 4th March, 2020

Vighnaharta Ganesh – Ep 662 – Full Episode – 4th March, 2020

Goddess Devasena feels thrilled just upon hearing
Kumar Kartikeya’s name. It is not possible that devotion
is the only reason behind it. Because Devasena is always
immersed in His thoughts. She is always busy
worshipping Him. She always thinks about Him. I am absolutely sure that they share a special bond. Lady Shachi there is nothing to worry or feel surprised in this. Because when they are
going to get married it is natural for Devasena
to be immersed in Kartikeya’s thoughts. Really!
– Yes, Lady Shachi. Your daughter, Devasena
is going to get married to my son, Kartikeya. ‘To my son, Kartikeya.’ She will become
my daughter-in-law. We are so grateful, Goddess. We are so grateful. ‘I make a promise
to both of you.’ ‘In your next rebirth’ ‘when all the circumstances
are favourable’ ‘I will marry both of you.’ ‘As if I do not
remember anything else.’ ‘I see only you everywhere,
Swami.’ Devasena. ‘You are not here
but your footprints are.’ What was I going to do? I cannot do this. I cannot leave Kailash without
Goddess Parvati’s permission. Each of your story ends with only one word. Marriage. ‘Brother feels enraged when
anyone even mentions marriage.’ ‘Then how will I convince
him to get married?’ Tell me, Ganesh.
What answer do you have? Speak up.. Brother Ganesh. Brother, the story was giving
a lesson about marriage but leave it. Let me narrate you
the rest of the story. How Chidambaram became
a landmark of the five elements. Brother,
this story is also related to Lord Shiva’s dance of joy. After having the amazing
experience of witnessing the dance of joy when Lord Narayan came back to Vaikuntha
along with Goddess Lakshmi he kept describing
the dance of joy. Which influenced Sheshanag. In the end, when Mahadev
took the final position it left a mark on my heart. You have told this to me
a thousand times. No, Goddess. Not one thousand but one thousand
and eight times. And upon listening to such
a beautiful narration of Lord Shiva’s dance of joy I feel how unfortunate I am. That I could not witness
the miraculous event. Lord I never wished for anything other than worshipping you. But today for the first time I have this strong desire to watch Lord Mahadev’s
dance of joy. Sheshanag if you want to watch
that divine view and witness Lord Mahadev’s
dance of joy then you have to take
a rebirth. In that birth you will have to become
Mahadev’s disciple and observe strict austerity. Lord. To watch the dance
of joy of Lord Mahadev I am ready to take birth
in any form. It will be an honour for me. Bless me, Lord. On one hand,
Sheshanag was waiting for Lord Narayan’s blessings on the other hand, a devotee
name Gonika on the Earth was worshipping God
to have a child. Oh, Lord. Answer my prayer. Please bless me with a child. Lord,
Lord Mahadev’s dance of joy which You were
praising tirelessly bless me to have
the good fortune of watching Him
in that position. Sheshanag the purpose for which you
want to take another rebirth as Mahadev’s devotee its right time has arrived. Lord, then also bless me for I may never
forgot the purpose behind taking a rebirth
as Lord Mahadev’s devotee. May I have the good fortune of witnessing His dance of joy,
Lord. So be it. I just wish for a child
to address me as mother. Oh, Lord. Please bless me with a child. Thank You, Lord Narayan. I knew that you would
definitely bless me. Greetings, Mother. I have been yearning to hear someone
address me as such. Thank you, dear. You have fulfilled my wish. Mother, will you keep
addressing me as son or will you give me
a name too? Patanjali. Patanjali?
– Yes, dear. As per the blessings
of the Lord ‘Pat’ means
fallen from the sky and you came into my hands
in the form of an offertory. So, Patanjali. Thank you, Mother. So, this is how
Sheshnag took a new birth and he was called
Patanjali. But he was born by hearing
praised of Lord Shiva. So, he remembered
only one thing. That he eager to witness
the Lord’s dance of joy. So, Patanjali took permission
from his mother and left to meditate
to Lord Shiva after few days of his birth. God bless you. Devsena, I know
that you want to go. Lady, I am sorry.
You gave shelter to me. And I was leaving
without thinking twice. But, Lady, what do I do? I am unable to stop myself
from following him. I have realised that he is going to get
married to me. Devsena, I can understand
your hesitation and the state
of your heart too. You would be husband
is on a pilgrimage and you want to meet him. I give you permission
for that. But, Lady,
we are not married yet. Would it be right to do so? Dear, you need not
think so much. Follow your instinct
and the call of your heart. Devsena, if you have
Lady Parvati’s permission you can assume that you have
my permission too. After that.. ‘You would be husband
is on a pilgrimage’ ‘and you want to meet him.’ ‘I give you permission
for that.’ ‘Why did mother
let her come?’ ‘Brother is still not happy
to get married.’ ‘Brother will get more angry
if she comes here.’ ‘How will I convince him
for marriage then?’ ‘She is proceeding
towards Kedarnath.’ ‘What do I do now?’ Ganesh, where are you lost now? What are you thinking? Sister-in-law’s journey.. Lord, what are you saying? Lord, what are you saying? I mean to say, journey. Sage Patanjali’s
journey ahead which I am going
to narrate now. ‘I spoke about
Lady Devsena’ ‘even though she is
not here.’ ‘What will I do
if she comes here?’ ‘I should not let myself
get distracted.’ ‘I should concentrate
on narrating the story’ ‘of Sage Patanjali
and Chidambaram to brother.’ ‘Otherwise, brother
will get angry again’ ‘if he gets to know
what is in my mind.’ The mystery of Chidambaram is related to
Sage Patanjali’s story. The mystery behind
Lord Shiva’s ‘Akashlingam’ that why he cannot be seen
in reality to anyone. And not just
Sage Patanjali there was one more
sage too who helped Sage Patanjali
in reaching the right place when he was a kid. Hail Lord Nataraja. ‘The Lord’s name is
attracting me’ ‘towards that direction.’ ‘I should proceed
towards that direction.’ Hail Lord Nataraja. Hail Lord Nataraja. Hail Lord Nataraja. Hail Lord Nataraja. That sage’s name was
Vyagrapad. ‘Vyagra’ means tiger. Did his name mean
the feet of a tiger? Yes, his name
is related to the story of a great devotee. He was dedicated towards
Lord Shiva since childhood. He would always walk on paths
containing thorns and stones and bring the best flowers
and ‘bel’ leaves for the Lord. ‘Lord, I am not
worried about myself.’ ‘I am only worried
about taking’ ‘flowers and ‘bel’ leaves
for you.’ He would overlook
all the problems in his devotion. After praying for many years when the Lord was
impressed by his faith and he appeared before him and expressed his wish
of giving him a boon.. “Hail Lord Shiva.” Lord! Lord.
Greetings, Lord. Devotee, I am impressed
by your devotion. Tell me, what boon
do you want? Lord, it is my only wish to always have faith
in you and to bring the best flowers
and ‘bel’ leaves for you. Human feet stop me
on this path of thorns. So, have mercy on me and give me feet
and eyesight like a tiger so that I can collect
the flowers in the morning before any insect
touches it. Amen. Lord, thank you very much
for this favour on a devotee like me. And this is how,
after this divine incident the sage got the name
‘Vaigrahpad’. He was such a great devotee. A true devotee
asks for nothing from his lord than his devotion. Yes, Brother. That is why he is
one of the greatest devotees of Lord Mahadev. And such devotees
are the reason for the glory of their lord. Lord. I feel like I
am dying out of hunger. I wonder what that boy
must be going through. He is an innocent boy. I know I am starving. But the more I think of food,
the more hungry I will feel. There are dishes all around. I will have ‘laddu’. This is not food. This is just sand and stones. ‘When we starve hard’ ‘we hallucinate about food.’ ‘That is what
happening with me.’ ‘But what do I do now?’ ‘This hunger has become
intolerable now.’ ‘It has become uncontrollable.’ ‘How do I resist it?’ My devotion is my
food and everything. Chanting his name gives me
same satisfaction as I get when I had
‘Laddu’ and ‘Kheer Churma’. Lord.. It is true. Hunger is nothing
and devotion is everything. Because
taking his name alone will satisfy
my hunger and thirst. Hunger makes
us do everything. This is just the beginning. Their hunger will make
even their gods restless. Let’s see how their devotion
satisfies their hunger. Mother, I have understood
your command. Go. Ensure that we have prepare
multiple dishes today in the royal kitchen
of Mahendrapuri. I do not know
about their hunger but they will surely
get rid of their devotion. Food? Let me see how
you express you devotion while you starve. ‘My hunger is increasing.’ Demon king,
your plan is working. This devotee is forgetting
her devotion. No.
I cannot bear this oppression. I want good. Give me food. You will surely get it. You will get to enjoy
56 different dishes. But accept this truth. Consider your brother,
Lord Surapadman to be your lord. ‘A true devotee
keeps his devotion’ ‘above all the
materialistic things.’

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