Chirattakonam in 2001, obviously I pronounce badly that I do not speak
Indonesian … This Eucharistic miracle was recognized
May 5, 2001 in Trivandrum, India … In the Host, we can see an image of a
man like that of Christ Crown of thorns …
To this day the Host is still preserved in the church …
The pastor of the church where this miracle Eucharistic arrived said the following: … April 28, 2001, in St. Mary’s Church
at 8:49, I take the Blessed Sacrament in the monstrance, for the worship of the people.
After a while, I saw what seemed to be 3 points on the Holy Host,
then I stopped praying and I looked at the monstrance and also invite
the faithful to admire the 3 points. So, I asked the faithful to
continue to pray and keep the monstrance in the tabernacle … On Saturday morning, May 5, 2001, I opened the church for the liturgical celebration, as usual I’m wearing a dress and I went to
tabernacle to see what was to arrive at the Eucharist … Immediately, I noticed in the Host, a figure similar to human face … I was so touched deep in my
heart, that I asked the faithful to put on one knee and start praying …
I saw the face of Jesus Christ on the Host but maybe I was the
only to see him … So I asked a man who was there, this
that he saw, he said to me, “I see the figure of a man “… I noticed then that another faithful was completely stunned the gaze fixed on the monstrance … We started worshiping and the more minutes passed, the bigger the picture was becoming obvious … I did not have the courage to say what
whatever and I started to cry … In Adoration, we read a passage of writing, the readings of the day were the gospel of St. John chapter 20, which tells the story when Jesus is appeared at St. Thomas and asked him to
check his injuries … During my homily, I could only say that a few words and as I had to go, immediately, to another church, to side to celebrate Mass. I immediately summoned a photographer … to capture the images and the Holy Eucharist … After
2 hours, all the pictures were taken, and the more time passes, the more the faces of each photo become more and more sharper …

34 thoughts on “VRAIE APPARITION DE JESUS … JESUS APPARAIT SUR UNE HOSTIE EN INDE – eucharistie-visage de Jésus”

  1. Je reviens à l instant de l adoration ' ces indous catholiques meritent tellement ce Cadeau Suprême ' tant de ferveur dans leur foi !!! Tant d amour pour leur Christ ' que la France redevienne fille aînée de l église. Amen

  2. 13 Ces
    hommes-là sont de prétendus apôtres, des ouvriers trompeurs déguisés en apôtres de Christ.
    14 Et ce n'est pas étonnant, puisque Satan lui-même se déguise en ange de lumière. 15 Il n'est

    donc pas étrange que ses serviteurs aussi se déguisent en serviteurs de la justice. Leur fin sera

    conforme à leurs actes. 2 Corinthiens 11:13 et 14

  3. Pray for persecuted Christians in places like India their faith is strong but under attack on a daily basis but it’s not reported..

  4. Jésus-Christ j'ai confiance en Toi!Vierge Marie,j'ai confiance en Toi,Anges,Archanges, Saints…j'ai confiance en Vous!Prions pour ceux qui croient, ceux qui ne croient pas, perdus, malades, orphelins, âgées, malheureux, drogués, alcooliques, pour les prêtres de la planète…et pour nous pauvres pêcheurs….et notre famille a la fin ! Amen!Merci🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Esplêndido milagre Jesus é o magnífico amor o supremo bem ..Louvado seja Deus por tamanho amor por cada um de nós..
    Salve Maria Imaculada

  6. Jésus se montre a nous,nous,on doit se montrer a Lui,Jésus nous offre tout l'Amour,nous,on dout montrer nôtre Foi…par les prières. ..sincères…Amen🙏💜💜💜💜


  8. Jezu dziekuje Tobie za wszystkie laski ktore otrzymalam i wybacz ze moimi grzechami Ciebie obrazilam i moi bliscy.Jezu ufam Tobie i kocham .

  9. Jesus Christ in the blessed Sacrament! I put my trust in you. Lord deliver me. Ashame my enemies Lord and hear my cry!

  10. Prophecies X Prophesied.
    Outside the Word of God there are no prophecies; there are prophesies! And the false angel of light is a master of this art! There are false prophecies that appear every day in the world! And the Word of God, who does She / He give credit to? !!

    It is amazing how religious people are blinded by the devil's idolatry cfm 2 * Corinthians 4: 4; 11: 14 Galatians 5:20 and 1 * Corinthians 10:14 and, for this reason, they firmly believe that in the apparitions false names of the deceased illustrious around the world, bringing "prophecies" (= dozens or more of false prophecies!) or even worse: they believe that the appearance of traces of blood rolling through the images are signs of God as if the Lord Word of God accepting these "traces" as coming from him. People do not have the zeal to check in the New Testament about whether or not the fact occurred. They are unable to imagine that the false angel of light cfm 2 * Corinthians 11:14 is behind these "prophecies", for he is a master in the art of deceiving the unwary and influencing the carnal impulses of people cfm Romans 8: 7, 8. It was so in the false appearance of Mary, mother of Jesus-man (= Luke 2: 7; Mark 10:18; 2 * Corinthians 5:16; 1 * Corinthians 15: 45-47 and Philippians 2: 5-7) before 3 innocent children in Fátima, Portugal. To this day, the leadership of the Catholic Church is lacking in truth. Therefore, in this chaotic situation, the religious are unable to reach the Truth, despite the warning of the Lord's Word of God in John 8:32, because without the knowledge of the Truth, no one achieves healing and deliverance. Let us go to the Truth, then: According to 1 * Corinthians 8: 6 there is only one Lord: Jesus Christ; therefore, there is no other man or woman. Truth! Today, in the Paradise of God there is the Holy Trinity, elders cfm Revelation 4: 4, and the rest are like angels with eternal life and conscious cfm revealed by Jesus in Matthew 22: 29,30, that is, ALL saved (= including Mary, who was the mother of the man Jesus, Peter, Paul, John and James, and the rest of the saved ones) are like worshiping angels cf Revelation 5: 11-14 in the Paradise of God. CONCLUSION: According to the New Testament, there is no reincarnation (= Spiritist premise contrary to the Word of God in Job 7: 9b; Isaiah 8:19 and Hebrews 9:27) nor purgatory (= Catholics' premise contrary to the Word of God in Luke 16: 27-31; Luke 23: 40-43 and Hebrews 9:27), as these two lies would be a kind of 2 * chance to the unsaved after Jesus' work on Calvary, but which cannot be Truth for cause of the Lord Jesus' warning in John 12:48); there is also no mother of God, queen of heaven; Mary conceived without sin (= Romans 3:23 and 5:12 say that Mary sinned and sinned a lot !!), some canonized saints and, above all, there are no prophecies outside the Scriptures and there is no operation of angels taking direct orders given by people ! Therefore, in the Paradise of God cfm revealed in 1 * John 5: 7 there is the Holy Trinity, elders and the rest are angels. Look at the New Birth there!

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