Walk with JESUS – Titus 2:7 – Bro. Mohan C Lazarus #bible_devotion #Dec09 #GNBN

Dearly beloved, How are you? Are you fine? Jesus is with you, isn’t it? So, you must be happy, fine and delightful, okay? Please do not worry about anything! Whatever be it in our life, nothing is happening to us without His knowledge! He will turn everything into good. But He has written and given us in the Bible, “What we must do and how we should be!”. Look, God teaches young Titus a wonderful counsel. In Titus 2:7, “In all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works…” “You must show yourself as a pattern of good works!” God has written and given us a wonderful counsel for us. You may be studying or working or doing business or retired and at home. You could be anything. Jesus is with you, isn’t it? Will He be only with the little children or be only with the young? He is with everyone! So, if Jesus is with us we must do good works. That is what He desires – “You must be a pattern of good works!” Christmas is around the corner, isn’t it? What will you do for Christmas?
You need to take new dress, must decorate the house, etc., You even have a list for Christmas purchases, isn’t it? – Like, “What are the things to be bought during Christmas season”. It is good. You must be happy only.
Buy new dresses, dress up nicely, go to worship joyfully and rejoice. That is the reason why He has saved us, isn’t it? But, are you making others happy? Are you doing good works?
You think about it! You must be a pattern of good works these days. That’s very important. I know a young girl. She is the only daughter at her home, the only dear child for her parents and they loved her so much. She finished her studies and is working. She loves God. Once, when I met her family, they told me that their daughter would buy two dresses for Christmas. I asked them that we celebrate Christmas just one day and what is the need for two dresses. Few people buy dress for New Year also, right? You’ve also planned it, right? I thought similar thing but they said that two same dresses just for Christmas! When I asked them why she would take two same dresses, they said that she would give the other dress to any other young fatherless girl or a poor girl or a struggling child. She would take just the same one like hers, give it another girl who is poor or a fatherless girl and make them happy through Christmas wishes. I was happy and also surprised – “Good work”! A young girl doesn’t want to live selfishly, But saying, “Jesus makes me happy and I want to share that love and happiness with others!” and buys a dress for another young girl who is struggling or poor to share the happiness. This is what makes Jesus happy. What are you going to do? Do you have any such plans? Even if you cannot help anyone directly because you do not have such experience, you can also help them through someone.
In our Jesus Redeems Ministries, we help more than 10,000 poor people every year. You can help through us or you can help at your workplace or where you live or in your street. Children of widows or poor children You can buy them dresses, ask them to wear and tell them, “Come, we can cut the cake together!”. But don’t tell Christians for they already know and they would surely buy one for them. There are many Non-Christians look up on Christians saying, “Christians are celebrating this festival!”. Invite them, cut the cake with them, share it with them and tell them that Jesus loves them and not to worry. Will you do such good work? You must celebrate Christmas differently this year. Okay? Instead of wearing new dress and being happy yourself, do good works and be an example for others. If you are an elder you can say, “It’s okay even if I don’t have a new dress but this old man in our street needs a dress. You make others happy! “Yes, it has become a habit since I was saved that I do not buy a new dress for myself for Christmas!” Jesus came on this Earth in a humble stature for us; to make us happy. So, we must also make others happy. Jesus taught me that the Joy of Christmas is this! So, I have not bought a dress for myself for Christmas. I would buy dresses for others and will be happy looking at their happiness. That’s all. It is my habit. I do not know what your habit is. But I do not say that buying yourself a new dress is not correct or it is a sin. At the same time, will you also consider making others happy? Will you do good works? Decide and tell God whom you want to help. Ask God which poor man should you make happy and He will guide you. Please do accordingly! “Father, we must do good works! I must do good works for how good you’ve been to me, God! How happy have you made me. Even I must make someone from my street or my town or a person next door happy. I must make them happy through my good works. Please give me grace and bless me for this. Please help me find that joy. In Jesus’ name, I pray Father! Amen. Amen.”

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