Warbringers: Jaina

Warbringers: Jaina

Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea Beware, I heard him cry His words carried upon the ocean breeze As he sank beneath the tide Those blood-soaked shores of Kalimdor Where sailors fought and died The admiral fell at Theramore Because she left his side Why this? Why this, oh Daughter of the Sea? Why this? Did you forget your seaside days? Always the pride of our nation’s eyes How could she go astray? When she did flee across the ocean deep The admiral followed west What else but sail To save a daughter’s life And pray she still drew breath? But there he found upon those distant shores Enemies ‘pon the rise! But when he faced those savage foes His daughter stood aside And buried deep beneath the waves Betrayed by family To his nation, with his last breath, cried Beware the Daughter of the Sea I’m listening now… father. I heard, I heard across a moonlit sea The old voice warning me Beware, beware the Daughter of the Sea Beware… beware… of me.

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  1. From the song, people may assume that Jaina was bad and abandoned her father, but when you play Warcraft 3 you understand why she did that. Her father asked for it. What could have Jaina done? Agree with her father and betray Thrall?

  2. Jaina and Thrall better get a heroic golden ending. They both have suffered too much for Blizzard to trash them or shame them for their sacrifices for peace.

  3. I love/hate this song. I love it because It is a beautiful song with alot of feeling. I hate it because i cant sing it without choking up with emotion halfway through.

  4. This song is amazing! But i rly think that Russian version the best. Still listening this and russian version. Sep, 26. 2019

  5. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this. It just blows me away every time. Incredible song, great vocals, and guitar, drums, etc.

  6. it's over a year later and i still listen to this song regularly, and i think of my dad every time. i wish i could have done more to help him.

  7. This is sad. I have only played Warcraft so thought that after The horde killed her father that would be that, but now they going to war again.

  8. Blizzard: How many forms of animation do you want?

    Literally everyone (with a brain): Oh God yes please!


  9. Wondering what would happen if Jaina and Sylvanas trade fate
    If it was Kul Tiras that Arthas invaded, and it was Jaina that was killed and turned into Banshee
    And Sylvanas still a ranger and join the alliance with her sisters
    Those two always fascinates me, both powerful in their own way, both incredibly beautiful and both come from notable houses(and they're both amazing singers)

  10. Nice song but in your video description you didn't mention who the singer is. Her voice is very pleasant I wish i knew who it was so i can search for other songs she may have sung.

  11. Is a shame, the plot is a Way fantastic and epic, but actual game… Is boring has Fook, I mean seriously, I don't get it, but of course now people is paying subscription so blizzard have a machine who make A LOT of money every month, so they will not go back and actually make a good gameplay

  12. First of all, you should watch this video imagining Hitler or Garrosh in that boat.

    Jaina is a traitor who also had no qualms about comitting GENOCIDE against innocents and who put her own personal hatred over anything else and anyone else.

    Secondly, the "poor dad" that faced "evil orcs" in this video, we must remember was a madman that UNPROVOKED launched an invasion of orchish lands and killed emissaries sent to try and resolve things in a peaceful manner, he was not some noble man, but a rogue racist criminal madman that attempted to exterminate the orcs and instigate a new war, simply because of them being born orcs. Jaina had also attempted to talk him out of his actions, and he straight up ignored her.

    This is a video about a war criminal mourning another war criminal.
    Hopefully one day Jaina will answer for her for all the innocent lives she destroyed in order to fuel her personal hatred.

  13. Looking at this back then about a year now imagine Kul Tiras Daelin's personal fleet and men with flying ships lol they would make one awesome super power but meh a shame

  14. I feel like in a future WoW event, Jaina will snap and be a powerful driving force for a major event. It will be heartbreaking, yet awesome.

  15. Blizzard writes amazing characters of both genders so well. I am Horde and thus partial to Sylvanas, Go'el (Thrall), and Varok Saurfang, and I feel like the Alliance gets left behind, except they have Jaina Proudmore, who holds her own against her rival faction's best. I would still gank my own mom if she rolled Alliance, but I still respect my Alliance foes. The Banshee Queen is still my favorite Warcraft character, but I respect Jaina as a close second. I would still do anything in my power to kill Jaina, but by the light I respect her. They need to step up the guys' writing in this game, the ladies are clearly far ahead. Saurfang is holding his own in a 4 way with Sylvanas, Jaina, and Queen Azshara.

  16. The comics should have been done with this kind of art style – not the ridiculous style they actually do them with.

  17. Jaina suffered more than sylvanas, she deserves far more than sylvanas, sylvanas is dumb, she is killing everyone cause we killed arthas before she gets to, sylvanas needs to get DPS fron players

  18. I am not a fan of so many decisions made in Battle for Azeroth, both narratively, and gameplay, but my god, this song makes me bawl my eyes out every time I hear it. I don't know how else to say it, but you feel it in your bones. I have almost never liked Jaina; I think she's arrogant and judgemental in a binary-to-a-fault manner (blaming Thrall for making Garrosh Warchief, and thus for the subsequent bombing of Theramore, as well as her judgement of Arthas for the Culling of Stratholme, in what was clearly a very difficult decision, weighing the lives of the city versus the kingdom with no time to deliberate). But here, you can feel the ache of her regret and sorrow over her father's death, and that she judges herself far more harshly than Daelin Proudmoore, or the people of Kul Tiras, ever would.

  19. This is how Daenerys Targaryen should have been written and executed. Being morally grey and filled with so much anger, but definitely not madness

    Even if she ever goes mad and wants to burn them all, Arthas or even Sylvanas is a pretty much better figure

  20. It was good to see this. I unlocked this cutscene this morning but my gf was still asleep so I couldn’t watch with volume. So it was just an animated short with no context. Love it now that I have watched it with the song. I love Jaina.

  21. It is such an odd detail. But the anchor symbolism in this short is AMAZING. Her resolve to no longer stand by, (striving for peace) is shown visually as a war ship that is ready to sail with its anchor that was raised from the bottom of the sea.
    All the things that were holding her down, her father took it with him to his grave.

  22. When the realisation of what this song meant sink in i really felt old (i was around 7 years old when warcraft 3 was a thing)

  23. Not even 10 Mio. views ??? Their cinematics and animated shorts are WAY better than some movies out there. They deserve more attention. Awesome work guys!

  24. Honestly, Blizzard should've made her as a "antagoinst" choise of Alliance like Sylvanas side for Horde with wanting have no realationships with Horde, except Jaina would've actual reasons to do this .

  25. Every Warcraft cinematic makes you go wow! (pun intended), but this, this is a whole another level. This is haunting, chilling, this evokes something deep within.

  26. Jaina: Dad yer wrong don't fight orcs.
    Also Jaina: Yah orcs suck.
    Audience: What?
    Also 4:20 Wow Jaina you're so cool… Talk slowly more, maybe you'll sound more deep if you talk even slower…….

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