Welcome to India’s Bear Temple ?? (Chandi Mata Mandir)

Welcome to India’s Bear Temple ?? (Chandi Mata Mandir)

We’re a long way from Delhi Friends! I’m
here in the middle of nowhere in Chhattisgarh. In this rocky lush Valley. To
take you guys to a very very special temple. You guys have heard of the rat
temple in Bikaner in Rajasthan, right? Well this is the bear temple here in
Chhattisgarh. Bears come to this temple every single day. Let’s go and try find
some. Let’s go and check out this amazing temple. And I have no idea where we’re
going, the car park is there. Our motorbikes are there, nobody else is around, by the way, no one is here this. This is a quiet quiet place and I’m guessing I have to go up here somewhere. I’m gonna follow that music
and I can already see signs for bears on the rocks here so I’ll use my like selfie
stick to defend myself if I need to but apparently these beers are very friendly
so let’s go and try and meet some bears at this temple. How’s this I’m
literally walking up a rock face here and I can see all over the region here
all over Chhattisgarh and I can see a lot of temples. This temple is right on
top of a rock face guys. On top of a mountain. I made it a hub the rock face and we’re here at Chandni Mata Temple and Chandni, the goddess, she is one of
the most powerful because actually. She can use all of the Hindu gods powers
combined. She is very very strong. And so this temple here behind us, that is dedicated to her, to Chandni. The Bears aren’t here yet they come
between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. So just hang around for a while we’ll find
them. You got the painters up there. Alright, so, we met the priest. He said the bears are coming and they should be here now so yeah they come pretty regularly and you know I guess people feed them here so that’s why they keep coming back. And here the bears are. They have come
bang on 4:00 p.m. Even more bears have come right now. There’s five or six bears that live around here. Now, I’m not gonna get into whether it’s
good or not to bring these bears here like this. But they come on time every
day. They come out of the wild. They’re not kept in cages here and brought here okay. These are wild bears and this just shows how much wildlife is here in Chattisgarh
and how they’ve actually looked after the forests in the state and looked
after the wildlife. There are literally bears roaming around coming to a temple every single day to eat. They try and keep the beers just outside of the premises behind the wired fence they’ve put up. But they do get in like like
right now. So they do walk around the Temple area here as you can see. They’re
just over there. They’ve got through the gate and yeah just coming around doing what they want to do. They’re free to roam here. And
there’s a guy here obviously and his job is to keep them away from people and
just make sure nobody annoys the bear. He’s looking after them basically. Okay now my next problem is the bear is literally sitting where I need to go my
motorbikes this way. So what to do? He says I can go. Any beers in the background guys? They’re not following me? They’re all on this side. They all came out this way. But my motorbikes down there. And mine’s the only bike down there right now actually. Another incredible place here in Incredible India. If you love India, like I do, hit that subscribe button. If you’re coming to India soon check out the rest of my channel it is
gonna help you so much in traveling here and discovering the real beauty of
incredible India. Long live India.

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  1. Karl you come here in mp . There is another goddess temple in which tiger comes during Navratri in the temple infront of all people but harms no one and goes after paying respects.
    And I mean a full grown tiger .
    And there's one more down south where lion comes during every Navratri on last day.

  2. Ab to Bhai ye videshi bhi Jai Hind bolne laga
    Bas hamare desh ke muslim ko hi problem Hai Jai Hind or vande matram see
    Chalo aise gaddar hame yad to dilate Hai ki desh bhakti Kya hoti Hai

  3. If you are still near there, near city Mahasamund,just try SAHU hotel tea it's famous there one more memorable things.

  4. Welcome to chhattisgarh… i am from raipur… and this temple is….. awesome….. historically important….

  5. Never heard of this temple, as Indian if feel, well not surprised as I've been following carl for a long time now. Lmao
    Till now we all know that he has seen the beauty of India more then any Indian ever can probably.

  6. I m from India and I am very attracted to New Zealand since my childhood . Black caps is my fav cricket team . Chris Cairns , Chris Harris , Jacob oram , Scott styris , Andre Adams . Shane bond my fav

  7. so karl u exposed the bear facts ! lol ! add also the temple of rats where no1 gets any diseases ! santhan dharma truly promotes univeral love & divinity in all. abrahamanic faiths teach hate & say that animals have no souls. its a no brainer which to follow if u r a true seeker of god !

  8. U speak very good hindi.. not even some indians can speak like that.. they cry to speak hindi.. salute u brother

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