What is BibleProject?

What is BibleProject?

So, the Bible is one of the most influential books of all-time but, what is it exactly? Yeah, some people treat the Bible like a divine behavior manual that dropped out of heaven. Others use it like a theology dictionary, looking to answer all of our questions about God. Others still think of it like a grab bag of spiritual one-liners and inspiring stories. But, here’s the thing: the Bible isn’t written as a rule book or theology dictionary or even as a collection of inspirational writings. Then, what is the Bible? Well, open up the Bible to page 1 and read the opening words. “In the beginning…” Now, turn to the last chapter of the Bible where you can read this: “…and they reigned for ever and ever.” Okay, so the Bible is telling a story from beginning to end. Yeah, it is one epic narrative about how God has appointed humanity as his partners to oversee this amazing world. It is about how we have ruined that partnership and how God is restoring us and our world through Jesus. Okay, one story, but there is a lot going on. Many plots, many characters, all written in many different books. But, once you see how every book has a careful literary design, you won’t get lost. And, you can see how it fits into the overall storyline. There are also important repeated themes that weave through the entire biblical story. Yeah, like the covenants that God makes with people. Or, the hope for a human who will confront evil. Or, how God’s justice will one day make all things right. And every theme culminates in the story of Jesus. There are also a lot of strange words in the Bible. Words we don’t use in normal language. But when we take time to understand them, we discover profound ideas that contribute to the overall biblical story. So, it takes work to know how to read the different types of literature in the Bible. But once you do learn how, you will discover that the Bible is a work of literary genius that can transform how you live and how you think about everything. So, that is what the Bible Project is all about: to help people see the Bible as one unified story that leads to Jesus. We are a non-profit animation studio that makes videos and resources. It is all free to use because of a large group of generous people who have come together to contribute to this project. You can find everything that we are up to at TheBibleProject.com.

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  2. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on Youtube… what a blessing. Subscribed forever and looking forward to more. THANK YOU FOR BEING VESSELS.

  3. I only just recently discovered this, when my homeschool teacher directed me to it, by having shown me the Proverbs video. I really do appreciate the fact that the guys who work on this are so down-to-earth and, like, act like regular human beings, and don't seem to think that Christians have to act a certain way, and if they don't they're sinning. As a young person, I find that really admirable and a breath of fresh air. I'll definitely be using these to aid my Bible study.

  4. I beseech (The Bible project) co & crew continue to make more videos. Stay Blessed.
    Love from India! ✝❤

  5. Right when a person feels like there is no Hope, "BINGO", Hope drops in to cheer you up!

    I love You, thank You Lord Jesus.

  6. You guys are without a doubt, a powerfull instrument through whom God will continue to spread the word. This idea of the bible project, is a genius and an awesome idea, that certainly came from God's intellectual mind. I LOVE WATCHING these videos, it's as if one is reading and seeing at the same time. I PRAY THAT YOU'LL NEVER GIVE UP. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, GOD WILL REWARD YOU. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Hey 🙋‍♀️🇧🇷
    I'm from Brazil and I love the videos! Thank you for the Portuguese subtitles, God bless you all❤

  8. I have been a longtime advocate and financial supporter of the Bible Project, as the videos have been immensely helpful to me and others with whom I have shared them. However, there is a heresy in Tim Mackie’s teachings and thereby the Bible Project videos that is significant enough to place them both outside of Christian orthodoxy. Tim Mackie has extracted God’s character as judge from his teachings and videos. This is evident in the Bible Project video on Sacrifice and Atonement where Jesus takes on the practical consequences of our sin, but no mention is made of God’s judgement. Tim has also conflated sin and hell, denying the existence of hell as a sentence God issues as judgement against unrepentant sin. This is evident in the bible project video on Heaven and Earth, as well as Tim’s video teaching on Heaven and Hell at Blackhawk church in Madison, WI on June 7, 2015. By extracting God’s judgement and Jesus’ sacrifice as providing substitutionary atonement, Tim Mackie redefines God the Father and Jesus, creating a new gospel that is in conflict with countless scriptures in the Bible. As Tim Mackie is a very experienced and educated bible teacher, this cannot be a simple error of ignorance. I can only assume it is an intentional false teaching, though I can’t claim to know Tim’s heart and or the root cause of this false gospel. But at the very least for now I must discontinue my advocacy and financial support of the Bible Project. For as much truth as there is in the videos, there is also false teaching regarding core Christian doctrine resulting in a false gospel at least as described here and potentially more. In the spirit of Romans 16:17 I (we) must avoid false teachers. If Tim acknowledges the admonition and correction being put forth by countless Christians, repents and retracts his false teachings, I will with joy once again support and promote the Bible Project work.

  9. I've tried to read the Bible the entire way through quite a few times, but never could quite do it. There were just too many bits and pieces that didn't quite make sense to me, and I'd get frustrated and skip to parts I could read clearly. This channel and the podcast that you guys have going on have helped me SO much to get a better understanding of what I'm reading! I'm so grateful to have more understanding when reading the Word, and I have almost finished my chronological reading plan!

  10. Praise God for the wonderful explanation, thank u bible project team , and I have a request to u guys , I'm in india TAMILNADU , my mother language is TAMIL is the one of the oldest language in the world, can u translate these things in tamil , and u have telugu translation that's y I'm asking thank u so much I'll pray for ur future journey. .. thank God

  11. I want to say thank you for creating this masterpiece. I always have a thing for drawing animations. I wish you could make an actual bible animation, while reading the actual verses, that would be so cool. Anyway, this is a great help. Thank you and God bless.

  12. Were you an esoteric who uploaded videos about Lucifer experiment and other esoteric stuff on your website and on YouTube before renouncing the esoteric and turned to Christ? Your videos look similar to the person who uploaded those esoteric videos

  13. All your videos are so insightful, Thank you… I pray that you do the same for Islam, you will notice a plethora of correlations. Only if your demographic knew, It's all God's Word ^_^

  14. It is awesome. I love the graphics, very inspiring, helps me to understand the scriptures. Congratulations for this amazing project.

  15. The Bible is the word of God, the narrative of the spiritual journey of man and all that was and will be. (At least concerning us)

  16. If the bible was critiqued like every modern piece of media today, it would have been panned by everyone for its inconsistencies and ridiculousness. The stories are fun to read, but when you go beneath the surface, you see how broken everything is.

  17. I really like this channel verry inspiring the way they explain to you what is the bible and what is the purpose of the bible for your life. it brings you closer to GOD in a simple explanation and animation. It will touch your human hearts. i really recommend this channel i really love it. ❤️

  18. Thank you for doing all these very informative videos that lead many to a better understanding of the Bible.
    The more accurate we understand, the more accurate the application will be.
    God bless you guys!❤😊
    More power, guidance, and wisdom from Above😇

  19. This is so cool, amazing way to connect & communicate with people, & no overarching promotion of an organisation, straight to the word of God. Love it.

  20. I love your videos! My husband and I have been volunteering in prison ministry for the last 10 months at deschutes county jail in Bend Oregon. I was wondering if you had some resources? To share in the jail with the inmates. 🙂

  21. Lord,

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  22. I hope you grow and don't stop what you are doing with this channel.. This is a very precious find for me. Thank you . May God be glorified!

  23. I hope you grow and don't stop what you are doing with this channel.. This is a very precious find for me. Thank you . May God be glorified!

  24. Hi I've added Chinese subtitle to this video. Could you please review and approve it so that I can use it at our Chinese student fellowship tomorrow night! many thanks xx great stuff!

  25. Could you do a word study video on 'Grace'? not just the grace for salvation but the grace that extends to us for our every day. Is grace only a new testament thing?

  26. Dang, just stubbed across this channel and have to say this is absolutely incredible. Can't wait to dig in to all your content. What a blessing from God. Thank you!

  27. This is INCREDIBLE work! I’m speechless. Thank you for sharing your talents in a way to enlighten others! Thank you so much!

  28. I pray to the Heavens that this channel blows up ♡♡♡ Much love: From South Africa 🇿🇦 I will be playing this for my kids. THANK YOU!!

  29. Wowwwww I'm just blown away!! Just awesome! You guys can make- create- do endless things!! Wowww the sky is the limit. I'm definitely will support you guys!!

  30. Thank you THE BIBLE PROJECT for your help to explain, interpret and exeget the WORD OF GOD. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU ❤️

  31. Hello the bible project, I really hope you can take a look at the shincheonji open bible seminar it is the accurate teaching of the bible, not guessing what is with our own research but 100% biblical. Please watch and understand the bible properly before teaching others. Thank you 😊🙏

  32. I'm sure someone has asked if you guys have a plan to do this but do you guys have in the plans any videos on spiritual disciplines?

  33. Would you guys please do a video on 'the grace' … I bet it would be so awesome. Thanks be to God for the wonderful work you're doing. You guys are blessed!

  34. Sorry Bible project group… I wish I could donate… But I'm just a student…. Sorry….. But I know GOD will bless your channel…. Thanks for making those videos… AMEN…

  35. I really like the way you illustrate the Bible. Your staging makes me think of such a wonderful journey that seems timeless and at the same time profound. I am truly blessed to have arrived on your channel, your explanations are both simple but so rich. Thank you very much for your wonderful work that you are putting to the benefit of everyone for free. I am extremely pleased that you are making your work very accessible to people. Be sincerely and abundantly blessed in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  36. The bible is a heavily manipulated tool of political and social influence written and modified a million times by a bunch of crazy or greedy people…

  37. The Bible is not primarily about God restoring a relationship with humans.
    That is the means to the ultimate objective: the glory of God.

  38. Jesus is not God

    Evidence is clearly in the bible

    Mark 13:32 But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

    Jesus the son does not know the hour only father knows and you believe jesus was 100% god

    John 14:28 You heard me say, 'I am going away and I am coming back to you.' If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.

    Jesus said father is greater than Himself to prove father and Jesus are not same person

    In whole bible there not even verse of trinity, Christaian usually say jesus said "father and I are one" meaning he is god but that not case here more evidence prove that not true

    John 17:21 I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

    So he saying we all will be in us so are we all god too or different meaning just messenger will let u guys come up with your conclusion on it

  39. I'm a Catholic, so pardon me for being skeptical of jumping immediately to watch, but I am curious to know: Does the channel have a more Protestant and Sola Scriptura focus? Or is there reference and documented guidance from the Roman Catholic Church? Also, does it offer a deep dive into some of the traditions of Catholicism, for example the Rosary and mysteries of the Virgin Mary? Thanks!! God Bless!!

  40. Thank you for attempting to explain what this channel is about and for going over the Bible. I just wanted to clarify that the Bible is not a story book but IT IS a Holy book with principles and rules to follow. A Holy book that depicted the history of many years in the past. Look up Sodom and Gomorrah along with the Dead Sea scrolls, They have been discovered. If you are in history class, would you call your history book a story book? Not likely. If you are reaching out to millions of people, it is important to paint the proper picture. "But the one who did not know, and did what deserved a beating, will receive a light beating. Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more." Luke12:48. God bless you all my brothers and sisters!!!!

  41. I amazed to hear about this innitiative. Wonderful animation n story narration. I hope i can work with Bible Story team one day…

  42. The Bible is the living Word of God; a love letter to the human race from our Creator. I don't belive it's a story; when i think of the word 'story' it brings to mind something that is made up- fiction. The Bible is about real people and real events and God gives all of that to us as well as so much more. There are many different forms of writing in the Bible and yes somethings are in the form of symbolism but the over all Bible is not just one big made up story or like the big book of children's fairy tales. I'm not sure if the Bible project feels that way but the video kinda makes it sound that way. The Bible is living and inerrant and so important.
    I just wanted to say that. I appreciate the work that you guys do and using your skills, talents gifts and abilities to share the Gospel and God's Word. Thank you for all your hard work.

  43. Lol, I'm an atheist. But I need to know every interpretation to be sure that me and God have completely different ideas…and to not be told "boohoo, you don't know the real Bible, here I teach you because I'm the chosen one" and other bullshit like that you hear from wierdos around the world who change the words written in the Bible just to attract ignorant and fragile people to their religion based on gaining money, using other's internal despair and thirst for truth.

  44. More than wonderful thanks. Keep going . Keep it easy and simple my children love watching it and understand it very well . May Lord bless you and support you.

  45. "The Bible is one of the most influential books of all times"
    Correction: The Bible is the most influential book of all times

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