Who was Azog the Defiler and What was the Battle of Moria? – Lord of the Rings Lore

Who was Azog the Defiler and What was the Battle of Moria? – Lord of the Rings Lore

The emnity that lay between the Dwarves and
Orcs led to many great battles and wars, as their hatred for each other grew, and the
greatest of these wars was started by Azog, culminating in the Battle of Azanulbizar also
known as the Battle of Moria. Hey guys it’s Karl here and in today’s
episode we’ll be exploring the history of Azog and the series of events that took place
during this war. So in the year 1981 of the Third Age, the
Dwarves of Moria disturbed an ancient evil that had buried itself in the deep parts of
the mountain, a Balrog of Morgoth. With no hope of defeating this fearsome demon
the Dwarves of Khazad-Dum had no choice but to abandon their kingdom, and their halls
would lie empty and lifeless for over 400 years. Unfortunately its next inhabitants would not
be Dwarves, but Orcs, that had been sent there by Sauron in the year 2480, and it’s very
likely that Azog was one of these Orcs or a descendant of theirs. Now these Orcs slowly spread out throughout
the Misty Mountains where they established many strongholds and colonies, and even though
the Orcs now ruled the kingdom of Khazad-Dum, the Dwarves had not given up hope that they
would reclaim it one day. They had not forgotten the stories of their
forefathers, of the splendor and greatness of Khazad-Dum and they yearned to return and
reclaim its halls. This thought and hope was most prominent in
the mind of their exiled King called Thror, and it slowly ate away at his sanity, until
he could resist its call no longer, and it’s very likely that Thror’s Dwarven Ring of
power played a part in this rash decision, fuelling his desire for the riches and treasures
of Moria. And so in the year 2790, Thror would finally
give in to his foolish desires, and he set off towards Moria with a single companion
named Nar. I don’t think that Thror was aware that
Orcs had now taken over his kingdom, and when they arrived at Moria’s Eastern Gate, they
found its doors wide open, and Thror proudly ventured into the darkness of Khazad-Dum,
as a king returning to his birthright. Yet something stopped Nar from following his
king, a sense of uneasiness and fear, and he begged Thror not to go past its gates,
though there was no stopping him now, not when he was this close to his kingdom. Nar refused to abandon his king and he hid
outside for many days, hoping and waiting for Thror’s return, though his hope was
in vain, for Thror had been captured by Azog as he wandered the halls of Moria, and Azog
beheaded him and branded his name upon the Dwarf’s head. Thror’s body and head were dragged and thrown
out of the Eastern Gate of Moria, and Azog was somehow aware of Nar’s presence outside,
and he chose to spare him, so that Nar could deliver a message to the Dwarves on Azog’s
behalf, proclaiming that Azog was now the King of Moria, and any dwarf that dared to
cross into his kingdom would only find their death. Azog then flung a small bag of coins towards
Nar as payment, to mock him for providing this service, and he forbid him from recovering
Thror’s body. It was clear to Nar that there was no hope
of retrieving his King’s remains, and so he picked up the bag of coins and fled, and
in his final glimpse of Moria, he saw Azog and the Orcs butchering and hacking Thror’s
body to pieces, as they fed his king to the crows nearby. Now it was never wise to anger the Dwarven
people, for they were proud, and their fury burnt hot and they did not forgive easily,
and when Thror’s son called Thrain learnt how Azog killed and desecrated the body of
his father, he sent out messengers to all the different Dwarven Houses, summoning them
to unite under one banner. It was unacceptable, that a descendent of
Durin the Deathless was killed and dishonored in such a manner, and after three long years,
the Dwarven army was ready and assembled, hungry for vengeance. Many notable dwarfs would form part of this
army, such as Thrain’s two sons called Thorin and Frerin, along with Balin, Dwalin and Gloin,
and most of their battles with the Orcs would take place in deep caverns beneath the Earth,
as they marched through the caves of the Misty Mountains sacking all the Orc strongholds
and cities that they could find, searching relentlessly for Azog. One by one these Orc settlements fell, for
the Orcs were outclassed by the superior armour and weaponry of the Dwarves and they couldn’t
match their fury and anger in battle, until all the surviving Orcs gathered in Moria under
Azog’s command, ready to make a final stand. Azog ordered his men to assemble outside of
Moria’s Eastern Gate and upon the slopes of the Mountain, to take advantage of the
high ground, and there were so many Orcs under his command that they now outnumbered the
Dwarven forces. To make matters worse, even the weather favoured
the Orc army, for this battle took place on a dark wintery day with no sunlight, and so
the Orcs were at their strongest. Despite the fact that this battle was clearly
in his favour, Azog seemed to be afraid to face the Dwarven army for he chose to hide
and wait inside of the safety of Moria while his warriors fought on his behalf. Now King Thrain decided that he would lead
the Dwarven vanguard which included his two sons along with Balin and Dwalin and they
charged into the Orc forces, though the Orcs managed to repel them while inflicting many
casualties upon the Dwarves, and they drove them back into a nearby forest that grew close
to the lake of Kheled-Zaram. The situation looked dire for Thrain’s company
who were now cut off from the main Dwarven force and to make matters worse the Orcs had
followed them into the woods and a great battle took place there. Thrain would witness the death of his youngest
son, Frerin as he was butchered by Orcs and Balin and Dwalin would also lose their father,
Fundin, in these woods. Very few Dwarves would escape unscathed from
this battle, and even Thrain would suffer significant injuries, for an Orc managed to
injure Thrain’s leg and blind him in one eye, yet not all was grim, and during this
skirmish some legendary deeds were also wrought, for at some point during this battle, an Orc
clove through Thorin’s shield, and he resorted to using a nearby oak branch to block the
incoming blows of his foes, earning him the name Thorin Oakenshield. After that day, Thorin vowed to keep a shield
made of Oak wood, until he was hailed as king. While Thrain and his forces were separated
in the woods from the main Dwarven army, the other dwarves were fighting a fierce battle
on the main front, which was held in a fine balance, though it would finally shift in
the Dwarves’ favour, when their kinsmen from the iron Hills arrived as reinforcements,
led by their Lord called Nain. These Dwarves were still fresh for battle
and they managed to drive back the Orcs to the very threshold of Moria, slaying the armies
of Azog as they cried out for him. Nain even went so far as to taunt Azog, asking
him if the battle was too rough for him to handle, and such a taunt could not be ignored,
and Azog would finally emerge from the Darkness of Moria surrounded by his bodyguard. His stamina and strength were undiminished
since he had stayed behind in Moria while the battle raged on and he rushed towards
Nain and his company. Nain was half-blinded by rage as he fought
Azog and the fatigue of battle had started to weaken him, and in a last desperate attack,
he gathering all of his remaining strength to unleash a great blow towards Azog, which
would have surely been a lethal blow had it reached it mark… though Azog was too strong
and agile and he managed to dodge it. This attack left Nain exposed, and Azog kicked
out at him causing him to stumble, and with one swift stroke, Azog brought down his weapon
upon Nain’s neck breaking it and slaying him. Azog was now responsible for the death of
two great Dwarven Lords, and he relished this small victory though it soon became clear
to him that the battle was lost. All around him lay the dead bodies of his
bodyguards, and his Orc army was defeated, fleeing in many directions as they were cut
down by the Dwarves. With no hope for victory, Azog turned to return
back into the safety of Moria, though before he could reach its gates a dwarf sprinted
up the stairs and leapt towards him wielding a mighty red axe. This was Dain Ironfoot, the son of Nain, and
even though he was barely an adult by Dwarven standards, he was filled with an uncontrollable
wrath after witnessing the death of his father, and he managed to slay and behead Azog. In a twisted form of irony, the Dwarves stuffed
the coin purse that Azog had thrown towards Nar, into Azog’s mouth and they set his head
upon a stake. They also searched Azog’s body for the Dwarven
Ring of Power, for they thought that it was still in Thror’s possession when he entered
Moria, though he had in fact given it to his son in secret, before departing on this perilous
journey. Now when Dain stood near the Eastern Gate
of Moria, he looked into the ancient halls of his people, and in the distance he caught
a glimpse of Durin’s Bain. The sight of the Balrog filled his heart with
fear, and when he descended he informed Thrain that they would not be able to reclaim Moria
while the Balrog yet lived, which was a great disappointment for Thrain, for he hoped that
this victory would free the Dwarves from their wandering fate, and allow them to secure their
ancient home of Khazad-Dum. This was the end of the Battle of Azanulbizar,
and despite their victory, the Dwarves didn’t sing or celebrate for they had lost almost
half their forces and many of them were injured, and they still had the grim task of stripping
their dead of their weapons and armour to prevent the Orcs from looting their corpses. The fallen dwarves were burnt upon pyres,
using the wood from the nearby forest, and after all their kinsmen were laid to rest,
the Dwarven forces went their separate ways. Dain would lead his father’s people back
to the Iron Hills, while Thrain and Thorin to Dunland for a while until they eventually
established a new home in exile in the Eastern parts of the Blue Mountains. Though he was slain, Azog’s legacy would
live on through his son Bolg, who would terrorize the Dwarfs and the Free People in the Battle
of the Five Armies, though that is a story for another time. Anyway friends, this wraps up today’s video
and I hope you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Azog,
and on the War between the Dwarves and Orcs, so feel free to share them with us in the
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