Why did Frodo Leave Middle-Earth? – Lord of the Rings Lore

Why did Frodo Leave Middle-Earth? – Lord of the Rings Lore

Hello friends, and welcome to another episode
of exploring middle earth. Once Frodo completed his quest and the Ring
was destroyed, he returned to the shire, but inside of staying there he chose to go to
the Undying Lands instead. Now one would think that after destroying
the Ring, Frodo would at the very least deserve some well-earned relaxation in the Shire…
so what caused him to forever leave the shores of Middle Earth? Now, Gandalf had once said “alas! There are some wounds that cannot be wholly
cured!” And I think quote really sums up what was
wrong with Frodo, his problem. That Frodo was suffering both physical and
magical repercussions from his quest. His wounds never completely healed and every
year, on the anniversary of when he was stabbed by the Witch King on weathertop, and when
he was stung by Shelob, Frodo would fall very ill; and on such an occasion, Sam had actually
once found him half-conscious on his bed muttering to himself. Now apart from these, the quest had an effect
on his mental health also, and I think honestly the mental damage was a lot lot worse physical
damage. The quest had changed Frodo, and he no longer
had the joy of life he had before. The burden of having to carry the One Ring
from the Shire all the way to Mordor left him damaged, broken. Frodo was also well aware that the ring had
overcome him at the end, since he had refused to destroy it, and he’d always remember
the ring’s sweet whispers. The emptiness that the destruction of the
ring had left didn’t heal or fill up, and we know this as when he was back in the shire
Frodo had once said and I quote “’It is gone for ever, and now all is dark and empty”. Now I think the extent of damage that the
Ring inflicted upon Frodo, was further amplified by the fact that Frodo was a good natured
person, and thus having to deal with these two conflicting parts in him. It would really leave him in turmoil and torn
apart. He could no longer appreciate Middle-Earth,
the Shire, the smaller nicer things in life… because deep down he wouldn’t feel like
a complete person, he’d always know that there was one thing however small that was
missing, and that was the Ring. Now at first Frodo wasn’t sure that he’d
never heal, as when the War of the Ring was over, he was actually very keen to return
back to the Shire, to the life he had previously. However, despite him having the hope that
he may heal in the Shire, deep down I think he knew that he was permanently scarred; As
once during a conversation with Gandalf, Frodo had said “’There is no real going back. Though I may come to the Shire, it will not
seem the same, for I shall not be the same. I am wounded with knife, sting and tooth and
a long burden” Now because of all these factors, the mental
effect, the physical effect, the fact he couldn’t heal… Frodo eventually realized that his time in
Middle-Earth was over, and that he may yet find further healing in the Undying Lands. Now normally for a mortal person such as Frodo
it was forbidden for him to travel to the undying lands by boat. However it’s believed that Arwen had asked
Gandalf to speak to the Valar, who were the Gods in Middle-Earth, and she asked him to
tell them that Frodo would go to Valinor in her place, since she had decided to become
mortal and live with Aragorn instead. One could say that she was basically giving
him her ticket to the Undying Lands. Now this wasn’t all Arwen gave him, because
she also gave Frodo a jewel for comfort, and whenever he was troubled by the memories of
Mordor, the memories of his quest, the physical pain, Frodo would grasp this jewel, and it
would give him a degree of relief, it would help him forget these menacing thoughts. Some believe that this jewel also indicated
that she was giving Frodo her passage to the West so to speak, but this is never confirmed. I always used to find it sad that Frodo, after
giving up so much in his quest, after going through so much, that he couldn’t even enjoy
the peace he had restored, the Shire, his home, everything he valued before. It really gave the books and films a bitter
sweet ending. Many believe that a part of Tolkien’s experiences
are actually imbued here, that Tolkien had fought in the First World War, and during
that war a lot of soldiers suffered from PTSD, which is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; And
the way Frodo acted, and the stuff he was going through, almost sound like PTSD. Anyway I’d like to hear your thoughts on
this, how did you feel about it, what did you think, did you think I left out anything
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  1. Why the fuck am I crying right now? Poor, poor Frodo, and even moreso, poor Samwise. Yes, he found love and comfort with his wife and children, but I know he must often visit the sea and look across the water, miserable he might never be reconnected with his best friend and fellow Ringbearer. I hope Sam was granted access for carrying the burden so he could embrace Mr. Frodo once again.

  2. I agree with you, ild call it a severe case of PTSD. :-/
    And yeah keep making Them GZ i use your vids for all LOTR related lore and questions 🙂

  3. I’ve always thought that Frodo was just worn out by the whole experience, as described by yourself. It is very much like a person living a hard life and looking forward to Heaven. I am confused at one point, however, and maybe it is just my faulty memory…or the “Mandela Effect”. According to the books weren’t the ring bearers allowed to cross the sea? I seem to recall that Sam would also be allowed to cross over because he carried the ring…even if just for a short while.

  4. "It must often be so…when things are in danger: someone has to give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them."
    (Frodo to Sam in ROTK)

  5. People in general can understand this experience, perhaps only in smaller measure but there is no going home. Let me explain we have small moments in our lives that we would love to return to, stay in but our experience and the march of time remove that possibility. This is only made worse for someone like a soldier trying to return home because experience of war not only changes them but the world they once knew.

  6. Frodo's body would have faded away much like the elf if he would not have gone to the undying land's evil poisoned his body the same way

  7. Uh, all the ring-bearers went west, including Samwise. This seems like a silly analysis. It seems to me Gandalph got permission for all the ring-bearers because they were touched by something that the Valor felt guilty about.

  8. You forgot one thing Samwise Gamgee also eventually left from the Greyhavens on an Elven ship for the undying lands also because he was also the ring bearer for a short time. This happened at the very end of the Return of the King. So Also Bilbo left with Frodo and Gandolf. It was stated in "The Return of The King" that they were allowed to go to the Undying Lands. He was allowed to go specifically because he was a Ring Bearer.

  9. Also in the books the ending was so fucked up , like after the great climax of the battle with the dark lord , they came back to have a smaller conflict with Saruman !! WTF ??

  10. People who say Sam was the true hero kinda gloss over the fact that Frodo essentially took the same journey but with the ring.
    Like I get that Sam is a hero too, and played a vital role, but come on.

  11. Well Bilbo got to go to the undying lands too. Maybe the rings magic corrupted their souls and they lost the gift of men.

  12. Many of those who fought in WWI were called the “Lost Generation” is seems of Frodo seems to share similar struggles.

  13. When frodo awakens in Rivendel there is a hint. Frodo pressed Gandalf for information about all that had happened and, before answering, Gandalf looks over frodo thinks to himself about both his and Elrond's fear that he may eventually become wraith-like due to his wound at the hands on the Witch King on Weathertop. In Valinor he would be visible to those who dwell there. Much like Glorfindel appeared to Frodo when he was driving the wraiths to the river.
    "Not evil but like water in glass for those who can see".
    I missed that the first few times I read the books. There is a LOT of foreshadowing in those first few chapters.

  14. Frodo was suffering from a really bad case of PTSD (This clearly reflects Tolkien's experiences on the Western-front in WWI).

  15. I believe some people are just to far gone and can't heal properly, so you know that it's your time to go like Frodo dose he knew he had to go

  16. Reading much of Tolkien's writings, and as a Marine with 7 combat tours, I can understand why Tolkien wanted it to work out for someone with what we now call PTSD. This was the escape hatch, a way to get beyond and find a better place, both in mind and spirit, a place of peace.

  17. Why was Frodo even live through the move he was a joke
    If it wasn’t for Sam he’d be dead ten times over

  18. I think you have completely and accurately explained Frodo's sad final fate here, after his selfless gift to Middle Earth. I was in Ypres in 2018, and visited the grave of Hedd Wyn. Then, The Menin Gate. Please save us from repeating that.

  19. I have been a Tolkien fan since I was eight years old and I think you hit the nail on the noggin. Being a storyteller, artist, and musician, I will tell you that this internet information is just a modern form of folk tale, which is why I believe there is truth. In fact, I will tell that creativity is subconscious and only comes to those who believe. However, we are, and have always been, human beings and will forever try to make that connection. In the end, I look forward to hearing your words on other stories of significance, not just for me but for others who believe.

  20. To be honest I think Sam should have carried the ring. The one time it was in his hand it didn't even affect him. He was more selfless than frodo and I think he would have been a better carrier for the ring.

  21. I heard that like Bilbo frodo was a ring bearer so that had granted them both passage…..but yeah you're right the end was bitter sweet and have to admit I did have a lump in my throat but the hero throughout for me was samwise at the end he carried frodo and for a while the ring and remained unchanged and if it wasn't for samwise frodo would have never reached mount Doom so I'm glad the end of his story was a happy one.

  22. So if only the ainur are imortal, and are the only ones who can travel to the undying lands, how did gimli travel to the undying lands with legolas?

  23. In this matter, Frodo and even Tolkien and I share a common bond in that I to was in a war and the horrors of that war have changed me so that the very nature of all that I knew was forever transformed. The scene in the tavern with the pumpkin is a perfect example of the change and the inability to rejoin the society of the innocent.

  24. My opinion may be nothing new here. But it was my impression that the one Ring was in essence Saurons soul. Having used the ring and carrying it for some time left its mark on Frodo. And like the calling of the seas to elves Frodo left Middle earth. Although i don't believe he had to, the invitation was given so he could heal. Yes, no maybe?

  25. You captured the sadness of the ending… Gimli and a few others traveled because of friendship… I always felt that traveling to the undyng lands was a type of death to this world…

    The movie did well but the ending had so much they left out …

  26. I think think was a very accurate reflection on Tolkiens thoughts on Frodo' s character and own personal experiences.

  27. Hey, don’t forget Frodo’s uncle Bilbo. He too went to the undying lands with the elves. It was because of Bilbo that Frodo ended up with the Ring of Power.

  28. This is the video where you reached 50 subscribers and were so happy! I’ve watched nothing but your videos for the past three days and you bring the same love and passion to each one despite your subscriber count now. Thank you so much for these. I had no idea there was so much. I’m learning a lot and I couldn’t be more greatful.

  29. Another thing I’ve noticed among vets is that they feel that their lives will never be as exciting or important as it was during the war. They end up craving a new adventure.

  30. I find the idea of Frodo suffering from PTSD very interesting. I always thought, that only his physical wounds, like the stab from the Witch King's morgul blade forced him to leave middle earth wouldn't be enough. But the concept of his mental damages gives the story a much more philosophical meaning. Great work as always.

  31. At the end of Thomas Wolfe's book entitled "You Can't Go Home Again" he concluded ""You can't go back home to your family, back home to your childhood … back home to a young man's dreams of glory and of fame … back home to places in the country, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time – back home to the escapes of Time and Memory." Wolfe's novel was published posthumously in 1940, so that was later than Tolkien; but the concept is the same. It also references the evolutionary arc followed by the prodigal son, or adolescents in general, when they leave home to seek their fame and fortune: when they return, things are not the same for them because they are not the same, having had life-changing experiences. How much more so Frodo, who carried a ring of fabulous demonic power and who experienced a variety of soul-devastating horrors. I loved the ending of the LOTR movie because it offered Frodo his only hope of true and lasting healing; and because it showed that the Powers That Be recognized and honored his great sacrifice. Frodo would never have healed in the Shire, would never have been properly honored beyond the ceremony at which Aragorn was crowned king, and would never have been able to achieve peace and happiness with the Shire folk who were, after all, essentially simple, happy, peasant farmers ignorant of the larger world.

  32. So PTSD ok lets get on a ship and travel to where you live forever. pain doesnt go away you just get to live with a bunch of pretentious snobs forever or stay with your friends and pass away Im picking staying with my friends till I pass

  33. I think Frodo felt like a FAKE, Phony because the ring took him at the end, he FAILED!!. He believes that he DIDN'T save anyone. When people give him praise he feels like he doesn't deserve it. That he is an imposter. He knew that he couldn't live as an imposter every day. He had to leave.

  34. I'm curious – if Frodo took Arwen's place on the boat, whose place did Bilbo take in order to go? Or did he get special permission?

    Just a thought following your clip ?

  35. Extremely late here.. I recently found your channel and have been hooked on these origin stories and in depth reviews. Thanks so much for the content.. wish I’d of found the channel sooner as it answered so many questions I had after watching the movies.

  36. I think your analysis is accurate. PTSD is a fairly modern diagnosis, although the condition has existed for a long time. It was referred to as “shell shock” during the Great War, and “Battle Fatigue” during WW2. The Great War saw the use of modern technologies alongside more traditional means. Horse drawn artillery served alongside tanks, aircraft, machine guns and mustard gas. Such things would be considered magical to an inhabitant of the Shire…probably much the same for a man from a small hamlet in England.

  37. Gf: come over

    Frodo: can’t fighting trolls

    Gf: we found the cure for Mogul blade wounds

    Frodo: IM FAST AF BOI

  38. I always thougt, that Frodo was allowed to go to the undying lands, because he was a ring bearer, as Bilbo and Gandalf. Sam would be the only one who carried or held the ring and stay in middle earth. And Gimli would be the only one not to carry the ring and go to the undying lands, despite not beeing an elf.

  39. Going back through your videos, you thanked everyone for reaching 50 subscribers. Now this vid has more than 135,000 views and you are nearing 100,000 subscribers. Did you think you would be this successful?

  40. Ahhhh, thank you for this view point. I just (finally) watched the trilogy and (embarrassed or not) i didn't "get" the ending. Didn't realize/remember about the "Undying Lands" and assumed they were going to "their final reward." You truly helped me. Now, if I'd read the books… well.. But the films were remarkable. Very grateful to you for this.

  41. is frodo becoming immortal? and what about gandalf? i know that gandalf is one of the 4 chosen wizards or something like that but im not sure about that, also he says in the movie he is send back till his task is done, so that indicates that he will die? I did not read the books

  42. God I rewatched Return of the King and I cried at ending. I’m a 22 year old man. Fuck off it hurt when they permanently split…..

  43. More than I expected, well , explanation never ever expected, so profound and innerly sweet, beautiful and painful ant the same time! The core, the interior drama of the trilogy is right here! Gracias, this is what I needed to discover for wanting to watch the movies back again after years and tell my pupils ….Gracias, saludos desde El Salvador, Centroamérica.

  44. Not to mention He had to watch the man he loved get married and have kids.. never being able to openly admit or act on the feelings he had for Sam .

  45. No I think you answered the dilemma very well in fact, Like Gandalf said; my work here is finished. Or words
    To that extent. I'm glad to see Frodo go as he did. And
    Sam stayed to marry, it was a good ending. For Frodo
    & everyone.

  46. You’ve come a long way from 50 subscribers and it is much deserved. You’re at 98,800 as of this comment and should break 100K soon. Thanks for the time and work you put into your vids. I really enjoy them. ??✌️

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