Why I Rejected The Indian Education System | Vidhi Jain (Shikshantar)

Why I Rejected The Indian Education System | Vidhi Jain (Shikshantar)

I, was one of those children, who got a stomach ache before going to school, every morning. I was also one of those children, who used to get, suddenly anxious before an exam. And I just don’t know how I managed to pass them. I went to over twelve, of the best institutions all over the country. And, till date, I ask myself, What those 15 years of education, actually helped me in? Did they help me to live, a good and a meaningful life? Did they make me a creative human being? The same thing happened when I went to college. I walked out of college, actually I didn’t finish my college. And when I was, out of the college, I asked myself this question. And I realised, that the college had just made me an urban parasite. And I was actually clueless, of the three basics of life, which are, “Roti, kapda and makaan.” (Food, clothing and shelter). And totally ignorant, of my, highly consumeristic wasteful lifestyle. After that I decided, not to waste time getting degrees, and I started, to travel, and spend time, learning with children. That’s when I realised that my real learning and *-tion* had begun. I would like to share, how I think, schools kill creativity. I was doing a workshop with kids, in, Udaipur. And, I came across, about thirty children I was doing this workshop with. It was a painting and art workshop. And, out of that thirty, those thirty children, twenty six children went to school. And there were four children, from the local ‘kachi bastis'(), who never had gone to school. When the workshop ended, it was very sad. I was very sad to actually see what had happened. Twenty-six, of the thirty, kids who had gone to school, drew exactly the same, ‘ped, pahad, nadi’ (tree, mountain, river). This was the creativity of school going children. The four other children who had never gone to school, drew amazing things, straight out of their neighbourhood. An auto-wala. What goes on in their kitchen? And, I suddenly realised that, we were actually killing the creativity of all these children, at the age of five. Leave aside, no space to make mistakes, You make a mistake, you get punished. You get punished, you get labelled. And, those dehumanizing labels stay with you, life-long. Believe me. We carry them and start accepting them. So, for me, I realised, that this education system was, actually doing much more harm than good to the planet. That led me to a further exploration. And I started understanding, I said let’s find out what’s going on in education in other parts of the world. And, it was the same story. Believe me, it was the same story. Today’s, global system of education, which I also call ‘Factory Schooling’, is creating, millions of unemployed, visionless, wisdomless, youth. It’s been about seventeen years, eighteen years, both me and my husband, decided, that we would unschool our family. And, we live in Udaipur, and, I have a fourteen year old daughter, Pankhu. She has never been to school. We’ve never sent her to school. And we’ve been trying to grow and learn with her. We believe, that actually, we are learning much more beautifully, and growing as better human beings, when our children are with us. My daughter, learns freely, spends a lot of time with people of different age groups. Chooses who she wants to learn with. And is, a much more creative person when she is in nature. So, we created a space, and a counter movement. We gathered the courage to create a counter movement. We call it “Sikshant”. And, it’s a space, for people who don’t want to go to school and college, who don’t want degrees, and, people who want to create thier own path of learning. So, we call it “Sikshantra”, — a centre for unschoolers, home schoolers, people, walk-outs, walk-outs, people who walk out of school and college, or people who also want to take a gap year. We think that’s also very important. You take a gap year, you learn a lot more than you learn in twelve years of school or college. And, it’s, It’s been a beautiful journey so far, We’ve worked with people of all ages. We encourage people of all ages to come and learn with us and create something beautiful. Let me share, some of my heroes with you. I’ll start with, these two, Kudrat and Ajanmya. Kudrat is now, sixteen, He’s a great filmmaker, an animator, a healer. He does a lot of stuff with natural materials. He’s a great chef. And, one of the most sensitive and independent kids I have come across in my life. Ajanmya, is now twelve. and, he is a great theatre person, sports person, and also, does a lot of stuff with animals. Both these kids, never went to school. Their parents, decided that they did not want to send them [to] school, because, they believe that learning, is a life long process. and, you cannot limit it only to getting jobs, degrees, exams. It’s a much, much larger project, which we all have to take into our own hands as parents. This is, Kudrat and Ajanmya, at the ages that I told you that they are, have also started their own YouTube channel. It’s called ‘Ahabandhu’. Please visit it if you guys get a chance. And, on this channel, you will see more than 50 films that they have both made in the past two years. These are films, that thought about, everything, that revolves around their life. And, I think that if children can get that confidence, to those kinds of things, we need to let our children be a little more freer, in doing what they want to do. Meet Sunny and Manoj. These are two boys, from one of our ‘kacchi bastis’ in Udaipur. And they both, walked out of school, in class 10. They had a dream to become chefs. And they, prior, and now they are, the founders of one of the most healthy and organic cafes, in Udaipur called, ‘Millets of Mewar’. Just recently, they were published, their names and they were published as leading chefs of India. I’d like to share another very interesting experiment. It’s called Swaraj University, and it’s also based out of Udaipur. It’s India’s first self designed university. I don’t know if you have heard of that term. But, it’s a two year program. And, the people who join it are called ‘khojis’. And, the two years, are in their hands. They design the two years of their life. Actually, Swaraj University was started with this belief that, true democracy happens when we can choose our own gurus and teachers, not only our leaders. We can choose our teachers. We are being able to appreciate the wealth that exists around us. So, Swaraj University was started with that, belief, and in Swaraj University, we do not ask for a degree and we do not give a degree. We do not believe in that piece of paper, Actually means nothing today. Actually, if you ask me today, I feel that degrees and diplomas, are, actually, the biggest disease and threat to human dignity and the human soul. We can do much better without those things. So, I, would like to invite everyone to think about their lives, I mean, I’m sure we all have a lot of people with a lot of degrees, But, close your eyes and think of your life, without those also, Try to imagine what you would be doing, if you were not following or running after those things. So, I’d, just like to end, by saying, that, I think, that, we do not need schools and colleges, for jobs. We do not need schools and colleges. Oh! And, one more thing, that’s a question that may arise, But I would, I was just going to say that, that a lot of you will ask me actually, If people don’t go to school and college, how do you evaluate their knowledge? How will you know, how much they have learnt. So, we, actually help. We did a campaign six years ago. It’s called, ‘Healing ourselves from the Diploma Disease’. It’s a worldwide campaign we did, in which, we actually, created a directory of more than 500 organisations. who said, that, we will give employment to passionate creative youth. We do not care if they have don’t have degrees or diplomas. They should have a will to learn. And create, amazing communities, Because, schools are actually not creating job creators. They are only creating job beggars. So, we want to create a class of people, who want to create employment for more people. So, I’d just like to end, by saying that, schools, actually, we don’t need schools and degrees, for jobs. We do not need schools and degrees for universities. We do not need schools and universities for marriage. And, we do not need schools and universities and degrees, for real learning.

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  1. Ya schools do make people dumb but end of the day education changed many things.. Education gave us freedom… If someone wants to be doctor and at age of 14 the person can't go back and complete schooling.. Because to get admission in medical college or engineer college u need ssc, hsc and entrance exam results.. Atleast basic schooling must be done.. And after that if the person whats to do whatever they can..

  2. Everyone's creativity is just hidden due to school and college and due to which they end up becoming a parent's puppet. Due to this dumb society not everyone becomes successful in life.

  3. Maam really really really hats up for you what a amazing speech conducted by josh talks team heartily thankful to you people who introducing such a mind blowing real TEACHER who actually recognize the education system of our country from the ground level and hence by sharing the spectacular things to infinite people thank you thank you thank you god bless you…

  4. Exactly. Even education in advanced fields like Science and technology can be provided without the rat race of schools and colleges. This country seriously needs to learn how to relax. Why the hell are we running so fast?

  5. If only school taught children to find their passion n pursue in that feild. I myself dunno wt im gud at ,i wanna know it but i dont know how to. Going to school is just hectic i just feel like im wasting my time .they teach me absolutely nthng. It mind sound ridiculous if i say this bt i feel like my mind is being frced 2 think one way. Im starting to hate education ,no ive already. When ws i young i hated books n now its wrse i curse them .

  6. You're doing exactly the same thing that I ever wanted to do n still willing to do but never took any action because of Parents n society as according to them I wasn't of that age who can take her own decisions but Now I'm very clear of my Dream n I know what I've to do?? n I'll do it no matter how many challenges will come in life to complete my Dream but yeah!! I'll complete it anyhow ?❤️

  7. Education is not part of our life, learning is the part of our life
    Today education is the business….
    Those who are today educated are unemployed, because they don't have knowledge

  8. I also don't know, how i passed my school exam, i somehow passed college and don't want to study anymore.

    I was already suffering from depression and anxieties, watching TV whole day, eating nonsense food. My eyesight is very poor, I am just 23. In last 9 years, I have several times thought of committing suicide. Right now I understand the reason behind this nonsense which happened with me.

  9. School has always compressed my widening imagination and thrust of my knowledge. Right now I am in college where the conditions are much worse. I always want to be a teacher so that I can help those students who are like me but because of no guidance I have joined medical college where the system of learning is just for passing the exam. I don't know now whether I will be a doctor or a teacher. I am always in the favour of free learning.

  10. The day I stepped out of that hell hole, I had a huge smile on my face. I never have to go back to that place, ever again.

  11. That's truly said.. Degree and qualification nvr helped me wen I ws dealing wid my marriage, wen I ws bringing up my kid, wen i ws going thru hard times in my family, etc. This only can be learnt wen u r free to think and choose dat how to design ourselves…Noone else can better instruct us than ourselves.. Only we need help and a supporting pillar to make it so.. ?

  12. मैम्म अगर आप हिन्दी मै बता थी तो बहुत सारे कच्चि बस्ति वाले बच्चो को समज मे आता जिन्है इग्लिश नहि आति मेम्म और यह भारत है

  13. We all know, we students are future of our country and world as well, but I don't know why education systems and even parents are playing with our future? ?

  14. The most dangerous prison is the one when we don't even know that we're locked up….??
    Freedom from this system, freedom from memorizing all those theories ,freedom from exams, freedom from school , freedom from living a competitive life, freedom from this circle of working hard and getting a job to survive, freedom from those goals driven by greed, freedom from from all these material things that are temporary but sorry we can't…
    Cos we got used to this and students like me never been taught how to explore… Just lock urself in room n study.. Study… Study… Till u get a job… After that live a miserable life like everyone does…. ????!

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  16. Hey, I don't want to go to any university or college. I have just finished my 12th class exams. I want to learn sanskrit and read vedas and shastras.. But my parents are forcing me to graduate. I am not able to convince them. I need serious and immediate help!!!

  17. I ask you question that
    How to lead life without money?
    If no job no money, everybody cannot become monks and sages in Temple
    OK if they become, who donate money to buy food if everyone become monks

  18. This is great but tell me ager aapne itna acha education ka idea diya h to aapne ye sab hindi mein kyun nahi samjhaya

  19. Ek to exam time chal raha hai upar se aisi hi kai videos dekh kar mera to brain hi divert ho raha hai. Hum kitna bhi bol le humare kahne se ye system change nahi hoga & ho bhi gaya to jitni meri life abhi tak waste to gayi uska hisab kisse mange.????

  20. Mam we actually need more and more people like you who can actually aware our parents and society about the benefits of unschooling

  21. Indian education only focuses on exams and marks and the most weird part being not allowed to copy. I wonder whether in the future when I have a doubt will I not be allowed to open the book and check where I was wrong? If according to India this is copying I wonder what is creativity?

  22. Politics is a business which don't care about the people they are more interested in earning money ? this is a corrupt country I want to change everything how many guys are with me ? tell honestly

  23. For the first time I have come across a person who isn't just complaining about education system but actually doing something about it. And is showing a way to people which they can practically follow (if they are willing) I wish to have such institutions in Pakistan as well but it seems like God wants me to do something about it myself and I will do it InshaAllah. Sending love! <3

  24. God made human independent. God gave them hands to make something ,legs to run ,mind to create new things. What human is doing – running behind money ( slave of money) running behind govt job -( slave of govt). Doing something which is don't like ( slave to situation) . Human is slave now.

  25. I also don't want to go to school I'm interested in cooking but my parents says that what will people think if you don't go to school

  26. Reason and experience from a fair longevity of having experienced human consciousness alone will understand the mindnumbing Factory Schooling system.

  27. I am an engineering drop out 2nd year E&E now I am an basic Modeler still learning tooo many things …..
    ? ?I think i have learnt more in the streets than any other classrooms??

  28. The problem is not in Education system, I love it (CBSE, not ICSC[it is stupid]). What I hate are teachers, all they care about is that they should feel comfortable.
    Majority Indians are very bad teachers, and majority parents never seem to understand how there kids think.
    Indians have a problem of showing fake seriousness (which is actually not seriousness, it is their cowardness).
    In fact, they are so coward that 90% of students and their parents are afraid to get involved in out of course stuffs.

    And please don't stop your kids from going to school, as I have noticed that they become super introvert and have a ridiculous social speaking skill, in fact, many people would call them retards.

  29. My parents believe that if i do not go to college , I cannot earn money.
    Roti , makan , kapra . Yeah teen cheezon ki jang hai

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