Why Should I Study the Bible? The Purpose of Bible Study

Why Should I Study the Bible? The Purpose of Bible Study

I didn’t do my hair today… I’m always thinking that I need to get all
done up for these videos. Nope, I’m choosing to not do my hair today
that way in the future if I need to shoot something and I’m less than presentable,
I can just be like- well, been there done that. Yeah… you guys probably can’t even tell… Ok, so we know that as Christians, we should
be reading the Bible regularly, if not every single day. But have you ever asked yourself why? In this video I share with you my thoughts
on the question, “Why should I study the Bible?” Stay tuned! Hi guys, my name is Justin and I want to welcome
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you let me know by giving this video a thumbs up? Today we are asking ourselves the question,
“Why should I study the Bible?” Every single one of us probably had our grandmother
or teacher or pastor tell us as we grew up that we should study the Bible every single
day. And no doubt, many of you are in fact students
of God’s word and spend time doing it regularly. So as I share with you three of my reasons
why I think we should study the Bible, go ahead and share your thoughts in the comment
section below! Why should I study the Bible reason number
1- We read the Word of God to be transformed. Some people unfortunately boil down the Bible
into a giant list of things you should do, and shouldn’t do. And while the Bible certainly does have some
guidelines and principles on life, this isn’t the primary focus of scripture. Scripture exists to transform us. Consider 2 Timothy 3:16 which says, “All
Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,
and for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, equipped for
every good work.” Yes the Bible does help with teaching and
correcting theology and philosophy, but notice the emphasis of this verse. Paul is saying that the Bible is there that
the man of God may be perfect. The purpose of the Bible isn’t doctrinal
purity, though that is an important part of studying the Bible, but the purpose of the
Bible is inner transformation. You see, we come to the Bible not to amass
information necessarily, but to be changed. And as someone who has spent considerable
amounts of time studying the Bible, this is something I need to learn for myself. As someone who enjoys ideas and theories and
Theology, I often approached the Bible like a trivia book and a way to prove myself right
and others wrong- but this was completely missing the point. You see, It’s not as though when we get
to heaven we must pass an entrance exam as though it were college. No one is checking to see if you have all
the right answers in order for you to be saved. What matters most is your heart- have you
been transformed into the likeness of Jesus? Why should I study the Bible reason number
2- We study the Bible to understand truth. There is an undeniable truth that the way
you view life, changes how you do life. Our philosophies on life and our understanding
of purpose dramatically changes the way that we live our life. Several years ago, when I was in High School,
some friends and I went on a mission trip to Peru. Among going to Machu Picchu and getting to
see some pretty amazing wildlife, one thing that we were invited to do was swim in the
amazon river. Now I don’t know what the rivers are like
where you live, but the Amazon at the time when we went seemed pretty dirty. The water was a tannish brownish color- definitely
not the type of water you would want to drink. So the local guides asked if we wanted to
go swim in the Amazon river. My friends and I initially were stoked! How many people get to say they’ve done
that before? However, before we jumped in they did warn
us that there was a slight chance that piranhas were in the water. They also warned us that if we did go in the
water, not to pee in the water because some type of tiny little fish that was attracted
to urine. And this fish if nearby, would swim up your
urine stream into your… man bits and stick out its fins/ spikes and lodge itself there. Oh yeah, and the only way to get this fish
back out, was to have surgery. So, after that graphic description, how many
of us do you think went into that water? Zero! Actually, I did have one friend who did jump
in super briefly. But he was always kinda crazy. But there was no way I was going in! Why? Because knowledge about the way things are,
changes how you live your life. Jesus said it like this, “And you shall
know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Now the truth alone doesn’t set anyone free
(otherwise everyone would be free), but comprehension of the truth is what sets us free. The more time we spend in the Scriptures,
the more we understand the truth, and the more that we understand truth, the more free
we become. Knowing that Christ died for us is just one
example of truths that change our perspective of the world. Each of us has fallen desperately short of
the moral standard that is required of us. The result of these falls are grief, guilt,
sorrow and heart ache. However, when we understand that God’s grace
is sufficient even for the worst of sinners, we can live a life with our heads held high. No longer are we slaves to our past, because
we understand the truth of God’s goodness and grace. Why Should I Study the Bible reason number
3- We study the Bible to learn how to live. Now this is somewhat similar to reason number
1 which was to be transformed, but worth talking about separately. When I refer to being transformed, I mean
primarily in our hearts and in our minds. But when I’m speaking about is how to live,
I’m talking about actions. It is not enough for us to get more information
and truth, but at some point our faith must reach down to our feet. As we spend time in the word, our lifestyle
does change for the better. Now I’m not talking about lists of do this
and don’t do that, I’m talking about real positive life changing things. Learning how to forgive and to love those
who do wrong to us are just some of the simple but profound truths of Scripture. It’s no surprise to me that some of the
most radical and impactful social reformers in the United States were people who took
seriously the message of Scripture. People like, Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham
Lincoln fought for equality because the Bible spoke about the worth of each human being. Organizations like the Salvation Army and
the Red Cross who do tremendous amounts of good out there in the world were started because
of the belief that we have a duty to serve those who are hurting and dejected. We study the Bible in order to know God’s
intent for this world. We study it to know how we should live our
life. You see it’s when we read about the life
of Jesus and the things that mattered most to Him, it’s when we understand who Jesus
stood up for and what ideals He fought for, that we know which path for us to follow and
how we should live our life! So three main reasons to study the Bible. To be transformed, to understand truth, and
to know how to live! Which of these reasons stood out most to you
and what are some of the reasons that I didn’t mention that you choose to study the Bible? Let me know in the comments below! As always, I want to thank you for choosing
to spend some time with me today and if you’re new here go ahead and check out some of our
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and I want to encourage you to experience “Faith in the first person.” God bless!Fun fact of the day: Did you know
that in 1631, two London Bible printers accidentally left the word “not” out of the seventh
commandment, which then read, “Thou shalt commit adultery.” You can actually buy a copy of the misprint
for $90k

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  1. I actually just recently started studying the Bible <33 I'm excited to get into it, but can you do a video on Cain's wife ? That would be Interesting .

  2. Because psuedo intellectuals or idiot atheists think they understand it but don't

    So professionals are necessary + discussion of ideas

    (The Bereans)

  3. Which stood out more to me? Tip #1 "To be transformed" I strongly believe that"The Sermon On The Mount" was for this very reason. Why Should I study the Bible? To ensure that i am walking in the counsel of God.

    Bro that story about the fish is too crazy lol. we have something similar in Jamaica but its called a Sea Wasp. the story isnt as gruesome as that tho lol they dont go up that thingy lol. Your friend is fearless. whether the story about the fish is true or not you couldnt get me to go into that water.

  4. Another great vid, Justin! This one was very timely, as well. I've been doing a YouVersion 12-month bible plan, which allows me to read through the entire bible in a year's time. Well, tomorrow is day 365 (wha-hoo!), so I can now honestly say that I've read the bible. However, now it seems that I have more questions than ever! My typical daily verses included 1-2 from the New Testament, and 3-4 from the Old Testament. In all my years as a Christian, I've predominantly read from the New Testament. But the Old Testament is just as much a part of the bible as the New Testament. My most general question on that is this: just what are we, as Christians, supposed to "get" from the Old Testament. When reading books such as Isaiah and Jeremiah, it seems like it's just threats and destruction. And what about all those begats! Is there any way to "apply" those books to my life – as is more easily recognizable in the New Testament? What am I missing????

    (By the way – y'all keep up the great work! And if y'all are ever down in Texas – drop by!)

  5. Great job pulling in that Amazon River story. Excellent connection you made right there. I initially studied the Bible to have a stronger foundation for my new faith. Now I study to pursue God and grow closer to Him.

  6. Ninety thousand dollars??!! WOW! I better stick with my own Bible for $9.95. lolz GOD bless you Bro and good message about Bible study. Chow

  7. i have prayed a very long time for a miracle so my parents wouldn't divorce. He ignored me all this time and niw my parents are divorcing. i lost my fait in god and i don't know what to do

  8. My Three reason…#1 it's God's Letter to you…..the Bible is personal to you ….I found to many times I will read a Scripture I find it speaks to my situation….God talking to me personal… #2 the fight is spiritual the bible gives you strength to fight this fight the full armor of God…#3 Is one of your points is the transformation you have when you become part of the church…Great Video…I can't wait to see how Jesus uses you in your new adventure …God Bless U and your family.

  9. I have no idea how I have heard about that fish but I have some where and may I just say, "EW!" 😂 I would add that it's important to study God's Word because it teaches us about God's character. we can truly be transformed when we know that this great and powerful GOD loves us and is truly jealous for us.

  10. Great video! I have a very low attention span, and I know that I need to spend more time reading the Bible. I find reading any books, in general. I tend to doze off and not focus on what I am reading. Any tips on how to study the Bible more effectively?

  11. Hi Justin,
    I like that you said "we read the bible to be transformed". I also really liked your fun fact of the day! If you don't mind me asking, how much time are you able to read the bible every day? Making videos can be time consuming and I'm wondering how you balance different priorities? A typical work week for most is pretty full and any tips on setting time aside would be appreciated.
    God Bless! 🙂

  12. Yes, great video, the novel known as the Bible is one of my favorite Fiction Novels, its full of supernatural events and monsters.

  13. it’s been decade i stop attending BS cause, it’s the group of JW is the only available here in Japan that is free of charge but they do not believed in Christ and the other denomination are doing the speaking in tongues which i do not believed, so i’m solo flight and just reading or Watching via youtube and ur the newest one that fought my attention.

  14. Hi. I just started vlogging Religious and Christian vlogs, can you pls help me and share to me how can I improve my vlog and some tips on how to choose interesting topic? And any advices you can give me. I will highly appreciate your response.

  15. Thank you.  I am starting a Bible Class lesson on "Why Read the Bible?"  Your Vlogg gives me something to think about and share if you don't mind.  Be Blessed,  In Jesus name.

  16. You just explained that we should ignore god , wrong thing to say . Nothing can exsit without god . Period .

  17. @That Christian Vlogger
    Brother, saw you on NokaSuchi saying you were unsure of what to think of homosexuality. This makes me suspect you do not have a Biblical answer.
    Homosexual (1893) is a psychological / medical / scientific term which was preceded by homosexuality and terms for it.
    Biblically homosexuality is an abomination in the way that any infidelity toward Gods plan is, but does the Bible clarify the greatest question? Do homosexuals have the possibility of entering into Heaven?
    Matthew 19:10-12
    The apostles ask of Christ "If a man is like a woman, is it good that he should marry?"
    But Christ chooses to answer the larger question, "This saying is not for all but only for those who would receive it." "Some eunuchs (ancient Hebrew for homosexual) are born of the womb" [other than very rare birth defects this is not true of actual eunuchs]
    "Some eunuchs are made eunuchs by others." [eunuchs were not usually also surgeons]
    "Still others choose to be eunuchs." [I propose that very few eunuchs volunteer]
    Now all that was true of homosexuality.
    "But for the Kingdom of Gods sake, if one can receive (the good news message of Christ) let him."
    This still leaves you deciding if Christ encourages teasing someone who cannot go to Heaven or if he meant homosexuals can ascend.
    Study then pray to YHWH on this saying.
    Hope that helps.

  18. Here is a great free publication to help anyone study the bible and help us understand its message.

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