Why You Should Always Check The Bible In Your Hotel Room

Go into most hotel rooms and in the
bedside drawer there will be a Bible many people will never check these but
you should even if you don’t want to read it there’s a big surprise inside
which few people know about today we’ll look at that and also some other things
you need to look out for next time you’re in a hotel room I’m Charlene
today we’re going to look at why you should always check the Bible in your
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bell to coming up first we have Bibles when you think of things you may need to
check for in a hotel room the Bible hardly seems like the first thing people
don’t usually check this but they should the reason why is because inside you can
find money the Bible’s found in hotel rooms are
Gideon Bibles this basically means they’ve been distributed to the hotel
for free but inside you can find $100 bills as a reward for those who may need
it some say the money’s put in by the Gideon’s who give the Bibles to the
hotels but apparently Christians often replenish the money when they stay at
the hotels so if you go to a country where the hotel rooms have Bibles like
in the USA always check inside the reason why this is done is because
people who turn to the Bible in a hotel room may be in a time of need and is
also the saying do unto others as you would want done to you so check this out
in your next hotel room and it may just cover your stay next up is hidden
cameras this one is so disturbing it may sound like it’s fiction but
unfortunately news of hidden cameras being found in hotel rooms is becoming
more and more common this is most common in Airbnb s where people are just
renting the room as a side business but it often happens in hotels to these
hidden cameras often appear to be regular items found in hotel rooms for
example a wall outlet or maybe a smoke detector one Netflix documentary known
as the voyeur investigated a Colorado motel it turned out the motel owner had
been spying on his guests with hidden cameras for decades but thankfully there
are some things you can check to make sure there’s no killing cameras in your
room first check if there’s multiple smoke detectors in one room as one is
often fake also check for any smoke detectors in the bathroom where they
usually won’t be and it may be fake you may also want to
oddly placed decorations and gadgets and also any red lights or wires you see in
your hotel room unfortunately hidden cameras can be
pretty small but if you look you will find them next up is safe
every good hotel room has a safe and you should always use it to keep your
valuables locked up they may not be perfect but it’s much safer than leaving
everything out on your bed however in some hotels it’s found the safe is fake
after you put your valuables in the safe check if any random code opens the safe
sometimes hotels have these in case people forget their codes but this is
very bad practice and it means literally anyone can open up your hotel safe so
always check your hotel rooms safe works before actually using it next up we have
glasses the first thing many people do in a
hotel room is pour themselves a nice drink but you should never use hotel
glasses without washing them first an undercover operation by ABC News found
73% of glasses were not cleaned in hotel rooms and the ones that were cleaned
actually post a bigger health risk to guests who use them that’s because they
were cleaned with Lysol milchie remover or a dirty rag that is pretty nasty so
make sure you always wash the glasses before you use them or just don’t use
them at all that’s probably what I’ll be doing not
only that hotels and known places where people get ill that’s because there’s
often lots of people coming from all different places carrying different flus
next up is door lock this one seems kind of obvious many hotel goers simply
assume the door will lock behind them when they leave not always PO tell doors
can sometimes malfunction leaving the door unlocked this could cause someone
to enter your room and steal your staff or even worse someone entering your room
while you’re asleep so whenever you stay at a hotel make sure you go outside of
your room with your key in case you get locked out let it do a fully shot and
then check if you can open it without the key if you can’t the door lock works
fine but if you use force on the door and you can still enter the room then
request a new room or get a new hotel next up is sheets it’s a scientific fact
that travel makes you double as tired as you normally are in a day and that’s why
when many people check into a hotel room they simply crawl into bed and fall
asleep but before you do that you need to check the sheets and the towels and
that’s not me being a Karen you really have to do this that’s because many
hotel rooms actually don’t change the sheets or the towels pull back your
duvet your comforter and check for any stains makeup or hairs if you see any of
these things it means the sheets have not been replaced from the previous
guest or guests also check the mattress if any large yellow stains mold or bugs
if you do see yellow stains they’re likely not pee but sweat and also check
your bathroom towels for any stains hair or makeup this of course means they have
not been washed or replaced next up is TV remote when you think of the dirtiest
items in your hotel room you may think of the toilet but did you know that on
average TV remotes have more fecal bacteria on them than your toilet seat
this is the case in most hotels and in one study from Scientific American 81%
of hotel surfaces had some form of fecal bacteria on them that’s right nowhere is
safe so think twice before reaching into that bag of chips while pressing your TV
remote you’re almost definitely eating someone else’s bacteria there’s a quick
fix though simply wipe down your TV remote with an antibacterial wipe make
sure you wipe down the entire remote including in between the buttons you can
ask for an antibacterial wipe from the front desk and they’ll happily give you
one coming up next we have bedbugs this one is pretty worrying and
essential and you should check for this before you’ve even unpacked
that’s because bedbugs can easily crawl into your clothes and into your suitcase
and even the most clean hotels can fall victim to an infestation that’s because
someone may bring them in through their luggage after staying at a less clean
hotel some travelers even place their suitcase in the bathtub as they arrive
this means no bedbugs can get into their suitcase before they’ve checked if you
see any black or brown stains on your duvet this is a sigh
bedbugs are near that’s because they like to leave their excrement where they
go also pull back the sheets and look very closely pretty small black or brown
bucks if you find something at grab your suitcase and do not stay in that room
bedbugs are very nasty creatures and we’ll leave you with lots of red bumps
on your skin if you don’t check for them you may even take them back to your
house and then you need to pay for it to be fumigated and bedbugs can even
sometimes burrow into your skin so while you’re staying in a hotel a bug it could
be staying rent-free inside your body and finally on the list we have ice
bucket whenever you go into a hotel room be sure to do the ice bucket challenge nope not that one instead you need to
check out a dirty hotel secret that secret is that ice buckets are almost
never cleaned in hotels also during hotel room parties ice
buckets often get used as the vomit bucket so that nice ice you’re putting
into your drink may have somebody’s throw-up in it so it may be best to
check that the ice bucket has a plastic bag to line the bucket but if it does
make sure there’s not even the tiniest hole that’s because micro bacteria could
still get through to the ice and therefore your drink but now it’s time
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