Worship Leaders react to Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ album (full)

Worship Leaders react to Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ album (full)

‘Gold digger’ ah? we have not watched his videos before
-nope Jesus is king cool I know right that’s 11 songs we’re going to go through 11 songs today sorry there’s a woodpecker on top of us it’s not a woodpecker
-it’s a woodpecker it’s not, it’s just some…
-it’s obviously a woodpecker no it’s not okay so we decided to do something different today and the woodpecker I decided to join my friend Paul told me that Kanye West has released a
gospel album I actually heard about it but I didn’t believe it because I’ve heard a very very secular thing about Kanye yeah and respect huge respect to him I just
never thought he would make a gospel album I’m a worship leader Kitu is I’m
sure going to be a worship leader
-probably we both are in ministry very much I thought it’d be
interesting to react to these songs in front of ya’ll yup let’s do it
-let’s see how it goes every hour ♪ Every hour ♪ ♪ Every minute ♪ ♪ Every second ♪
– very old gospel Sing each and every millisecond We need you, (sing ’til the power) We need you, (of the Lord) We need you (comes) We need you (down) Ooh! this sounds like pure gospel ya’ll I’m
– that’s really cool I’m
really impressed I don’t know the story of how all this happened but if I were
to hear this song I would definitely think this is a pakka gospel song okay let’s hear it (time passes)
I like it I like it (more time passes) okayyy is there more? bit repetitive I think that’s it okay maybe that’s just a beginning of the album
– yes like an intro let’s go get the next one
– yes yes kitu is right God is King, we the solders before the flood, people judge they did the same thing to Noah just wanted to say I heard that
Kanye’s been getting some criticism for suddenly turning Christian doing the
gospel going to churches and I think that’s so sad that the church is criticizing something amazing that’s happening so far these songs are like he
has been wrecked by Jesus the album is called Jesus is king let’s support this
y’all let’s support it at least give him a chance at least hear him out before
the flood people judge yea I guess everyone is gonna judge we can’t help that -but at the end your choice is your choice so you shouldn’t like think about what other people say so if Kanye watches this don’t think about what they say, we’re on your side
-ya bro I don’t know if you’ll ever watch this but
-no I don’t know too we are so happy
welcome to the king
– yes finally! so cool this is so cool Everybody wanted Yandhi
Then Jesus Christ did the laundry They say the week start on Monday wait what? I think he means Gandhi (it’s a reference to his prev album and what this album was supposed to be called) why is he putting a Y is that just a cool rapper thing Everybody wanted Yandhi
Then Jesus Christ did the laundry Like He washed us or something?
-okay okay *more wheezing* I don’t understand yes that must be the meaning that’s good okay let’s just hear it We the descendants of Abraham
Ye should be made free John 8:36 To whom the Son sets free is free indeed He saved a wretch like me Hallelujah, hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah (x infinity) I like this
I like this beat
– I like it too it has that suspense can ya’ll make a movie please? I like this chorus yea me too it’s nice this is probably what we’ll be doing in heaven Prob- yah with Kanye West If you woke, then wake up With Judas, kiss and make up Even with the bitter cup *soldier rapper sounds* it’s good! it’s cool
-I like this I like this these songs are short or what I think they’re short they’re really short like this is 1 minute (Every hour is 1:53)
– Kanye make longer ones this is one minute (Follow God-1:45)
– we need to be jamming the other one is two minutes (Selah – 2:45) the words are pretty intense I’ll have
to listen to it a few times to really
– yeah get it
– yeah same here but very very interesting and seems so far pretty biblical more than a lot of Christian artists out there so that’s amazing I love what he’s doing with the whole Judas
-yeah yeah the betrayal thing you know he’s showing the shadows and the light of the Bible it’s painting a
really cool picture I like it
-yeah it’s really cool next we have follow God that was Selah yea that was Selah Lifelike, this is what your life like try to live your life right People really know you, push your buttons like typewrite This is like a movie, but it’s really very lifelike Every single night, right, every single fight, right? screamin’ at my dad, he told me, “It ain’t Christ-like” I was screamin’ at the referee just like Mike I like it, I very much like it it’s a cool flow
-it’s nice I love that ‘Christ-Like’ see if three apiece
Tell me what your life like, turn it down, a bright light we’re bopping to Kanye’s songs I never thought that would happen
-neither did I I’m just tryna find, l’ve been lookin’ for a new way he’s saying he’s just trying you know that’s what this is not
that he’s just trying to make music he’s making some good music but we’re all
just trying right I don’t see why people are so judgmental
I get it when Saul turned Paul they were super judgmental that’s another extreme of an example not that Kanye is like Saul but Paul was really criticized and it took some time
before the church accepted him we need to pray a lot for Kanye because this is
amazing work it’s really good
-I’m really liking this take of a person who has found God that’s a
really cool perspective which we don’t get to hear from our beautiful Christian
artists we don’t get to hear the real depths of the before and see the change
of the after so I love listening to such songs let’s go I start spazzin’ back, He said “That ain’t Christ-like”
I said, “Ahhh” okay so that ending was something
-that’s cool man, I like it good job
– I like the Christ-like the life-like there’s this line uh what is it no one tells you you are like Christ everyone says this is not Christ like but no one says when no one tells you when you’re being like Christ ah that’s nice
-that’s so cool that is so true
-genius this is closed on Sunday this is another era of music Closed on Sunday you’re my Chick-fil-A Closed on Sunday you my Chick-fil-A what’s a Chick-fil-A? it’s this…wait Americans are gonna kill you for saying that when people chill out, lot of them go to Chick-fil-A oh
-so it’s like you’re my KFC you’re my McDonalds that’s so cute! put the ’Gram away Jesus, my Chick-fil-A Get your family, y’all hold hands and pray When you got daughters, always keep ’em safe this is like what? closed to other things on Sunday and just being with Jesus
-oh I see how it is now
– I love this song so I’m not the only intelligent one here
– I love this song I like it
-this is what I do and I
think the Sabbath rest is meant to be this that you close off from the gram and
the other things the instagram and the other things and you just with Jesus Watch out for vipers, don’t let them indoctrinate clever train them in the faith
– that’s right Through temptations, make sure they’re wide awake Follow Jesus, listen and obey ok one sec this is like Kanye’s coming out album
coming out as Christian and I love the truth he’s spitting out really solid stuff you know I don’t really I don’t think I would play this music much like in daily
life but to hear this is kind of like his testimony that’s awesome
-that’s really cool No more livin’ for the culture, we nobody’s slave *suspense music* Stand up for my home Even if I take this walk alone one sec
stand up for my home is heaven? hmm stand up for my home is heaven even if I take this walk alone
to my home ooh nice I’m just reading the comment “I love how he’s doing something that
isn’t copying the media with this album but he’s still doing anyway because he places his faith over his wealth” yes I so agree with that that’s one of
the comments written by cosmo the artist it’s mind-blowing
like the risk that he’s taken with this album is as big a risk as he can
possibly take we’ve known him as one of the top secular artists in the whole
world and we’ve heard so much about how it’s a difficult world to come out of I
can say that as someone who’s taken a stand for gospel music and nothing else
it’s very hard to do that it shows a lot of depth of faith I think that’s very
Christian just putting
-it’s very Christian yea putting your faith over your wealth it’s wow that’s something because he can lose a ton with this. I don’t think he will
– exactly he can lose a lot
– (i don’t think he will) coz it’s awesome it is
awesome but he can also lose a lot of fans a lot of people who work for him people he
works for lot of his influence
– so many things can happen people might stop calling him to their parties
-exactly I don’t know how it works but I’m just guessing
– but I think God’s seeing what he’s doing and
He’s smiling over him if you want that you should put your faith over your wealth yes you know I hope I don’t get comments like don’t be fooled by this person just
because they’re singing a Christian song doesn’t mean they’re Christian you guys
if you’re like that you don’t understand how hard it is to do what he’s done I
don’t know how the future will be whether he will keep going on this path
I hope to God he does and we need to pray he does but what he’s done is
amazing for everybody and it’s super cool because the fans that used to
listen didn’t will be really curious about this they might have never heard
something like this if it wasn’t Kanye singing it so that’s a huge opportunity
there yeah I think the best part is some of the fans will go to Christ because of
this you know yea I was just thinking about that like if Justin Bieber was
a Christian and I wasn’t a Christian I mean I loved Justin Bieber so I think I
would (till they got married) – yeah till he got married whatever but if he was a Christian and I wasn’t
and I looked up to him I would definitely become a Christian and try
to go in that path so I think all his fans or some of his fans would you know turn to God’s way
– God will use it that’s really cool
– he doesn’t have any part to do that but God can really use He will really
use this yeah He will I wanted to say also you cannot make such songs except by the
Holy Spirit exactly so kanye has the Holy Spirit ya’ll
– I mean look at all these lyrics
– *another that’s so cool* look at all these lyrics
– other hand, other hand oh I love, I love this I got my
weapons in the Spirit’s land so back off my family that’s really cool
– such a cool lyric I love that
Jezebel don’t even stand a chance he knows his
stories too oh yeah he does so he’s been reading the
Bible and that’s epic *I won’t put it again*
– watch out for vipers don’t let them indoctrinate
that’s a cool line too – mm-hmm
coz Jesus says he called the Pharisees the religious
teachers of that time he called them vipers for spreading false biblical
truth which… there will always be vipers in the world so watch out oh see there’s
somebody the Lord is my shepherd said John 15 18 to 21 if the world hates you know that it hated me before it hated you but I choose you out of the world therefore the world hates you remember the words that I’ve said that’s nice mm that’s a really good one
-that shows that if you are hating on Kanye, you’re probably of the world exactly sadly oops
-sadly oops reality check didn’t think you’d hear that *did you yea, let’s just go to the next one this is On God *psychedelic bopping music* Single mothers know they got my heart And all my brothers locked up on the yard Life gon’ have some lows and some highs Before the Grammy’s ever gave a nod I wore my heart on my sleeve, I couldn’t hide In ’03, they told me not to drive I bleached my hair for every time I could’ve died But I survived, that’s on God oh cool he’s giving all the credit to God in
this song see even Kanye’s saying accept him as your
Lord and Savior and then here it says it’s so cool I thought the book of Job
was a job *late reaction* oh the devil had my soul I can’t lie
– he’s being evangelical nice! and he’s being real like he’s not being judgmental on people who
aren’t Christian that’s how I’d expect someone who wasn’t a Christian and then
becomes a person to be that’s how we all should be we were not born well people
would say they were born Christian but in truth we’re all actually not born born Christian
-yea we’re not bon bon
– yea we’re not born born That’s on Clive
That’s no Jive, that’s on God Everything we need We began after the storm inside
(Woo, woo)
Woo, woo, oh yeah Switch your⁠, switch your attitude
Go ‘head, level up yourself This that different latitude Feel that feel, enjoy yourself ’cause We have everything we need I just felt some Christians frown at
this line life too short enjoy yourself go spoil yourself you know that’s from
Ecclesiastes he says the best thing you can do is just enjoy yourself on this
earth it doesn’t mean badly it doesn’t mean enjoy doesn’t mean
partying drinking
-nope it means enjoy eternal life I think Christians supposed to be
the most joyful people on the planet not the opposite we have everything we need
a/k/a we have everything we need when we’re in God
– yes alright guys
– Christ-sufficiency nothing else Oo oo – I like that Lay the land (Ah), it’s just the morning light (Oh, yeah)
-riffing! riffing up! What if Eve made apple juice?
You gon’ do what Adam do?
Or say, “Baby, let’s put this back on the tree” ’cause We have everything we need (Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, oh)
– that’s so clever! We have everything we need
– i love that line I just love that para baby let’s put this back on the tree
– what if Eve made apple juice? you gonna do what Adam do? or just say baby let’s put this back on the tree, ooo
– don’t be blaming on Eve don’t be blaming, you in it too! you in it too Ooo I like it! it’s dope Oof Water nice such a different vibe are you familiar with his other songs? no I haven’t listened to Kanye West Clean us like the rain in spring Take the chlorine out our conversation
-ooo *tsc* *hyperventilating* what?!?!? Clean us like the rain in spring take the chlorine
out of our conversation he’s sayingeverything you you know in swimming pools there’s chlorine and they say you’ve to wash after you get out of the swimming pool because you’ve to wash that chemicals off take the chlorine out of our conversation is like let our words be pure nice!
-that’s so beautiful Kanye! that’s really beautiful
-oh wait, Ant Clemmons! I promise I’m not hiding anything
It’s water I love this it’s probably my favorite so far We are water and that little thing is like ducks in the background quack quack quack just my imagination *what to do* Jesus, clean the music
Jesus, please use us Jesus, please help
Jesus, please heal Jesus, please forgive Jesus, please reveal
Jesus, give us strength Jesus, make us well
Jesus, help us live Jesus, give us wealth
Jesus is our safe Jesus is our rock
Jesus, give us grace that’s a lot of Jesus I love it
-oh get the Jesus Ooo yeah Yea put Him in all over If wait if he’s saying Jesus clean the music it sounds like he’s
never gonna make music the same way ever again
like this doesn’t seem like a one-time project
-Wow We are water Pure as water Like a newborn daughter *notification* what why newborn daughter? I don’t know
but I’m liking the Eve and daughter and feminine references
– I like it too ok I’m going to go to the next song just want to go through the songs
– God is, huh the main parts of the songs I like this all this choir stuff yeah it’s super old and super new we’re gonna learn Everything that hath breath praise the Lord oh he sings? Worship Christ with the best of your portions he’s so sweet
– I know he has a sweet voice
-love it I’m so proud of him I can’t keep it to myself
… and be still Everybody, I will tell ’til the whole world is healed
-yes Kanye! King of Kings, Lord of Lords
– you go, we’ll join you You won’t ever be the same when you call on Jesus’ name
– amen! Listen to the words I’m sayin’, Jesus saved me, now I’m sane yay you go Kanye And I know, I know God is
– Ooo Jesus saved me now I’m sane the force that picked me up This ain’t ’bout a damn religion This a mission, not a show Ooo those are people reacting to his lyrics woo woo woo woo ok. I like it it’s so true here yeah this isn’t about a
religion but Jesus brought a revolution Jesus said that right yeah like I’m not here to bring a religion
– and don’t freak out that he said the word damn he said damn religion and you know what damn means you take the meaning it’s ‘cursed religion’ yeah when you make something as beautiful as Jesus into
this book of rules that are hateful and judgmental and beat everyone in the head
it becomes a damn religion that’s so true I agree with her that’s not what Jesus said at all
it’s not to throw the rules and laws out the window it’s to manifest it that’s
what Jesus came to do it’s about loving God loving his people and with the rules
when you love God you obey His commandments I’m glad that Kanye West found
that out and many of the Christians don’t know that yet so learn from him maybe
you’ll actually find what Christianity is through these songs I’m just sayin’
– strangely yeah here we go to Hands On
-Let’s go! Hands on
Hands up , hands on, hands on hands up c’mon put your hands up ok. Cut out all the lights, He the light Yeah!
-Ooo Got pulled over, see the brights What you doin’ on the street at night? Whatchu doing? Wonder if they’re gonna read your rights Told the devil when I see him, on sight I’ve been working for you my whole life Told the devil that I’m going on a strike I’ve been working for you my whole life
-Get it Kanye! he’s for those of you had judged him he’s
admitting it he worked for the devil his whole life
that’s it takes a lot of guts to say that I would not say that I would not say that
– and you know what I’ve read that people who work for the devil and I know that’s a bit extreme to talk about
but it’s true people who work for the devil have it very very hard to come out
of that
– exactly it’s extremely hard to come out so he gonna be in my prayers and you better be praying for him too
– and also since he is a Christian a new Christian
it’s gonna be very tough on him because Satan is gonna go right at him
– yea, we need to show so we need to pray for this guy
-we need to if the church would just come surround
him and shower him with love and prayer there’s no way Satan can do anything
– that’s what Christian is
about and Kanye if he’s watching he might even think like hey but I came out and I made this album Adam Kudos to you for doing that
– I know good job like this is a lot to take in and I am
so glad you’re in in the Christian realm and I really hope that whatever Satan
does to bring you down it will just make you stronger yeah
we’re talking as seasoned Christians the road over the years was not that easy so
we’re talking from that place if you were to stay on this track what he said
in his previous songs I’m going to tell till the whole world is heal that will
happen it will actually happen Kanye hit me let’s do a duet
– I mean he’s he has a lot of fans and this might actually probably heal the whole world there are already millions of views so that’s super cool
– yeah that’s a lot it’s just gonna grow
-that’s a lot of views working for you my whole life
– no mo Nothing worse than a hypocrite
– mm hmm Said I’m finna do a gospel album What have you been hearin’ from the Christians? They’ll be the first one to judge me Make it feel like nobody love me
-prophetic They’ll be the first one to judge me Feelin’ like nobody love me I love you! Told people God was my mission They’ll be the first one to judge me tsk Make it feel like nobody love me I’m glad he knew that, but he did it anyway
-that’s sad in the right
If they only see the wrongs, never listen to the songs he’s literally asking for our prayers hands on, hands on (put your hands on me) we will Awh this makes me sad yeah it does I deserve all the criticism you got To praise His name, you ask what I’m smoking Yes, I understand your reluctancy, yeah But I have a request, you see
Don’t throw me up, lay your hands on me Please, pray for me exactly what we’ve been saying all this while what you been hearing from the Christians they’ll be the first ones to
judge me what are we saying to Kanye West that Christians are going to
judge him when we’re not supposed to do that
what would Jesus do what would Jesus do if he heard this song I bet when he
produced this song and the line what have you been hearing from Christians
he’ll be the first ones to judge I bet that literally hurt Jesus because this is
God’s son we’re talking about right now and Christians don’t judge let’s prove him wrong
-it actually says it actually says the Bible judge your fellow Christians
because they know the truth and they know the rules and if they break it
that’s something to judge in a gentle and respectful and loving way but don’t
judge non-believers because they don’t know the truth they don’t know the rules they don’t know
Christ that’s in the Bible be happy for him yeah I think you guys are there are
probably few nuts who aren’t want I just hope he hears of all the ones who do love him yes and ignores
– more than the ones who don’t I mean coz I know some of you when ya’ll comment ya’ll are really nice people
so I’m sure most of you will be on our side but if this video goes a little outside
of that please don’t be hateful think what if it was you exactly oh my gosh
that’s so cool what if it was you who made these songs and who’s just a new
believer and many people are judging you on that I mean if you make secular songs you’re judged if you
make gospel songs your judged what is this
– I was just going to say that if you do something * Exporting error * *the only thing you missed here is, we introduced the next song ‘Use this Gospel’, and mentioned a comment that said- I showed this to my atheist friend, now he’s a Christian* 3 2 1 Ooh, that’s so good so cool – see Kanye’s already helping people I
mean this whole conversion thing please don’t get too caught up in if you’re a
non-believer that’s just something between you and
God so when that happens we rejoice I mean we’re super happy because God did it with us no particular human thing can do that God’s Spirit in human things does that A lot of damaged souls, I done damaged those And in my arrogance, took a camera pose Caught with a trunk of Barry Manilows They sing a different tune when the slammer close *saxophone playing* Oh, oh, oh (Work, work, work, work) oh gosh Vihan so cool I love this song second verse is pretty oof a lot of damaged Souls I done damaged
those there’s probably a lot of people that are like not trusting these things
because things have gotten damaged before in the past haven’t we all
damaged others haven’t we all need mistakes and serious ones you might say
Kanye with his influence has done more he’s admitting it they’re admitting it and they are
pleading for the same love that Jesus asked us to give not to overlook flaws
and not to overlook sin not to belittle sin but it says love covers a multitude
of sins I feel like crying Every knee shall bow Jesus is Lord are there no lyrics there? (in the description box of the video) no
– Every tongue confess I confess Jesus is Lord He is Lord oh that’s it Jesus is Lord He’s Lord I told you that’s it no give me more no gosh we’re done with the whole album?
– so everything shall confess every knee will bow oops c’mon what?
-oh we’re done oops
-that was fun that was fun and fast
– that was too short what do you mean 50 seconds I know it’s an outro but you’re not allowed to do such
horrible things she’s being sarcastic
– excuse me I was just getting into it and I wanted the
beat drop and then you just left me let’s listen to it again
– no no no don’t do it again
-alright wow I am so happy I’m elated
what do you feel I don’t have no words I’m just
-shocked I’m shocked and I’ve learnt a lot it’s inspirational I wanna write more music and
– oh yay take all these perspectives put them all together and
mash them up and spit them out woo I do wish he makes more albums which are more
like the this is such a different style I feel like may not be too mainstream I
hope it is but I hope he does more song a little more mainstream but this is
like as I said I think his coming out as Christian album his testimony more
than music which is what he said it’s not a show it’s a mission so for that
purpose it’s perfect good job Kanye
– kudos I hope you enjoyed
listening to this yes as much as we did yes and show lot of love to people who
are not believers if we don’t it pushes people away and
that’s the worst thing if we are not bringing people to God at least allow
them to come in Yea love your neighbour as you love yourself remember that I’m Vihan Damaris this is Kitsy Ruth see in the next video and until then and
always strive to be like Jesus

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  18. @15:33 That apple juice line is really deep. He's not blaming Eve, he's blaming Adam. It was Adam who had authority to tell his wife no. Eve was made from his rib. He has to care for her, right?
    Ephesians 5:21 Submit to one another in fear of the Messiah. 22 Wives should submit to their husbands as they do to the Lord; 23 because the husband is head of the wife, just as the Messiah, as head of the Messianic Community, is himself the one who keeps the body safe. 24 Just as the Messianic Community submits to the Messiah, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

    25 As for husbands, love your wives, just as the Messiah loved the Messianic Community, indeed, gave himself up on its behalf, 26 in order to set it apart for God, making it clean through immersion in the mikveh, so to speak, 27 in order to present the Messianic Community to himself as a bride to be proud of, without a spot, wrinkle or any such thing, but holy and without defect. 28 This is how husbands ought to love their wives — like their own bodies; for the man who loves his wife is loving himself. 29 Why, no one ever hated his own flesh! On the contrary, he feeds it well and takes care of it, just as the Messiah does the Messianic Community, 30 because we are parts of his Body.

  19. I love how you brought up that Kanye is risking everything for his faith. That's why I believe this whole thing is who he is now… And I love it!

  20. Actually, the mass media is judging Kanye in a negative light. His peers are also but regular people who listen to it, LOVE IT! Believers or not. It's funky and it's just dope old Kanye type lyrics and beats. That can't be denied!

    Media is negative because he's too influential. Plus, he supports Trump. The enemy of the media. The enemy of the global kabal deep state new world order. They are losing power and money everyday Trump stays in office. Therefore, they silence Kanye for soaking out against the establishment and speaking up for free thinking and individualism as well as nationalism. Crazy, right?

    His peers are arrogantly elitist thinkers who subscribe to "group-think". Who are envious of Kanye's artistic abilities. They can't wrap their head around why he can pull off these wide ranging artistic projects! It's almost a jealousy of sorts. They don't want to admit or give notice to Kanye for fear of pushing themselves out of relevance. It's a very competitive mentality but that IS hip-hop and the entertainment industry mindset. I mean, they are in entertainment for a reason, right? They are pretty much ego maniacs at heart. So it makes sense.

    Though, the people. THE People! They love Jesus Is King! Just check the stats! Numbers don't lie. The album has already sold and has been downloaded over 400% more than any other project in the top 5! Like he's at 500million downloads while 2nd place is at 85million. THAT'S CRAZY!!!?

  21. At 24:22 I really enjoyed the fact that you both actually looked through the album in the light of the scriptures. God bless you for that. A lot of Christians do miss the fact that they have the authority to judge their brothers IN CHRIST and not those in the world.

  22. What would Jesus do? We have an example in the Bible. He would run in and flip tables over and start whipping people with whips for charging hundreds of dollars for a sweatshirt because it’s all about money

  23. Great video! I really enjoyed this new albulm, and am so happy for Kanye for finding God!! Hopefully many will also experience Christ through his music! Enjoyed the video, and God bless😃👍💯

  24. Are you guys for christ or being nice. So no other artist that sing Gospel bring people together? Some Christian's are judging righteously. I put my faith in Jesus not man. He need to crucified his flesh. You shouldn't be a fan if that's gospel.

  25. Jesus ✝️ Christ Will Watch Over Kanye West… Kanye We Real Christians Will Have Your Back…Keep The Faith Kanye…✝️✝️✝️

  26. You should see his interviews. That guy really changed. It's amazing! Praise God!
    Oh yeah, he also has the whole Sunday Service thing. It's a sort of pop-up church where they will worship the Lord with a choir. It's pretty cool!

  27. Just wondering did you know dream catchers are not good for Christians to have? We are told to judge with righteous judgement too. I think sometimes you have to wait and see and test things.

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