Zempire Zeus Hiking Tent – Features

– This is the Zempire Zeus
two person hiking tent. It is really popular and really affordable and I wanna take you for
a walk-through today. Let’s get started. ♪ Hit it ♪ (relaxed hip-hop music) – Ben from Snowy’s here, guys, at the Brownhill Creek Tourist Park in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. It’s a leafy spot 20
minutes from the city, 20 minutes from the beach and not far at all from
the Adelaide hills. They have given us this
beautiful spot here today to show you some products and behind me is the Zempire Zeus
two-person hiking tent. This is a really popular
and affordable tent. I’m going to take you for a walk-through. Let’s first have a look at
the outside of the tent. So the geometry of the tent,
or the structure of the frame, gives it plenty of room. It’s almost symmetrical, if
we cut it down the middle this way, it’s the same on each side. But there’s a higher end
here and a lower end there, so the pole hub sits lower at that end. So at the foot end here, it’s lower down and there is a vent here
with a guy rope attached to allow airflow through. There’s also another vent on this end here with another guy rope attached. Up underneath here is a mesh panel, allows the airflow high through the tent. The vestibule that you see on this side and the entrance is the zipper down here, is mirrored on the other side, so there’s two entrances to this tent, and this vestibule, the doors, there’s tabs on each
side here which allow us to open this vestibule right up or leave it half closed
for a bit of protection. Now, the fabrics that Zempire have used for the Zeus tent, the
flysheet is a 75 denier, 210 thread count Rip-Stop polyester. It’s got a 3000 mil waterhead
and a seam sealed throughout. Moving inside the tent, it’s all a polyester mesh upper throughout so it’s a nice breezy three season tent. The floor is 150 denier polyester
with a 10000 mil waterhead so it’s gonna give you
tonnes of protection in damp environments. And the frame that’s up underneath here is eight and a half mil,
seven double O one alloy which is a really durable
and flexible alloy. Now just on the vestibule space, we can roll these doors
up on the side here, there’s a tab here, and
the same one features on the other side. And everything that I’m talking about here is mirrored over the other
side of the tent as well. So I can roll this side up to completely move it
right back and out the way, I can leave it half protected or at night, zip it right closed to
store my gear in here. Now I’ve got about 65 centimetres
out from the tent here. So probably enough room
for reasonable sized pack. But you can put one on each side if you’ve got two people. Now I wanna show you the
space inside the tent, I’ve got a couple of hike mats that I’m gonna stick in there. And I’ll show you how
much room you’ve got. So, squeezing inside
the Zempire Zeus here, I’ve now got two regular
sized hike mats in here and they fit pretty comfortably. Both with their head end at
the same end of the tent here. And I’ve got a bit of room at each end for a bit of gear as well, so, you could keep your necessities inside the tent, no problems. Length-wise, you’ve got
about 225 centimetres from end to end, and the
ends are quite upright. So you’ve got quite a lot of usable space. 135 centimetres wide at the head end here. And down at the foot end
it’s about 120 centimetres. And it turns on where I’m sitting, I’ve got about a metre of head space so, I’ve got plenty of room
and that head space extends right to the side of the tent. So two people could
comfortably sit upright inside this tent. Now I’m 185 centimetres,
if I lay down in here, I have got plenty of
room, both for my feet and my head at each end of the tent. Now looking around the
features inside the Zeus here, there’s a little storage
pocket for the mesh door here just to keep it up and out of the way. Moving around to the
top of the head end here there’s a really big long pocket for storing your gear in. There’s also a pocket
at the foot end up here, it’s a much smaller pocket but enough to keep a few more
necessities and things in. To the rear of me here
is another entrance door which looks out into that second vestibule like I showed you on the side that we just walked in through there. And coming up to the top of the tent looking up through all the
mesh through the top here, there is a little lantern hanging hook to hang a lightweight light on. One other thing I’ll
mention about the Zeus tent is you can get the optional footprint which would potentially
replace the inner of the tent for an ultra light set up so
you can just have a groundsheet with a single skin over the top. Alternatively, it’s always a
good idea to use a footprint. Because it gives the tent
floor extra protection. Makes it last a little bit longer. In terms of using a fly first set up and pitching the inner afterwards, you probably could do it, but its gonna be a little bit fiddly because you gotta mess
around with the poles and the eyelets stacking
on top of each other. So, yes it’s doable, but it’s
not a straightforward process. Now, the Zeus comes in
at about 2.8 kilos total. You could get that down to
about 2.6 kilos, probably, trial weight, if you stripped all the pegs and everything you don’t need out. Now you can grab these
online at snowys.com.au at our lowest prices every day. They’re super popular, grab yourself one. I hope you found that useful. Thanks for watching,
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