It’s time for a workout (to get a knife) Are you ready for some action? Move your body Damn, I’m overexcited Ouch, I’ve got a cramp Negative energy Need some positive energy Right, right energy Aaaah A blade, sharp Where is it? Left Right Something sharp. What’s that Aaaaand Bad, bad energy I need a badass case What about this case It was Oleg’s I see Oleg, Oleg He was moving around And got this case Or was it Victor’s? Two names, two names mixed up But I feel this energy I feel it I feel it There’d been strong hands man’s hands near this case Oleg didn’t open it he was 2 rubles short to get a key Oh, Oleg gave it to Victor Victor got in touch with me And gave it to me I feel it Let’s open it Aaaaaand WTF? Knife incoming guys Knife Ahh Ohh Give me… CZ Tigrus at least Wow Pew, pew pew, pew Let’s open a middle one KNIFE! C’MOOOON! Yeeeeeeeeaaah What the fuck is this!? Fuck, it’s a knife! A badass knife Stattrack Fade FUCKING AMAZING! *random sounds of joy* That was so random *more random sounds* *even more random sounds* KNIIIIFE *happiness* That’s wicked! Oooh Yeah Gabe, Gabe, Gabe Gabe, my babe Thanks Gabe Thanks Bro Gabe, Gabe Gaben Gaben my Gaben Gaben Gaben my Gaben Gabe, Gabe Gaben Gaben, Gaben Gaben A nice guy A cool guy Ahah A nice guy A cool guy Heeeeeeeeeeey I’ve promised a dance *random sounds of joy* That was so random *more random sounds of joy* That was so random *even more random sounds* Guys!

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