Zeus’ response to Thorin, atmosphere before playoffs – VLOG #4

We can do a boost, but quite often the guy jumps over the window there. The thing is one guys should push, P250 covers him, and the third guy should be there as well. And while those guys are making some noise… We can lose one guy, two players try to defend their position, probably we’ll need a boost into the window, or try to catch their rotation. Then they move towards A. Had we made an ambush on the force buy near A, we could’ve defended their set-piece easily. They were doing 2 Apartments, 3 Pit for 3-4 times against us, and we even had the AWP there. What can you say about Thorin’s tweet? He said that Zeus is a great captain, but plays like a bot. Before I say anything, let’s ask ourselves, “Who is Thorin?” What has he achieved in CS? Did he win a big tournament? Did he coach a team? Did he play FPL? He is a nobody, he is just a random guy who appeared in esports with his blog, but he cannot judge a player objectively. If some expert or a world champion, some guy with achievements in CS:GO wrote that, I’d discuss it with him to understand his opinion. It doesn’t affect me at all, I wouldn’t think that I am a bot, because I put in a lot of work, I practice a lot, and I know my strengths and weaknesses. Even at the age of 30, I play on par with the best captains of the best world’s teams. So everything is fine, and let Thorin do what he does. As you’ve already guessed this is the fourth Vlog from Natus Vincere, we’ve arrived at the arena to face off against Fnatic. This is not just a regular badge and entrance pass, it’s $150 now, for the first time if you lose it, you have to pay $150. I remind you, Kostya, your pass is valid everywhere except level 8, you won’t be allowed on stage. You can act a fool though… We’re gonna make it on stage, I promise you, guys. Just like Misha did. Yeah. We’ll make it for sure, you know that. We are already at the arena, but no one notices this place. It’s kind of a backstage, we’ll go to the stage from this entrance. He was like this, “You throw a smoke, and push”. You know, during the game he turned his back towards the team and screamed. Guys, we are talking about Misha Kane, about his calls during the game, when he isn’t allowed to do so. Misha has some tricks, as you can see. Okay, Misha, let’s invent signs, one cough is to concentrate, 2 coughs is B. Misha asked not to be too emotional, especially when communicating. And Misha is the one asking it, he was already suspended for emotions. Danya, what can you say about our next opponent – Fnatic? We are going to play against them on stage, a couple of words please. Well, Fnatic is still a mix, but a mix of individually strong players. So if we perform well individually we should win, because we are better as a team, but they are Swedes, they’ve always played well after trading kills. This is going to be their main advantage against us. We have to perform on par with them individually and play well after trading kills. We’ve already made it to the top 6 and we’re gonna play in the arena in front of 12,000 spectators. So we’ve accomplished our minimum goal for this tournament. Of course we really want to win, but only the strongest team will go through. Guys, we’re in the middle of the Lanxess arena – a multi-purpose sports complex that hosts various competitions and concerts. It was here that our Ukrainian heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko beat Axel Schulz and Lamon Brewster; and in 2007 the German handball team won the World Championship. The arena can accommodate up to 20,000 people, during hockey matches – 19,000. But this is not so important because the arena is getting packed, the doors were opened at 10 a.m. There’s plenty of supporters wearing different team jerseys in the fan sectors. Some are wearing BIG jerseys, some… These fans have come here all the way from Rostov-on-Don. – Hey, how are you? – Awesome. – Where did you travel here from? – Rostov, the two of us. Rostov’s here, Tambov, too. What are your predictions? Only NAVI! They should always win. This is our first time here and and we really wanted NAVI to reach the quarter-finals, which they did. They gotta take this one. And traditionally, ESL love to place the trophy in plain sight for everyone to look at. It’s in the middle here, check out how beautiful it is. We’ve got a trophy like this for ESL One New York 2016. It really looks awesome. A wooden base, it’s reminiscent of a hockey cup. I hope we can make friends with this trophy. Look at these fans waiting in line to get their favorite drink. You can grab a beer and cheer for the favorite team. I’ve never seen a place where you can just enjoy a cold one while watching your favorite team play. We decided to go upstairs and see what’s going on up here. Guys, these are special wristbands that light up when the bomb goes off. Kostya, this one is for you, and we’re gonna raffle off another one in the next vlog. I’ll let you know the terms later, but for now I’m wearing this wristband and we’re gonna go look around. Guys, the arena is really large. As I’ve said before, a lot of concerts and various competitions take place here, so you can grab a bite at basically every corner around the venue. I don’t know German well, but I can tell that here they make great burgers with everyone’s favorite ketchup, Heinz. Kostya, I think we should get a Natus Vincere tattoo, what do you say? Is it going to be good? That guy just wished me a belated happy birthday, that’s cool. Which means we’re watched all over the world! Let’s get a quick tattoo, but I don’t know which body part should I get it on, what do you think? I think somewhere here. I’ve just been told that’s an awesome tattoo. Just recently, the Russian national football team won against Spain and T-Killah got the word “Russia” tattooed on his cheek. We’re gonna hype up a bit too and get a NAVI tattoo, even if it’s a temporary one, on the face. I’m getting a Natus Vincere tattoo on my face. Yeah, this one. Next episode preview. What’s up, haters? Yeah, we’re in the Lanxess arena! I can imagine what kind of movies this German camera guy filmed. Guys, would you just look at this show!

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