Dosia: I like it more on the bottom Okay then Dosia: So I don’t have to move much Everyone was fucking Zeus: In the bus? Dosia: I actually don’t drink I accept whiskey I sell it afterwards, don’t think I’m an alcoholic Fuck no Only on the weekends I’ll wear this pink cap so I have no fear In this cap it becomes even ScArIeR I’m so scared now Honestly, above, I like doing work That’s a high five right there With them french fries ceh9 cyka Wait for us bro, we’re coming We’re at the Gambit photosession All of us have uhh Photos But we cant post this today, July 12th We can’t post this video even tomorrow Because we’ll be announcing a new sponsor So you’re watching this video when we are already At the major (hopefully we get there) We’re traveling through Lvov to Krakow from Kiev So, and uhh, we’ll be.. Showing what’s going on at the major We want to show what’s going on behind the scenes, Show some cool stuff And do quality content for you guys, I know you are waiting Like, subscribe and we’ll Do some really dope stuff We got the drone, we got a lot of stuff Vitalya are we gonna do it well? Vitaly: Everything will be top notch You sure? Swing it like that yeah You sure? Vitaly: Sure It’s gonna be fucking amazing What’s up? Dosia: Fucking great Fucking great? Okay so you got nuggets H0bbit: Let’s go, eat Thanks, I can’t eat that, I need to Lose some Dosia: Last video he told us Dosia: About what he can’t eat You guys happy we have a cool camera now? Dosia: I’m so fucking happy for you You’re gonna be even more beautiful now Dosia: Really? Now I’ll record less from my phone We’ll film on this If censure allowed me I would say what I wanna say to Dosia It’s allowed Say what you want Cyka, blyat Completely live Dosia what do you mean you dont care We bought a drone We’ll film from above I watched a few videos with me Where I showed up in your videos Who? Me Ahh, and how was it? Zeus: It was okay but it was filmed on a phone On the camera it will be better Hobbit: Now the camera will be a regular thing? Yeah, and we’re also buying something like GoPros Sony You stick it on your windshield and film in the car It’s gonna be great content Vitaly: Subscribe Dosia: What channel, where do I subscribe? Right now we are at /zeuscyberschool but we are thinking of changing the name, something like Zeus VLOG Zeus BLOG or something like that Remove the L from it Zeus BOG(GOD in russian) Zeus BOG Oh, Zeus BOG BLOG is eh Dosia: It’s too standard Guys what do you like more, Zeus BLOG or Zeus GOD? Also another idea was to name it “Gamer from Above” Dosia: Who’s on the bottom? Zeus: The viewer Gamer is on the top Zeus Blog, Zeus God, or Gamer from Above You decide Dosia: Do “Danya on the bottom” We can do Dosia On Top Abay from the side Dosia: I like it more on the bottom You dont need to move much So thats how it is Some exclusive unscripted content Dosia told you that he likes it on the bottom We need likes 10k-20k, can you do that? Thank you 😀 Abay say something H0bbit: Like the video guys…please What about you, you like it on the bottom or top? Shit It depends when For real I like it on top, doing some work This is worthy of a high five With them french fries More likes for the working Abay Right now we Are in Kiev and We are going to Lvov, 700 km, where we’ll meet With Arseniy Trynozhenko, ceh9 We’ll talk with him We’ll see how he lives I think it will be very interesting After that we Will stay the night in Lvov and next day go to Krakow In Poland, for the world championship For the CS:GO Major The goal is to show What’s going on this kind of tournament For those who cannot attend So you could see and enjoy the atmosphere, see whats going on I think that We’ll do well, we have Vitaly with us He’s our cameraman We worked with him in Na’Vi previousy Now we work with him I can say Zeus..cyberschool? Right now we can film but there I’ll be focusing on the tournament First game vs mouz The event is important Everyone is in crazy form With every major, teams become more professional The teams have a more serious approach Everyone practiced for this major for a long time And worked on a lot of cool things The event should be insane We also understood that there are a lot of cool bloggers Like Emiran And a lot of others they like to show Titties, asses, I’m thinking maybe Nastia are you wearing something short? Tell him something Like, “Dear.. “..policeman, tell us… “…can you take me to Lvov?” We’re calling ceh9 in Lvov He’s not picking up Hello ceh9 Privet ceh9 tell me, we’re going to Lvov through the “thunderstorm” Can we visit you? We want to visit you “Come” *But I don’t think you can stay overnight because I don’t have ***” We can sleep on the floor, Nastia in the toilet, Vitaly Vitaly in the bath, you have a bath? “I have 3 sleeping spots So you have three? We’re fine with some carpet And we can use it as a cover as well And we can sleep on the floor You know it, we slept on the same bed ceh9 We’re simple guys Wait for us, we’ll visit you Anyway we’ll come visit We wanna see how one of the most popular streamers lives We still have 400km to go See you bro “Danya don’t hurry” No hurry? We’re only gaining speed Alright, WAIT FOR US That’s how you do it Nastia: Look that’s almost you Almost me? Why “almost”, because he’s smaller Smaller on the bottom? Because it’s not Zeus Oh, I thought it was for a different reason We have no radio We’re going to Lvov, traveled 85km from Kiev There’s a crazy thunderstorm The car was getting moved by the wind at 100 kmh The trees Are swinging They’re very long If they fall a car can get hurt Our car as well can get fucked We have Dosia, he takes his salary with whiskey I think It’s a good idea to take Gifts from viewers Well they have to send them first And then promote that stuff, I think that’s cool Cameraman: Send more alcohol Dosia what do you think Well I can do it I get it I get it but I need a wingman Who’ll send it Cola They can send Whiskey and Cola And then their instagram on the box Or YouTube channel Dosia: We do it And show it on video? Okay It’s good content for them You and us have whiskey And whatever interests you What else I can get anything Anything cool is fine Dosia maybe has some special requests Dosia: Everything higher than 20 degrees Ay Vasya Jameson nahuy aye aye, Jameson cyka If we get to top8, there will be Jameson But I think for top8 we can get something more I actually don’t drink guys But I accept whiskey I sell it, don’t think I’m an alcoholic Fuck no, only on weekends But I can drink everything During the weekend You see what’s going on? You’re scared? How are you feeling Like in a movie Which movie? Remember that old film Smerch? Where they were chasing the Tornado and threw those small things With cameras and you could measure speed And predict when it happens It was a cool movie Would you want to be one of those sensors? You can predict stuff You predict things too, you’re like that sensor right But you know How many times did you tell me “I knew it” I think you’re a sensor At some point it stops being funny, look at the road We’re going into darkness That way you feel that Zeus is coming And then rain started, shit it really is a thunderstorm Did any of you get into a thunderstorm lately? You and me when we were going to Kiev Yeah yeah It was hardcore You were scared, remember? We always had to stop Because I was scareeed I’ll be in this pink hat so I don’t fear anything In this hat I feel I become more scared I’m so scared mommy Okay, 10 km until Ceh9’s home, we’re in Lvov We will talk to ceh9 See how he lives, film it Thing is, ceh9 doesnt expect all the cameras We’ll film everything in live mode to really see his lifestyle He’s my friend, he lives in Lvov for over 10 years Last 5 years Always a reason to come to ceh9 Wait for us bro, we’re coming Hold on I just want to show Where we’re going ceh9 palace Resort and Spa ceh9 we’re coming to you Holy shit ceh9 where the fuck did you hide This is serious I understand we should go from another side But the GPS told me blyat from this side Look, on the left there’s one window And the white door ceh9 come out Or this one on the left, huge house This huge one is his Holy crap Hold on this is his car right? Here, yes Okay so that’s where he lives ceh9 come out Okay guys, exclusive, we came to ceh9 We’ll see how he lives Streamer of the whole Rus Previously my favorite teammate We’ll look at everything And his office and whatever goes on in the house Everything for you Nastia: Look, on his gate it says ceh9 On the gate? Oh he did it ceh9’s car You’ll film us too? Okay, this will be Meetup of 2 cameramen ceh9 nice place bro, you got Got ceh9 logo on the gate Top notch When did you have time to make this house? When you were missing praccs you built this house? Or what? Oh so brick by brick Whats the name? Mashka? Does she bite? Masha, look how at nice she is ceh9 do you at least give her food bro? We came to you through Nika: So many cameras, welcome Everything live So we can show you for real Your guys are in Krakow and you here We came here to get energy Lvov energy so we can do better in Krakow Are you coming? Yeah? Bro you need to come To be continued Subscribe and watch, it will be interesting! I see one head I was confused at first Then I see it’s ceh9 And he screams “Here!” Again, some dumb shit happened The tables leg fell off boom Opa Look at our drone Casper Guys we understood This isn’t shit but crap And then there is V-o-cal In the pro100 roster we played Markeloff We felt the emotions Suck dick morons Suck dick morons I’m going to the major And I need to be more serious We’re in Krakow. Major!


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