So, my friends. This is Ugin’s friend who lives in Shanghai. His name is Mango. Such an unusual name. Now we are in his car. -It’s not his real name.
-I know it isn’t but his girlfriend was Cherry. There are Mikhail [kane], Anastasia and Alexander [s1mple] in his new gucci suit in the back. It looks cool to be honest. We’re going to the yacht which we rented. It must be a really cool high-class yacht. And we’re going to sail…where are we going to sail? -I don’t know, it may be a river.
-A local one? Now we’re driving it by. We’re driving to our high-class yacht. It’s very beautiful there. It’s a football arena. Here’s another one beautiful building. Shanghai is a very beautiful city. It’s enormous, there are so many interesting places. But it’s a very expensive city. We went shopping and all brands like gucci, D&G and Philipp Plein are 10% more expensive. But they have all new collections. -Is your suit from a new collection?
-Yes. They show you all the new collections they have in the shop. Like 2018 summer collection. There were sneakers but not my size. With a green dragon, very beautiful. There is one of the biggest gucci shops in the world. Is it where flamie bought a sweater? No, he bought it the shop near our hotel. We finally arrived. Here it is. -Listen, s1mple, if you want to buy a cool car, I suggest that you…
-…win championships? Besides winnig championships I suggest that you buy Lamborghini off-road. It’s up to 200k$. It’s amazing. I suggest that you buy it. It’s very beautiful. Edward, you need off-road too. Write in the comments how much do you think this costume costs. Those who guess the price will get 50$. The price must be precise and in yuan. -And you will send a gucci sock to that person?
-No, 50$. The sock is more expensive. Imagine yourself in this suit and with a scarf. Mango, come on, we’re freezing. He said that he would find us. Misha, your special dance. -Misha, we need a dance.
-I don’t dance to that song. Turn something on for Misha to dance. Misha wants something classical. Misha, a bit at least. A winner dance. I don’t want to. Let’s chill out for Lambada. It’s a very cool song. At first I didn’t get it. So, we arrived to our yacht. There are two floors. Now we are upstairs. Misha, sit properly. I’ll take a photo. Even if we sail now, don’t worry. Misha, press something. Look, Misha, how you must take photos. Stand up! -Edward, a bit back, ok?
-The professional photoshoot starts. We are sailing now. What Sicily? Why are you always dreaming of Sicily? Wow, it’s so cool here. Jack. I need Jack. Turn on Titanic. Here they are standing on the glass floor. Envy are playing the attack side. What’s the score? gg may be. I’m filming now, guys. We are near the arena, it’s very big. We are playing there tomorrow. Semi-final against Envy. And now we have autograph session and we were said that there would be a lot of fans. Flamie, who do you support today? I’m for Brazil against Switzerland and for Mexico. -Will you cheer for Mexico?
-For the girl? -Do you like her?
-She is not cheerful. -I’ve heard you talked with her.
-With whom? With Mexico? -Yes.
-With Mexican girl. -But not with Mexico. I thought you were talking about that cute one. -You didn’t talk to that one?
-No, I didn’t meet such girls. It’s our opponents. That’s so pleasant. They were shouting only navi. I told you they love us. Nastya, where are you going? Do you know why they call you juice? Do I look like juice? Money, they throw us money. I’ve told you that we look all the same for them. Look, s1mple, they shout zeus and throw me this. Give him back the phone. I don’t know why but the Chinese call me juice. Don’t know why. But they love me. The Chinese, thank you, my dear. A fan gave me a gift. They are all so cool, they gave us some gifts. -They are all so nice.
-Do you know that they were standing there since 4 am? -What?
-They all were standing there since 4 am. Ugin, I’m here, everything is fine. Someone was standing there since 4 am, tell us. Imagine, there were fans who arrived there from South China by train yesterday evening. It took them 15 hours to get there by train and they spent a night there to get autographs. -Really? That’s freaking crazy. They were there since yesterday evening. Some people were there since 4 am to buy tickets. I’m talking about those who arrived to get autographs. Everyone wants zeus to sign them something. He is very popular there. And their reaction is incredible. It’s too dark from there I’ll change the angle. The most devoted fans catched up zeus and they are tearing him into pieces. The best fans. We’re entering the arena for the first time. Let’s look at it. The cup is amazing. The Chinese call me juice. Somebody! Let’s look at him. Look at this photo! So funny. S1mple, show them! How can I say no to them? There will be millions of them now.


  1. Походу Саню на*бали, ему продали не бренд, а какой-то китайский GUCCY 😀 гучи пишется вот так: Gucci. Или я тупой

  2. Мне одному больше нравится как одет Edwar чем Simple??? достали с этим GUCCI уже….

  3. прикол в том, что гуччи через i а не y в конце, паленку купил за 700$)

  4. НАВИ ТОП!!

  5. 6345юаней, закруглить 6350, шорт не нашел примерно чуть ниже наверное чем шорты, ну может 6500 юаней

  6. Так так так
    Нави топ, но и
    Про100 не отстают , уже 2 месяца играю под их тегом

  7. Здравствуйте помогите вернуть мой аккаунт один человек посоветовал к вам обратится прошу помогите

  8. Ну, дальше снимай влоги. Охуенно, наверное, вести 9-0 и проебать катку. Особый респект отбитому Костылеву, который при ситуации 3 в 2 лезет в смок в решающем раунде

  9. Ну, дальше снимай влоги. Охуенно, наверное, вести 9-0 и проебать катку. Особый респект отбитому Костылеву, который при ситуации 3 в 2 лезет в смок в решающем раунде

  10. Самый главный вопрос почему симпл забросил канал на ютубе? Ставьте лайки чтоб зевс спросил это у Санька

  11. Господи, тратить на какую-то футболку 50-100 тысяч рублей, только потому, что это Гуччи, не зашквар ли? + Пиздить про ламбо, ремонт которой будет стоить дохуя, ну это странно.

  12. Годный контент , веселый и в тоже время держит в напряжении … Пересматриваю все видосы.

  13. помогите мне взломали акаунт в стиме потратил время деньги на стим а стим не отвечает и не помогает вернуть мой акаунт((((

  14. Мне кажется или сиплу продали просто мусорный мешок с надписью гуси

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