Let’s play a game. I need to make ten frags. Let’s start with five. One. Two. It’s a great hidey hole, you can make 10 frags from here, I bet you. This one is not bad too. Six already. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Did you see how he killed me? It’s my new small record. We have just left the practice room. And now we are going to the arena. Twelve thousand tickets are sold. It’s a complete sold out for all tournament days. And there must be very cool. Today we play against fnatic. Guys play very well. They are still a mix but it’s a Sweden mix of strong individual players who play great after trade. And our goal is to play our best and to get to semifinals to play against Astralis. Nerves are on edge. It was very cool and we were calm. There was nothing special in our emotions. We led the score, we led the game on two maps. We lost some silly rounds like eco, we didn’t even care about it. We knew that we were stronger as individuals and as a team. We wanted to play against Astralis or Faze in semifinals or in the final. We wanted to play against Astralis more because they are cooler, they have won a lot of big tournaments. We understand that it will be a difficult game tomorrow. The winner is 50/50, may be they are odds-on favorites because they have a little bit better pick ban against ours for the moment. As we have already said this tournament isn’t the most important for us. There are such tournaments as ELEAGUE Major. And to beat Astralis you need to meet them at the tournament like this one. If you lose you get an invaluable experience, make conclusions and fix the mistakes and you may beat them in the future. Or may be everything will go well for us and we will beat Astralis tomorrow. I hope tomorrow we will see cool cs. If we win we will have all opportunities for the victory. Though Faze show great game on this tournament. They defeated fnatic even better than we did. But they lost one map and we won 2:0. I want to say that ESL are cool guys who organize great tournaments. Everything is on high level as usual. I don’t have anything to complain about. Ranging from the hotel to some trifles. If there is something wrong with your computer admins rush to change the computer. They don’t even waste time on fixing it. They do everything fast and accurate, they keep in mind all the tiny details. Like plugging in devices, making everything comfortable. They pay attention to holes order in the table, the table height, the chairs and all other minor things. They make a great show as well. You will see it soon. We are in good mood. Okay, guys, let’s keep on going.

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