We’re going out on stage Guys, time to focus, let’s go What changed after I left? The team is completely different Without you it’s a unique team too, but with a different character Volodya is IMBA Kazakhs blyat! Kumis! Dosia, Russian Bear! We found their weak spot and won, that’s the most important part But it wasn’t easy for sure The setup before fnatic is, dangerous We didn’t have enough sleep I’ll be honest So now we need energy drinks What’s going on over there? Holy shit that’s awesome, look where we’ll play Awesome Game vs fnatic is soon, in 30 minutes Everything live Need to beat fnatic with a belt But they’re dangerous I’d want to play here not only today, but tomorrow And the day after tomorrow, in the role of participants We can play… Train, Inferno Cache, Overpass And that’s it We can play, right? Any map, yeah How did you make it work Danya? What did you do? Magic bro, also Zeus has connections I just can’t sign in Connections and And a little bit of wizardry We’re supposed to quickly setup On new SSDs On which they put new Windows Some trash going on here, I hope it works out but right now… Right now it isn’t working out much We’re a little nervous Quarter Finals with Fnatic Honestly The last 2 times we lost Train to them Buuut We still want To win them on this map principally We don’t care about anything else, just want To try and outplay them on Train We’re going out on stage Literally 30 seconds ARGHHHH Courage You’re not first on purpose? Nah it’s how we lined up There it is, that fucking trophy Wait we sit there! Our booth is there! Those fails happen too Dosia: Wait how do we sit here? AdreN: Where are our devices? Fuck, the devices! Fnatic have ours! We just went to the wrong side They finally gave me my box Guys, we’ll focus, let’s go What…changed in your squad After I left? Changing one player completely changes the team Completely, it’s a very different team no matter what we want Tactics are kind of the same, the coach is the same But the team is just different I left and a strong aimer appeared S1mple appeared, and you won ESL New York The whole world watched, like, s1mple gets MVP, and the team instantly increases the standard We won too early So basically instantly they wanted Only victories Every loss, from the side Felt like The team tilted right away I felt that it really hit their morale I can’t say they were very tilted, But the belief melted And right now, it’s there but it’s not working It’s shaky, because After the major, no matter how it sounds Maybe like an excuse, we didn’t have We didn’t have a hardworking bootcamp We just didn’t have one Why was starix removed? Why did we remove Serega (starix) In every type of sport it’s usual And I mean it well, to blame the coach The coach leads the team to victories And really some shakeup was needed He can be a good coach Zeus: I think so too But right now he needs to get that thing.. He didn’t play enough, so he went back We just won guys vs Fnatic On Inferno honestly we couldn’t get our foot in as CTs I was nervous, bad thoughts And then I put myself together Abay blyat, we’re in the semi finals We need to fuck SK or Astralis And then the fucking finals Volodya is IMBA (?) Dosia you’re Everything is ready so we could win this match It will be crazy Hello everyone, Danya Zeus here Right now I’m in Amsterdam Huge hello to everyone From this awesome city Right now, a lot of shuffles are ongoing, crazy things happening People are leaving, getting kicked Honestly I didn’t expect so much to happen after the major But it’s happening I will record a separate VLOG about it Where I’ll talk over things and voice my opinion on it And right now I want to tell you about one very interesting project, called Dmarket One of the creators of this project, Alexander Kokhanovsky, ZeroGravity This man built the company known as Natus Vincere and put it on a world level Said in simple language, what is this project? Guys this is a big gaming world Where you can play your favorite games And make money while playing This project will be well secured And everything will be very quick here Also you can trade different in game items here And there will also be a lot of features in the future What you need to do, is visit the link in the description And enter your email It’s a simple and quick registration process And then you will receieve updates When the project will launch Support it please It’s very important for us Again, huge hello to everyone Huge thanks, let’s continue the VLOG SEMI-FINALS, GAMBIT ESPORTS vs ASTRALIS After every tough game like that I have… I don’t know Nerves, but I can say that I honestly didn’t expect when I was going to the major That we’ll be in the finals and we’d even have a chance to win Didn’t expect that at all, and the whole team didn’t We did a lot of work, but The hardest is ahead, to win the final and win the Major It’s undescribable, it’s over the top joy It makes you shiver At one point you become very sad Like, tears of happines Because we practiced so much, went through so much We lost to Fnatic last major I don’t know, I have no words I felt that the last map was ours, we dominated We pushed them From all sides, the score was 8-1, then something changed Even when the score was 9-6 we felt that we could work it We won pistols, decisively And It added to the confidence But it was never 100% guaranteed that we would win the game Even when the score was 13-12, yeah, we were in danger But we had confidence We weren’t scared I guess We made mistakes, but it was for the better We won, we found their weak spot And we won, that’s the most important part But it wasn’t easy for sure Sorry they lost yesterday Are you cheering for Gambit? I don’t speak Russian, I’m from Poland Look we’re squatting now They have their own slavs I can do that too look Look look look Those are your Polish fans Did you take a selfie with someone? Yeah with kng Well, then the win is guaranteed GRAND FINAL, GAMBIT VS IMMORTALS Meanwhile in Kharkov Someone is calling, maybe it’s GG already Mom: Wait, it’s the last round! ALREADY? That’s it! Champions! YESSS THE BEST BEST Kazakhs blyat! Kumis! Dosia, Russian Bear! Where is he? Where is the man? How did you do ittt Emotions can’t be contained You’re the BEST bro, THE BEST I wanted to say a few more words Danylo Zeus won the world championship First on inferno And probably the last on inferno He finished He finished his career with this major Bro you’re the best, I love you I came in after the first map I said blyat Let’s wake up, it was a little scary But I knew I had to do everything, so I don’t regret it afterwards Even if we lost It would be sad to ask yourself Blyat, did you do your best? Did you do everything to actually win? And then you answer “I didn’t do everything” It’s really shitty during that moment Especially It would be shitty to lose this major final Where we got that close Everyone who cheered for us until the end, Who believed in me All these years has been with me Who supported me, huge respect to you And huge thanks You understand I was in the finals twice, played a shitload of those majors And it’s so hard to get to the quarter finals, semis Getting to finals and winning it’s such a hard path And your second chance, who knows if you’ll get it Astralis won their first major Did everything , practiced Didn’t go to Cologne And lost to us anyway, even though they prepared They have a psychologist and everything It’s very hard We did it And I understand that.. I don’t know Cameraman: You are worthy of it Love everyone Until Dosia’s dick is hard, we are cheering for Gambit! I believed, but honestly I understood that I don’t know We were so lost, they cleaned us up on cobblestone When we won our first IEM my frag was also the last We were 4v1 but anyway Tell them to sub to your channel My guys, my team They gave me this unusual task We won the major THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO BELIEVED IN US! YOU ARE THE BEST!


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