ZEUS VLOG #8: GuardiaN is happy. Flamie on pills. NBK’s Tattoos. Na’Vi DreamHack. (ENG SUBS)

ZEUS VLOG #8: GuardiaN is happy. Flamie on pills. NBK’s Tattoos. Na’Vi DreamHack. (ENG SUBS)

MISHKA BRO Where did you go bro First thing I wanna show Gambit sit there I want rice with this meat Who allowed you to do that? For you my friends, cheers He gave me some kind of pills When I first came to Na’VI Don’t do dumb shit Nah I felt it from the back Some of that energy Ah, I gotta go We blew some, it happens Stupid teammates, let’s go If they will play against us tomorrow They’re fucked, obviously Second day in Sweden And we Even third day in Sweden Day where the tournament begins First game with VP We’re going to the arena to play with a serious team With the bears Everything is good Although this weather Look at it, cloudy Raining, but not too cold I can afford to be in these shorts and flip flops Pants, we’ll buy them at last For the stage Minimum Quarter Finals Look, NEO NEO is also in shorts He’s trying to look like me Look who came Mikhail I think this question will be interesting for our viewers When you met the guys from Gambit, how were they with you? Did they greet you? They were very friendly They were like MISHKA BRO WHERE DID YOU GO BRO We miss you so much Miha What the hell man Something like that? Kane: Not like that but Kane: They were nice Yeah? By the way guys I want to change my car And we’ll make an awesome review on the new ride Right now I’m thinking between X6 2016-2017 BMW X5 or Range Rover Maserati? Bro, let’s win Malmo ELEAGUE And New York And you’ll get yourself a Bentley Hey guys this is Danya Zeus And today I want to recommend a website called cases4real.com These guys have a sea of available cases with the best skins Here you can make profits and get skins that even pros will be jealous I recommend you too look at Chicken Collection and CatCases And a unique series of Monster Cases Where each case Guarantees from 9 to 25 skins depending on Monster type Also catch this unique promocode For deposit bonus Enter the code and get bonuses Link to the website is in the description Basically, right now We’ll be talking to a very serious dude, NBK From G2 Good guy I wish them luck But if we get them tomorrow They’re obviously fucked My friends right now we’ll have a game vs VP, I assure you This tournament will have the best stage Because it will be built by gamers Who is this? Fer is warming and fleps, felps They’re not bad That’s tight What are you singing? Is that Russian or Ukrainian? It’s sincere Ukrainian language I’ll pull your cheek What song is it? Who sings it? “Only her” Ah, Only heeeer Only heeeer Loves meee I’m experienced I know what to do First thing I wanna show is team Gambit sit THERE Okay we won’t start from that We will start showing you how gamers eat in Sweden In Malmo Dirty hot water, what is that? It’s fucking hot Rice, it’s actually good We’ll get some rice, potatoes, I don’t want that Mikhail, you will eat too? I will get rice with this meat Who allowed you to get it? Who denied me? You made a good point Gambit prohibited you from eating Yeah they prohibited a lot of stuff And kicked you in the end That’s how it is Because I didn’t listen and took food and ate it anyway What can I say Here’s NEO, he came to eat a salad This portion is enough to fuck the Poles Or the other way We’ll find out I honestly don’t know Guys, it’s very important to drink before an important game For bravery, especially if you are nervous For Mikhail’s health, for our win For the whole squad, for you my friends, cheers Danya what’s wrong with you Absolut went in good For the health I know have A new badge You know it went in good nice You want some? Let’s go bro, let’s go But it has to be good Eat a cucumber right after Good Zhenya, we’re playing with Vodka a bit Before the match I still haven’t recovered from yesterday I need Right now we’ll talk with also Very cool dude, cajun, he’s from Denmark Sniper, best sniper from Denmark And we’ll ask him some questions If we’ll play with them We’ll throw in a snake He’s not selling the game for money This was cajun we had a nice talk He’s a cool dude, everything was great, I liked it What do you think? Was it great? Awesome Moving on, many wanted me to talk with dev1ce But right now he’s playing uhh Hard matches ahead He passed the groups from 1st place, won vs a team called Na’Vi Which just updated their roster And obviously that happens, and there we can see another Composition of a team that bounced off of Gambit The whole band is watching How Gambit fucked them “blyat, what, how” Honestly, everything happened in an interesting way They were leading 13-10 on the deciding map for CT, and just At that point as AdreN said in the interview I don’t see a point in leading Go do something, kill everyone, and they went and killed everyone They couldn’t collect the pieces and that’s it Guys, right now we’ll be playing vs VP We’ll most likely play Mirage or Inferno Uhh, we want to win, and win confidently If we win two pistols, I’m planning to win 16-4 Especially if it’s inferno Let’s give them the belt, focus The guys turned up, s1mple focused Yeah, I’m happy, tomorrow we’re playing vs Tomorrow we’re playing vs Astralis, bo3 Guys right now we’ll interview a legendary player flamie And we’ll hear what he has to say To the famous website tits dot com How much do youuuu Play CS, do you have a girlfriend? “I always play CS” “But last year nothing works for me and I’m constantly getting fucked” “Especially I got fucked at the major” “We didn’t even make it to top8” “But thank GOD Zeus came in and now we have chances” “I see we started to improve our play” “Thanks to HIM and he’s the major champion after all” “We’ll follow him” he’s smilng “But Zeus, does he really change that much?” “And do you think that thanks to him.. …you will win everything and move ahead?” “He gave me some pills” “When I first came to Na’Vi” “And thanks to these pills” “We were stable top2” “I felt comfortable” “I could eat whatever I wanted and play 3-4 hours a day “And my statistics were always in the green” “And when he asked me” Yegor why are you wet and talk so fast? “I didn’t know what to respond but I think those were the pills side effects He’s planning to start lifting Get his biceps and chest in form And the back too, he also wants to get his back buffed And he says if he wins the tournament He will buy a bicycle and will ride it a lot He likes sport Did you play yet? When are you playing? Who are you playing with? AdreN: mousesports Did you decide the map yet? AdreN: Don’t know it yet But you have an idea AdreN: Yes. You’re not gonna say? You won’t say? AdreN: Not now How is it being a captain? AdreN: It’s weird Weird? You have a chance to be the first captain who destroys everybody You’re a hard carry Do you feel that it became a bit more tough? To coordinate and play Or is it good? AdreN: Of course It will happen anyway It’s because I’m not used to it In this situation, did you want to be the captain? Or did you have to, because nobody else can do it? AdreN: I don’t know, it happened like that Would you want to try it yourself? Adren: Not, not really Okay I wish you luck, the guys will play vs mousesports First LAN, Daur is the captain A lot of attention Fuck everyone, I’m honestly interested what map you’re playing AdreN: You’ll find out soon I think it’s going to be train Hobbit: You think they won’t want to play inferno with us? I think they might want to I will tell you a secret Some info went through Although you guys are good on Train I know some of your rounds on Train Saw some of that 13-10, eco Everything is fine AdreN says “I don’t know what to do” “Guys do everything you want” he said in an interview And just blyat They start fucking FaZe hard What happened, you didn’t have enough skill? No, they gave me eco And then I don’t know, we gave them outside they did what they wanted You know, we practiced all maps But.. Our rotations isn’t how it’s supposed to be It’s just that we have a lot of chaos It’s just, we don’t all know what to do How long did you prepare for before the event? About 6-7 maps a day, all maps All 7 maps But that’s not a lot Zeus: How long, 10 days? A week? When did we start I think we started around 17th, how long is that 8-9 days That’s how long you practiced What can you say about olof, NiKo, new teammates, I’m just interested What can I say Awesome players Zeus: So you don’t know What do you like, what are the differences? From old Na’Vi From these CUNTS with whom you played GuardiaN: They’re not cunts No but, everyone here is Not toxic You can Can I say suck dick? You can be losing 0-15 and nobody gives a fuck They think we can still win It’s all different, completely different mentality Do you like it? GuardiaN: Yes It’s just, nobody says That “you’re playing badly, you did dumb shit” Ladik, I’ll tell you what, don’t do dumb shit and nobody will be toxic Everything will be fine I did a lot of dumb shit because, I need to talk in English In Game it’s hard for me Zeus: Because you’re not skilled enough Right now no, because I’m watching a spot, and then info comes in That I don’t yet understand Zeus: They give that info, understandabl Zeus: I’ll tell you more, I have the same thing Imagine, in Gambit I had one info, And now I came to Na’Vi and they have different calls GuardiaN: It’s still Russian From Russian to English, it’s hard Same with mouz, dude talked in Swedish just now Who is a standout player to you? by their game? I would say rain, he’s Smart, he knows how to use nades, Plays at his 100% Zeus: He lost outside on Nuke I don’t think he lost it, I think all of us lost outside Zeus: Together with him You play together Why did you go on A, and stood behind intestine in the door? GuardiaN: Because we did the round We wanted to push doors Dosia opened doors and gave smoke I waited for the smoke to disappear to kill him Yes, but I killed him Zeus: You made your kill, I agree Outside is, I have such a role right now When I smoke ramp, play on ramp, Go to secret or *inaudible* We had combinations Where we went through outside Why did you never push? Should’ve pushed at least once We didn’t have time to do that, we played with what we had Karrigan, the captain I’m interested, from the side is one thing You played with him, what can you say? Uhh, awesome I will say awesome, he knows what he’s doing When you have 2 new players It’s hard, but we have rounds, we have rounds And a lot of improvisation, He just makes the round, does it and it works Because he does analysis You play 10 rounds and he knows what to do Small energy right here It’s in the air, I can feel it Energy Game with astralis I felt some from the back Some of that energy I have to go I want to pull it out from the back to the front So that Astralis feel that energy You fought anyway, focus for tomorrow We sucked dick, it happens, Astralis showed a great game I don’t have any questions for them I have questions for us of course But from the other side it would be illogical One of the best teams in the world Loses to a team that’s together for 11 days or 12 Obviously they have more Rounds, preparedness, understanding Execution Although We fought, in principle Pistols although Now we have a match vs Renegades, we will go over our mistakes and will set up for them I can say not as an excuse But the computers are lagging, and FPS drops a lot Blyat, for example it’s uncomfortable for me When it’s a mass site execute I’m receiving, and they run out I can’t, my FPS starts to Stutter, even shooting is like bursts That made a bit of a difference It sucked It was just announced, we’re playing vs NiP tomorrow I wanted to play vs NiP I told it to everyone I want to have revenge on them To revenge them for that last final That we lost toge We’ll see Okay, what plans do you have We’re going to ELEAGUE together right? We will be practicing, starting from 7-8, every day 7-8 in the morning? No, we begin 3 6-7 maps I thought you’d start at 7-8am Maybe they banned you from practicing late We have a fitness club Tell me, this is your fitness trainer What’s your program, what do you have to do? If you want to do something, you do it And he helps you What to do, how to do it What to eat *inaudible* Tomorrow we go at 5 Maybe karrigan He goes every day The organizations gives it to you? Yes It’s very good, but I was scared I’ll go to the gym, get tired and won’t play well And now Zeus: You feel awesome? Also last thing I wanted to discuss Do you know this association that’s being made? Astralis players What do you think about it? I don’t know, I think it’s good It needs to be done well I think, Xyp9x is doing it And he’s very smart Zeus: He plays on his positions very well Yes Wait no no no He actually knows what players need Basically those that don’t know Gamers are making their own association I literally found out about it today, Astralis are the initiators, Because PGL had bad computers, it lagged Here players are complaining, I’m complaining That computers are lagging here Enough of this Gamers want to create their own association It’s very awesome, even for you young guns In perspective, those who want to get on the pro scene Will know that there is an association That will have advocates who will defend the rights of gamers And say that tournaments Have to follow set rules Otherwise teams like us won’t participate at the event Because we’re pro gamers we come to a tournament and PCs are lagging That shouldn’t happen, right? Did they lag for you? Mine didn’t lag, others dide Did they complain? Especially on nuke it probably felt GuardiaN: Yeah on nuke So High five, always nice to see you bro Everything will be good Everyone is looking at us Because we spoke russian and everyone is shook Maybe we’re talking about “Shitty teammates?” -“Yeah yeah” TO BE CONTINUED SUBTITLES BY KONSTANTIN “FISH” KARPINA

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