Zeus vs Titans | Greek Mythology Animated | Myth Stories

Zeus vs Titans  | Greek Mythology Animated | Myth Stories

STORY ANIMATED FROM CHAOS, EVERYTHING The ancient Greeks believed that in the beginning
there was nothing but absolute Chaos. This being was all there was and all there
had ever been. That was until Chaos actualized entities called
the Primordials. These were Mother Earth, Gaia, the underworld,
Tartarus, the night, Nyx, the dark, Erebos and desire, Eros. But that was not all, these beings also went
onto sire other Primordials, namely the mountains, Ourea, the sea, Pontus, the day, Hermea and
the air, Aether. Gaia also created the Sky, Uranus. Together they made the one dozen Titans, the
Cyclopes and the hundred handed Hecatoncheires. URANUS THE HATEFUL Uranus despised his creations. So much so, he buried them deep within Gaia. But this action, Spectators of Myth, was to
be his doom. Angry, Gaia, produced an Adamantine sickle,
and beckoned her children to take Uranus out. Only Cronos stepped forward. Gaia concealed Cronos and he lay in wait for
Uranus to come. When he eventually arrived, Cronos sprang
forth and used the sickle to neuter Uranus. Cronos was now master and commander of everything,
but even this Titan’s kingship would have its limits. Gaia foretold that Cronos too would meet his
doom by the hands of his own. THE RISE OF ZEUS Cronos, like his father before him, despised
his children. However, that was to be the Titan’s downfall. The problem for him, however, was that his
offspring were the Gods of Mount Olympus. Remembering the prophecy from Gaia that a
child of him would usurp him, Cronos devoured them all, except one, Zeus. Zeus was hidden on Crete. In his place Cronos was fooled into eating
a stone in the guise of a baby. The thunder god soon managed to free his Olympian
brothers and sisters, as well as the Hecatoncheires and the Cyclops. Together they made weapons and planned for
war against Cronos and the Titans. The war would last ten years. It was called the Titanomachy and it lasted
a decade. And, the Titans eventually lost. Cronos was imprisoned in the underworld. Zeus was the victor. He was now master of the sky as well as the
very air we breathe. Poseidon, meanwhile, held dominion over the
oceans and Hades took over the realm of the dead. But Zeus was overlord of all. After a time the Titan Prometheus stole fire
from Olympus and gave it to humanity. This made Zeus livid and he punished Prometheus. The King of Olympus had him tied to a rock in a far-off place where, for all eternity,
his innards would be eaten everyday by an eagle. They’d regenerate overnight, only for it
to happen again the next day. And the next, and the next. Zeus’s problems weren’t over yet, no MythStorians,
for soon a beast had been set loose upon Mount Olympus and like a rabid dog had decimated
all who stood against it. ZEUS VERSUS THE TYPHON This was the Typhon, perhaps the strongest
of all mythical Greek creatures. Both gods and men fell in the battle against
it. All but one remained. Zeus was mad. Zeus showed the Typhon no mercy. He battled the beast to a standstill and with
a throw of his mighty thunderbolt the battle was won. But to ensure the monster stayed kaput, Zeus
slammed a mountain upon it. That, some say was Mount Etna, and it where
some reckon The Typhon still lays underneath to this day. If Zeus had not acted as humanity’s and
Olympus’ protector on that day, it is said that Typhon would have become the ruler of
the cosmos. But there is still so much more to explore,
and even more to find out. So why not join us in the next mythical video?

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